Monday, April 29, 2013

Staying in Freddy's berg!

What a week it has been! It is finally starting to get consistently above 70 degress which is nice because that means that I am finally starting to be able to take off my suit coat that I have been having to wear for the last 4 months! It is really, really nice. Just a quick note on transfers, we are both staying Elder Low and I and it will be at least another 6 weeks here! I told one of the members I might be leaving and she started to cry yesterday, I have really come to love every single one of the members here so very, very much.. I don't really want to leave them. I wish that I could just pack them up and take them with me.

Last Monday we were out knocking some doors around the Fry's house and they live next to a member's house named the D's. So we stopped by and talked to them, they fed us dinner unexpectedly and just absolutely love us.. I Love Brother D. So we started talking and we stayed for 2 hours... I had to repent, but I learned so much from him. He told me all about life and just was so full of so much wisdom! He told me "Every Follower has a hero." That has stuck with me all week long! Who is my hero? Am I allowing myself to follow after Christ? What a neat night that it was. I will always remember it!

Tuesday it was another long day! We went and taught a lesson to an Investigator and he loves visiting with us. He told us he would come to church with us if it rained when we were on the phone with him and in the call you could hear the clap of thunder as he said it and then he was like... Well I guess I will be at church on Sunday! Yeah.. He didn't come, but it was real neat to see it happen! Also when we went to dinner with the B family, I really have been so blessed to have won over the branch's trust, It was so hard and I know that it comes through hard work and obedience, which are so essential to overcoming anything!

Wednesday we got to go to Kerrville for our DM. I love Elder Killpack and Steggell to death, they really have taught me so much and I love hearing them speak. It was a really neat DM and I learned alot. After we went to Harper to shovel some more feed for the B family. MAN. was that gross. We shoveled feed for two hours. It wasn't the good feed, it had been sitting in the rain for about 6 months and was just vile... We did that and then got into the truck and had to drive 30 minutes home. The smell stuck with the car for days.... Like until Saturday night. It was the singleworst smell I have ever smelled in my entire life.

As for the rest of the week Scripture Study went really well. The members love it to death. They love when I get to teach. For some reason they thing I am like a genius, they keep asking what my parents do, and I tell them my dad is a computer genius, which I didn't get any of.. and my mom is the best mom in the world! They always laugh.

We knocked alot of doors, and planted a lot of seeds. It's fun somedays but other days it seems like alot of it goes unnoticed but I do know that one day it will all come back around to bless the people here.

We went to another girl's house to have her Farewell party with the branch. It was so neat. One of her Co-workers came and we ended up talking for about an hour. He wasn't LDS but I don't really care that much.. I love making friends with all different religions and it makes me so happy to see how much they love and cherish what they do. It is so important to them just as it is to me. I asked him where he lived and he told me and I said "Dang! we just knocked that door last night!!" He said.. "Yeah I know.. My wife wasn't real nice to y'all.. Sorry about that." We kept talking and became fantastic friends. A door that was once so very closed is now open to missionaries. A seed has been planted! That's sometimes the hardest work to do but the most rewarding!!

Yesterday before Church I felt inspired to grab my study journal. I have 50 pages of notes in there from a half transfer of studing the parables. It has completely changed the way that I look at the bible. I have been studying Matthew 13 for what seems has been 3 weeks and am still not done with it!! It is so deep, but regardless I brought it and lone behold I got called on to go up and give a talk in sacrament meeting during the announcements. I pulled open my notes and gave a talk on the parable of the fisher and his net. I talked about the preparation before the net. Where do we feed? If we are bottom feeding on the things of the world we won't be able to be caught up in the net at the last day! It was really a great opportunity to share. I love talking in front of people. The next guy got up and said.. Elder You should write a book! The whole congregation laughed. All because I listened to the Spirit that said, Take the book! It built further trust and I know the area will boom in the next transfer! Well Freddy's berg! Here comes another 6 weeks!

