Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Hello Family!
First of all I can't tell you how much people down here love their spurs. I'm so glad that they won. Hecka yeah.
So we went to Institute today and I met another guy that was off his mission in January. He said that he served in the Dallas mission so I asked him if by chance he knew an Elder Keller. Not only did he know him, but he trained Elder Keller. His name was Hyrum Quiroz or something and he is going to take me out to dinner saturday. I'm stoked. He said Jake taught him tons about Football and cattle. I'm sure Jake gets in every door just with that knowledge.

Hmm... Nothing super crazy really happened. We went on exchanges once or twice this week so that Elder Steggell could do some planning with his other Zone Leader companion (Sometimes I wonder why I exist) and so I got put with Elder Jensen again. He decided that he wanted to knock all day, so we knocked the richest houses that we could find in the middle of the day. It was so fun. I love just being able to talk. It makes it so awesome. to have a normal conversation with someone. I can just babble on and on and on about nothing for hours. By the way I totally love living with other missionaries. We have the most fun ever. I am like BFF's with them, we go through the thick of things together and solve the world's problem. Some aren't the greatest ideas but they will work. I'll tell you about them in 177 days.

I mananged to tick off one of our investigators, I may have told you about her telling us that "waiting for my boyfriend to take the missionary lessons and be willing to be baptized is a dumb thing to do but I just want to do it." Then I told her "Yep your right that is a dumb idea. You should get baptized if you know it's true." Apparently didn't go over quite like she wanted it to or something, I just agreed with her, but that's wrong I guess. Now her other missionaries in Indiana are teaching her over skype because we won't play ping pong and teach her the Law of Chastity like her other missionaries. Whatever.

President gave a training this week that was pretty cool. He talked about Faith and everything and how we are Finding by faith, but lack Faith in Finding. I'm pretty sure that man knows everything about everything and that he does actually know the truth of all things. It's pretty sweet.

I don't know if I told you about Mike or not. He got baptized friday and confirmed on Sunday. From the time that he was found, taught and baptized was 2 weeks. 14 days. It was so legit, he should be pretty solid for the church and in the church. Miracles really do happen it's nuts. He was found while a member was at a yogurt shop eating and wearing a BYU shirt and he came up and asked her if she was mormon. She invited him to us and bam. Baptized.

Man I'm still on the Spurs thing. I am so psyched that I never have to miss another Final's game again. NEVER. You never know how good you have it til you don't have it no more.
Basketball was pretty good last week. There is a sister in the mission that is like a totally tom boy and whips everyone out. She totally rocked my socks last week. Like tossed all 166 pounds of me.
Hmm.... I really don't know what else to say. We are doing well. I could keep writing just for the sake of having a longer email. Oh Elder Steggell just reminded me. He was making french toast this week and I was having a tortilla. When I tossed them in front of him and he recieved a revelation. French Tortillas. We dipped them in egg and then made the eggs and put them in the tacos with syrup on top. 4 of those is enough to kill a grown man. We felt so sick after, but they are really good.
On another food note. We went to Carl's Jr. Bacon Ranch fry's are not exactly what they are in the picture. I feel terrible right now.
Father's day is a fail in the Singles ward by the way. We had three talks about Eternal Marriage. I think that people have to start to realize that they need to flirt and date in order to get married. The bishop is trying to persuade them to do more of both of those. It's also how he is helping us fellowship our investigators. I love Bishop. I got to eat with him on Friday. It was the first time I have ever eaten with a Bishop on my mission! Crazy right? He talked about the Spurs the entire time. Everything takes a back seat to the spurs. EVERYTHING.

Well I guess that is about it. Love yall.
Remember who you are and what He stands for!
Elder Funk
Elder Funk (middle) at a baptism with his companion and the sisters. Both sets of missionaries had a baptism that day

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