Monday, January 20, 2014

Meeting new people

Well Howdy.
Dang it was a really long week this week. A ton seemed like happened and it actually seemed to go by pretty slow, for some reason. I guess cause we had a ton of new stuff to learn and everything.
Well we found some people to teach!!! And dang they are some of the most elect that I have ever taught on my entire mission. I'll tell ya first about Betty.

So she is a nursing home and can't really do much, the Elder's before us found her somehow and she calls us "her boys" she is in her 40's or so. She has had a really rough life and stuff and is sick all the time. She is going to get out of the nursing home soon though and move in on her own. She hasn't been to church yet because the nursing home is like a mini prison and you have to sign away a kidney to get out of there for a break. Luckily everyone is born with two kidneys so I think this next week we should be able to get her to church. She has a goal to read 5 chapters in the BofM every day. And she does it. Since last week she has read all the way from 1 Nephi something to the end of 2nd Nephi. She loves the Isiah chapters, which is cool, because half of the time I still have no idea what they are talking about. She has been talking to the Jehovah's Witnesses. We call em J dubs. and they have been trying to convert her to, she asked them yesterday why their bible was missing so much info... I think that kinda offended them, it is what it is though. Then they started to tell her about life after death and Betty said "Oh that's cool! let me tell you about the 3 circles!" Then she taught them the plan of salvation. They left and I don't think they are going to come back. She is super sweet. Love her to death. She is going to buy us pizza and have us over tonight. Boo Yah

The next is a 19 year old girl named Megan. She is a star soccer player at TLU (Texas Lutheran University) and sings and is just super sweet in general. She self referred herself to us and said her dad was a less-active RM that never really talked about the church to much but she wants to learn about it. We had a lesson with her and it was sooo powerful. She was in tears, I explained repentance to her as a Scar that is left so that we remember, but that is healed so that we don't hurt. She had never thought of it quite like that and burst into tears. We commited her to baptism and she is going to be baptized sometime in early feb. Probably the 2nd of Feb, baring any unseen changes. I called to talk to her last night about her Boyfriend and she told me that they had been dating for like 14 months and were "promised to each other" Whatever that means. Why don't people just make a commitment or get out? Whatever, I won't rant about relationships right now, but anyway she said she talked to her bf and gave him a Book of Mormon and told him to take the missionary lessons, because when they have kids she thinks that this is the church that they need to raise their kids in. Yep. Megan. You are totally right. She is going to have us over to cook for us sometime, she told me about the most amazing thing that I have ever heard. It was probably one of the times that I have found the most happiness in my life. Right next to the Smoreo. She said she makes this thing that has a layer of cookie dough on bottom, covered next with a layer of double stuff oreos then a brownie layer on top. Yep. I am excited to try it.

We did alot of driving this week. I destroyed the miles, we don't really have a limit this month, or at least that is what I tell myself to justify it because they wrecked our truck. We had an appointment the other day that was out in the middle of no where, with one road in, or so we thought.... Yep, some yahoo decided to wreck right in the intersection we needed to go in. So we took the long road around. It took us like 45 minutes of driving through dirt roads at 50 miles an hour but we made it to they appointment. I don't think the suspension on the car appreciated it, but hey, ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

We pounded down on some serious food this week. I think we had like 4 double dinners and we went back to back nights to a chinese buffet. Gotta love that. I think I can hear myself getting fatter. Whatever though. There is a work out plan in the mission called "6 Months to Sexy" Luckily I have 4 months to fatness before I have to start that.

We had alot of neat chances this week to help out the ward and to get to know them. We got to talk at a baptism on saturday, which was pretty cool and then ran off to another dinner. The spirit was really strong and there was a few less active members that were there so that was neat to get to meet them. It's a neat chance to come into the ward and meet people because I have no clue who is what, or who is less active so I can just treat everyone the same. I think a couple of people have been surprised when they are treated just like an active member, because I have no clue. I hope that is a skill that I can really develop more and more, especially when I know things about people in the future.
We also got to speak in sacrament meeting, They asked us to prepare a 10 minute talk and so we did, I was thinking oh we will be talking with someone else, Nah... We had a youth speaker that talked for 5 minutes and Elder Van Oene did his 10 minute talk. And if anyone is counting in Mormon time, that leaves me, the last speaker, with like 25 minutes. Gall. So I got up there and told some gospel stories about "Learning to listen to the Spirit" First about going to the wrong house because I wanted to have a spiritual experience and getting totally rebuked, then about the seatbelt ticket, then finally about the 20 dollar miracle. That has been three of the greatest lessons that I have learned. First that promptings come when the Lord is ready to give them, not when we are ready to recieve them. Second, that we need to listen to ALL of them, whether they are ridiculous or difficult. Third, that God does inspire those around us to hear his voice and through them we will see miracles. It turned out to be a good talk I think. At least people stayed awake, because that's what they told me. I got thanked for giving an entertaining talk, Hopefully there was some spiritual lessons learned, but I really don't like the sacrament meetings that feel like a funeral.

We also joined the choir this week. The Tenor section is soooo terrible. Why is that? Because there is only one person in it. Yep that would be me, Elder Funk. The instructor gave me a ton of crap for not being loud, haha she likes me alot. I can tell.

Well that was basically the week in the life of a Funk. We worked hard, played hard, and I even wrote in my journal every day. Elder Van Oene is a good guy that does alot of good things, he is kinda strict, I think if I had to assign him a disney character it would be Sid from Ice age. Pretty innocent, does a lot of good things. Well but he is kinda army. So if and when they get to Ice age 7 "The War of the World" and sid has to be a general in the army that would be him. We get along pretty good, he doesn't get mad at me, I get frustrated with him sometimes though. He really is a sweet gentle kid that wants to do the right thing. He has a girl waiting for him, and I just try and encourage him the best I can, it sounds like their relationship is solid and yeah. He really loves her. Talks about her alot, it's cool. haha I tell everyone Taylor Swift is waiting for me now. I want to be the guy that makes her write something other than a tragic break up song.

Well I love yall!
Remember who you are and what He stands for!
Elder Funk

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