Love yall!
Remember who you are and what He stands for!!
Elder Paul Robert Funk

Oh another part of my week. I almost forgot. We had a dinner with Bubbe and my friend L, who is the Bible basher. Once again he came with all guns firing. His use of his lifetime of Bible Study along with the help of Google, makes for an interesting conversation. This time he brought up the scripture in Moroni 8 and we talked about how Children Sin, I of course knew the truth. For they cannot! I testified and poured my heart out to him of the truthfulness that God would cease to be God if a little child was subject to Hell because they cannot repent for a sin they did not commit. It is not in the plan nor could it be. The real changing point in the lesson came when I said to him. "L my friend, you are different than any other man I have ever met. You don't come seeking to prove us wrong. You come with Love, you are concerned about us and want us to be saved from something. L, I know that you love me." His countenance changed.. He completely melted down and told me of his son who is going through a rough time and is living with a girl that is 16 and he is 18 and as his dad he has no idea what to do. He asked me to pray for his son. I did so. The spirit of love was stronger then anything I had felt with him in along time. For the first time we both realized what was really binding us together was not from the source of finding the truth but that we both had a sincere Love and Care for each other. I will always love my Friend L.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Baptism and BBQ

Hey Family!
Well the baptism went through!!!!!! She is the newest member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! I was able to baptize her on Saturday the 20th of April and she was confirmed the next day in Church the 21st. It was so neat! It was really neat to be apart of. We even had another investigator show up to the baptism which was really neat. His name is P and he has been looking for something other than what he is getting.

Well the week leading up to the baptism was stressful to say the least. A had to have a test on Wednesday with a Lumbar Puncture which was nerve racking and the tests have not come back yet. So we aren't sure exactly what the whole deal is with her cancer yet. Whatever happens though it will be alright I just know it.

On Saturday we were able to get up and do some service for Brother D before the Baptism. We went and helped him BBQ for a big benefit run to help a girl that was diagnosed with a rare form of blood diesease. Her name is M and so we went and helped pull pork and make sausage and things. Oh man was it good. It was the best meat that I have ever had in my entire life. The first thing that I do when I buy my own house is that I am going to build a big "Pit" in my backyard to BBQ for all the neighbors. It was really a neat experience to get to share with all the community that came out to support them.

After a couple hours of doing that we ran over to the church to get ready for the Baptism and what a beautiful service it was. A looked so clean in her white jumpsuit. It was a really simple service and just inspired. When we walked down into the font, I grabbed her arms and she looked up at me (as she is only about 5 feet tall) and said.. "Well where do I look?" and I said to her, "Anywhere that you would like!" She paused for a second... then said, "Can I look at you?" It was so humbling to get to be apart of that moment, the most important moment in her entire life. She was baptized and fellowshipped so well. They are going to be great members of the Church. Her Husband came up to me after the baptism and pulled me aside and asked... "So How do I start paying this tithing thing.. I want to support A in whatever she has decided to do." It was such a testimony builder! He is really a fantastic guy and one day I know that he will accept the gospel.

The rest of the week had it's ups and downs for sure. Elder Low and I get along pretty well.. He doesn't hardly talk on the Door steps or when we are in lessons so it puts alot of pressure on me to always have something to say. Which drains me of energy because by the end of the day I have talked to every single person that he have seen and the spirit takes such a physical toll on you. It's so hard, but rewarding nonetheless. Elder Low used to have this habit of putting his hands in his pockets whenever we were knocking on a door and I told him that probably wasn't the best thing to do so I decided to apply some of my Psychology on him... Everytime that he had his hands in his pockets I would tell him to take them out and accompany that with two snaps. This has gone on for about 3 weeks and I had gotten it to the point that I didn't have to ask anymore, I just snapped and he would do it! It was great! Til I laughed one time and told him that I trained him like a dog... That probably wasn't my best choice in judgement but, hey! You have to do something on doors to keep yourself entertained sometimes!

We also went on Exchanges with Elder Killpack this week. He is fantastic. Him and I came here and Elder Low went with Elder Steggell to Kerrville for the day. Elder Killpack and I spent most of the day up in Harper about a half hour away from here and when we got there we went to talk to a member that owns a feed store, The ones with all of the sports things.. Anyway when we showed up she told us that she had, had 12,000 pounds of feed break out of a holding tank and spill all over the floor and so for a couple of hours Elder Killpack and I shoveled about 6000 pounds of that to try and save it. It was fun! Then we went to go and contact a Former Investigator, the gate was locked and we couldn't see the house so Elder Killpack jumped the fence and I followed him and we wandered around this field for a good 20 minutes before we jumped back in the truck and went back to town. It was a great day!

We are also teaching this new investigator named P. We ran into him after we were driving home from DM one day and I decided to just stop and knock for a few minutes and he told us to come back. We brought Brother Garcia with us and P had some questions about suicide and also cremation. The way that we were able to answer them rung true to him and the spirit testified that they were. He was able to come to the baptism and watch A. He is also reading the Book of Mormon and finding it to be true! He is progressing really fast!

Well Transfers are this week and honestly I feel like I am ready to leave.. If I don't I will be ok with that, because I know that I am not out here to get what I want, but I feel like the I fulfilled what the Lord would have me do here. I could be wrong but we will find out next Sunday!

One last story about the week. Yesterday on Sunday night we were out working when I decided to stop by a Jehovah's Witness that we had met a couple of weeks ago and see if we could share a message with them. His name is J and his wife's name is E. When we stopped by they let us in and J and I hit it off really quick. He worked construction and we were able to go in and disect the Bible together and we were able to Respect each others religion while Finding the Truth. We seemed to agree on nearly everything and I just fell in Love with the guy! I could really see us becoming friends even after I leave. Elder Low really didn't say anything in the lesson and so mostly it was me and him talking for an hour and a half. What was interesting is that this week I felt like for some reason I needed to study Job, and so for 3 days or so that is what I dedicated my studies too. When we started talking that is who he brought up! It was neat to know that as I diligently tried to "Obtain the Word." Very literally in the same week I was able to "Declare the Word." I truely do Testify that this is the inspired work of a loving Father in Heaven. This is the truth. The completion of Salvation is once again on the earth. We are truely blessed to teach the Doctrine of Jesus Christ to all that will recieve us. I truely do know and believe that Thomas S. Monson is the living Prophet of God. That Authority has been restored and that Jesus is the Christ. The Son of God. I leave this testimony with you, In the name of My King, My Savior, Jesus Christ Amen.

Elder Paul Robert Funk
Remember who You are, and what He stands for!

Preparing for a Baptism

April 15, 2013

Yeah what a week it has been! I can't believe that all of this is going by so quickly! I hit my 4 month mark the other day and can't believe that I have less than 20 left!

On Sunday we had our Gospel Principles class and I could just talk for days sometimes. Just ramble on and on, but anyway they love when I tell stories about camping or some gospel stories that I heard. The teacher Sister D like right in the middle of the lesson says "Gosh Elder Funk, You make me want to have another Kid!! A girl right about your age!!" I was laughing so hard. I absolutely love the members here!!!!!!! I guess that is were I get down on myself alot it I just want this branch to have everything that it deserves. It deserves the hardest working missionary that I can possible be. So when I don't stop for a moment and "Consider the Lilles" I lose sight of what I already have, what a great work I am blessed to be apart of.

We started the week off with another P-day of not really doing a whole lot and then we went out to the F Family to talk to them for a bit. When we dropped by we saw the husband and talked to him for what seemed like forever! He got locked out of his house so we sat outside and talked about everything from the Law of Consecration to Gun control. It was fun. They seemed to be doing really well that night and it was really nice to see A up and walking again. I love when they are around. I feel like such a part of their family.

Then on Tuesday that was another long day. We spent most of the afternoon tracting out some new people to teach and we have actually been blessed enough to start teaching a couple of new people. We are teaching this girl named M. She is going through a really hard time with a divorce and her kid with Autism but I can tell that she really appreciates all the support that we try and bring to her through the gospel. Hopefully she can commit to be baptized and progress through the gospel!! We got to do some service later that night for a non member named J. He bought a old beat up house so we ended up doing alot of sanding on his floor boards so that he and his wife can re paint the floor and it can be liveable! His wife has some sort of medical issues so I just want to help them in whatever way that I can. It's amazing how often something with construction will come up where I can lend a hand to a someone in need!

We got to have Zone conference on Wednesday and what a treat that was! Our AP's gave some of the best trainings that I have ever heard! They talked alot about member work and contacting every single person that we see. I love to do that. We in Fredericksberg nearly reach the goal of talking to 120 people every single week. That doesn't seem like alot, but if half of those could be a 5 minute conversation it is amazing how fast the day goes! Elder Low laughed because I have been telling him that every single person that we see is in need of some aspect of the gospel and that we are going to talk to everyone we see, I told him that the first day. In the Zone meeting one of the other missionaries started talking about how it wasn't really possible and I kinda spoke up and said No. It is, if you can't get it, just work a little harder! (Of course I said it a little nicer then that though!) The AP's really liked that. I get along with one of them, Elder Thornley, in particular. He is incredible!

So basically the rest of the week was Bible Bashing. Oh boy do I hate Bible bashing. It's so hard not to just prove these people wrong, because I don't really believe that that is the best way to do it! It drives me nuts when someone tells me what I believe and they don't even know me so I never try and do that.

So anyway... Here's the story that goes along with that... We were knocking doors and I didn't quite realize where we had ended up. We knocked on this door and as soon as the man walked out he had on the suit with the fancy collar thing on and I was just like "Dang it. I do not like bashing!" Well he walked out and started talking to us, I asked him if he was a pastor or something and he said "Yes" in and English accent and pointed over to the Giant Catholic Church behind us. I should have known but nevertheless we started talking about the Book of Mormon. He then let Elder Low have it and tried to confound him in his words which was awful. He wouldn't even let me talk to him. It was frustrating to me and to Elder Low. He then started to argue we didn't need the Book of Mormon if the Bible has all the correct truths and then he came at me and we started to talk about the Trinity and how that is not correct. Well after about 15 minutes or so we both decided that it was probably not going to go anywhere so we left in a peaceful manner. The arguement never got heated of course but we just both knew that these little Mormon boys were never going to change. As we left all the sudden I heard myself say. "Well Sir thanks, we are going to Preach the Gospel to All the Catholics." That sounds now like the most smart alec statement but as I said it, It was so filled with the spirit that I knew that it was inspired. He turned, a little stunned, and said "Don't you confuse them." I was shocked by his statement. In that moment I knew that he knew that we were in fact preaching the gospel, The Gospel of Jesus Christ, and he could not tell us to stop. He later went on to say "You know you are the ones that came to preach to me, not I to you, you knocked on my door." I said "Well Sir, I would invite you to do the same." It was bold, but I know that the spirit was there and testified of truth to his heart as only the spirit can.

After that it turned into a rough week. But I know that it is because just as with Jesus on the Cross and with Joesph in the grove, Satan will work hardest right before a miracle takes place. In a lesson that same night we talked to A and she wants to be baptized on Saturday April 20th. We are going to have a baptism!!! I am so excited to be able to be apart of such a spectacular event! She watched all of conference and just wants to be apart of everything already!! I am SO excited to watch my sister get into the water! She even asked me to baptize her! It will be such a special event on Saturday and I cannot wait to be able to watch a amazing scene take place.

We got to do some more service for a member on Saturday that involved alot of raking and some try trimming. Brother D is one of the most service oriented people that I know. He is the Brother Duke of the branch here. He always is trying to help someone in need and I love working with him. We get along so great! So that led to a great weekend of service and working with the members. The members also want me to do a musical number again real soon so I have to work on that!

I know that this is the work of the Lord! I testify that this is hard. It is so hard. I can't imagine it another way. I wouldn't have it any other way. I can't wait to have my eyes opened enough to see what the blessings I have are. I hope that one day I will be able to open my eyes and look around and see all the miracles that are here.

Learning Some Lessons

 April 8, 2013

Yeah this week was another one of those weeks! We had a great time fishing and spent alot of time with the Kerrville Elders Elder Killpack and my buddy Elder Steggell. I really hope that somewhere down the line that Elder Steggell and I get to be companions! We only caught one little minnow. When we went to cast it in to try and catch a catfish Elder Killpack smacked it into a tree... Killing it instantly. So we didn't really catch much else.

After we had P day we went to the Fry Family to teach them about prayer and when we got there we found out that Alane is getting so much worse... Her and Joni are going through such a hard time right now with everything. Alane still really wants to get baptized but is too sick... It has been devastating to watch.. I feel so invested into them like they are some of my family members. Well they really are! We are trying to help them in whatever way that we can, I really love watching them learn about the gospel and start to love it. For now the baptism has been pushed back to the 21st but we are going to just have to wait and see.

The next day we had our interview with President Jones for the last time. I thought it was going to be one of those interviews where I came out feeling like a million bucks. No... He kinda let me have it. I have never been so down I think.. I talked to him about our lack of referrals and I said that it was probably partly our fault and he kinda just told me that it was and I felt awful. He told me alot of it might be that the branch just doesn't trust me.. It was hard because I have been doing everything that I knew how to do but it felt like I just kept coming up short. Elder Low and I misunderstood this new study that we are doing for this next coming quarter and so Elder Low asked President about it and President kinda let me have it again because I should have understood the email that he sent out. Basically the worst interview of my entire life.. It ruined a few of the days this week to be honest. I am working as hard as I know how but sometimes it feels like I am letting the President down.

Later in the day we got to have a meeting with the Branch President.. President Smith. I asked him what more I could do to help this branch and that I was sorry for letting them down and he just looked at me and said "Elder. You are working so hard. This is such a hard area. You are doing everything that you can. You and Elder Kertamus worked so hard, I haven't seen a couple of elders for some time that were as good as you." I talked to him about having a rough time with losing my friend Jake and he just was so comforting to me. I will always be eternally grateful to that man. President Smith just told me to keep my chin up and told me one time on his mission in Mexico, he knocked for 3 weeks and only taught one lesson and that he didn't have a baptism for the first 6 months. He was such a God send. I can never express to him how much that meant to me.

The next day on Wednesday we had DM and we gave a training. Elder Low and I were supposed to train on like Faith and Prayer or something. Sometimes when I get talking
I just get on a rant and start to just pour my heart out and that was basically what happened. It was nice to get alot off of my chest and when you bear your testimony it feels so great. Don't ever be afraid of bearing it. Share it with all around you. Even when it seems that they are not listening, they are. Something deep down inside of them will hear it. Souls hunger for the Eternal Truths of the gospel that we have.

We knocked alot of doors but we are starting to this man named Rudy. He owns a couple of restaurants and is so nice to us. When I first got here Elder Kertamus and I went there to get a couple of sandwiches and he charged us 5 dollars for both. Thinking that was a little cheap we went back and asked him if it was 5 dollars each, he told us that it was and that he had made the mistake. After giving him the 5 dollars we left. Now he is starting to come and listen to us. He even gave us a couple of referrals to his friends! So now tomorrow we are going to do some plumbing on a house. So thanks Uncle Brandon for letting me learn how to plumb!

We knocked alot of doors on Friday. We walked for miles. I think we talked to more longhorns then we did people! I got a picture of it and I will send my SD card home in a couple of weeks. I just want to get some more pictures of things before I send it to y'all. But I digress. We walked alot. It was really kinda the picture perfect missionary picture. Walking along a grassy field with our scriptures going after the one lost sheep!

General Conference was incredible. I absolutely loved it. We got to watch all of the sessions at the Stake Center. Kinda lonely and hard on the back but it was so great to hear some of the messages from the apostles. I absoluetly love Jefferey R. Holland. I have his picture hanging on my desk and Elder Low thinks I am sick but I just love the power that he has. After having him pat me on the back and say Work Hard I use that as motivation for the days when maybe I don't want to move as quickly as I know that I can. I also really enjoyed the talk from Elder Perry. He just let loose! I loved it so much. I would love copies of the talks when they come out in the ensign. If y'all could send me a copy of it I would be so appreciative, or just print them out, whatever is easier and cheaper for you!

On Sunday between sessions we went and saw this Investigator that we used to work with when I first got here named Anna. She was standing in front of her house talking to people and her family. They were crying and screaming. Come to find out, her brother had just passed away the day before at the age of 24. It was hard. We bore testimony of the Plan of Salvation. The role of Jesus Christ and the truthfulness of the gospel. It was an amazing experience. One that I will never forget.

Later on Sunday we went and taught two more first lessons! We taught one to a lady named Maria. She lives in such a sad situation and has little to her name. Her husband and her are separated and I told her that if she could get the materials to fix her house that we would come back and help her install everything. Everywhere I turn there is something to do with Construction or music! Truely this mission has been tailored to fit, Paul Robert Funk. It is starting to not be a mission anymore, but much rather, My Mission.

As we finished the night we stopped and met a guy named Gary. He let us in and we taught him the restoration. In the back he had music playing and that is probably the last time that I will ever give the first vision to the tune of "Life is a Highway"!... The lesson was incredible. The spirit was working so strong on him. He will accept this restored gospel sometime in the future if not the very near future. Amazing guy.

I bear witness along with the Apostles and Prophet that this is the true church. It is the church of Jesus Christ. He did restore it, for me and for you. This will never be taken from the earth again. Jesus is the Christ. I Believe it with my whole heart. In the name of Jesus Chirst, I add my witness. Amen.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Carabie and Shark Skin Boots

Well it was a hard week but an amazing one in some senses of it. I never have had such a hard day as Monday was. We basically just layed around all of P day and did nothing because I didn't to move. I have always know the Plan to be true but never had to believe it. I know that Jake was out there helping us tract this week. I could truely feel his prescence. It seemed like everywhere that we went we spoke to someone about the plan. What a coincidence. Oh wait. There is no such thing. What an amazing plan that we have been given to share with the world.

The lighthouse song (Brightly Beams Our Father's Mercy) is so amazing. He truly does give the keeping from the lights among the shore. We are the lights that have to guide these ships to the enterance into the keeping of our God. If a ship simply tried to shoot straight for the lighthouse there is often times rocks or other objects that can come into the way. Destroying the ship. We are the lights along the shore. We have been called of God, all of us, to show others the way. To help avoid the rocks and the perils of life! How great is our calling. We are called truly to further the work of God by helping others avoid and make easier the path that is set before them. What an amazing thing that it is. A lighthouse and we are allowed to be the "Light of the World."

We knocked a ton of doors this week. I am beginning to knock all of Fredericksberg for the 2nd time! Which is kinda frustrating but really necessary. There will be some hearts that are softened with every pass that we go through. We are having a hard time finding people to teach so that has been a little frustrating and we havent gotten any referrals for the last 7 weeks but I guess that means that we just need to work harder.

I forgot to mention alot in my last letter so I will try and kinda do double duty for this week!

We knocked into a guy that I have talked to before. He gave me some Carabie which is some wierd vegetable that tastes like buttered popcorn or something. It was sorta weird but it was real nice of him. We also got to teach him about the restoration of the church. The spirit was so incredible strong. Elder Low didn't talk much but P really enjoyed what was being said. At the end He could not deny it. He doesn't want to join the church but all he could say was.. Well it's possible. He was stunned at the power that the spirit brings. I love to see the light that comes into people's eyes as they truely come to understand the power of the message that we carry. It's just hard when people will not let us in to share this light with them.

I had a member give me some cowboy boots because I didn't have any. It was so nice! They are actually Shark Skin! They are a little worn but they work just as well for me! It was so so nice of them. I have gotten to wear them out to work once and that was really nice! It's a little interesting to walk around in them but we are going fishing in Kerrville today so I will use the day to get used to walking aroun in them!

Elder Low my new companion is from Murray. He is actually turning 20 in September and likes to remind me of the fact that he is older then me. I just laugh, he's a goofy fellow but he's loveable. We are working on his confidence alot being that he has never done this before. I truely have been blessed to have the ability to speak my mind boldly and clearly.. Most of the time...

I miss Elder Kertamus he was such a solid missionary. Although somedays we didn't always get along when it came to the gospel we were so compatable and we could bounce just about any idea back and forth. I took that a little for granted I think. He is home safe and sound though. He hasn't emailed me or anything but I saw a picture of him at home in the airport on J's phone.

As for the family <we are working with> they are doing well. After hearing about Jake we were going to have a lesson with them that night but A called and said that she was to tired and that we would have to reschedule.. That made the day a little worse but it was ok. She told us on Wednesday that she was going to have some tests done because she believes that her cancer is back. I couldn't believe it. It was one of those weeks where God was testing my faith for sure. They still really want to get baptized. They love to listen to Mormon radio or something and adore the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. We had to reset the baptisimal date for the 21st of April. We are going to get it done though! It's really exciting and maybe S might also decide to take in the blessings of baptism!

For Easter yesterday night we went to Bubbe's house. She always makes us the best food and if you don't eat it, you don't love her. So we always go away completely stuffed to the brim. She is fantastic. She invited her daughter  and she invited one of her friends from church named L. Now something about Fredericksberg.. I am basically becoming a regular here in town and know quite a few of the people here. I had met L before a couple of times. The first time we saw him on a bench and talked to him about God and he was really not nice to us at all. Not at all. So we left it and kept on our way. Later we were driving and Elder Kertamus and I stopped and went to go and talk to this guy sitting on his porch. It was L again. Again when we talked we started to argue about religion and do kinda the "Bible Bashing" that we try at all costs to avoid. He does not like the idea that God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost are not one. So we left but I remember that I did everything that I could to try and leave a good taste in his mouth of the missionaries just in case. So anyway.. We went to dinner and there he was! Talk about a bit awkward at the beginning and when we would make eye contact we would always never know what to say. Finally I told him that I had talked to him before and he said.. I know and I was not nice to y'all. I'm sorry. I get fired up about religion. A couple of times over dinner we talked about religion and we got to bear testimony and witness of the truth. It was pleasent. We then went and shared an easter message. I don't know if you know the story of the "Push up's for doughnuts" but I would look it up if you haven't. It's a story of a seminary teacher that makes a student to pushups so that all the classmates can have a doughnut. Amazing analogy for the Savior's Atonement. I told that story and then Elder Low bore his testimony. I believe that I saw all of our hearts soften as we all bore witness of Jesus Christ and His magnificent Resurrection. What a magnificent time of year that it is. This Easter Season.
Well the Church is true. That's the testimony that is in me. That this is the work of God. How grateful I am to be apart of it and how grateful I am to be a child of God.

Love y'all
Remember Who you are and what He stands for!
Elder Paul Robert Funk