Sunday, January 27, 2013

We have another investigator. She is so sweet! She eats up everything that we are teaching her and sometime in Febuary she will probably get baptized. She is for sure one of the people that God has put in our path prepared! She went from a divorce to drinking problems and is having a few problems with the law, but as of now she has a desire to change! It's a miracle to watch.

We have another Investigator that we taught last night. He wants to get rid of some of the baggage that he has been carrying around with him for all these years after being in the war and all the things that he saw. He described a couple of the things that he had to see and it's just astounding. He too has commited to baptism we just don't have a date nailed down quite yet.

Well I got to help with another construction project on tuesday! We went to help this guy build a lighthouse. Yes a lighthouse. Is there any water around it? Not at all! It's like 50 feet tall and actually is going to have a real lighthouse light in it! He definetly looks the part though.

I got to go on splits last week to Kerrville. While I was there we got to go teach a lesson. Me and Elder Anderson. There was 4 20 something year olds that we taught. They had alot of questions that we were able to answer and they just kept wanting more and more. When the lesson finished we invited them to be baptized and they all 4 accepted!! So exciting! I won't get to be there at the baptism probably but I am excited for them!

We went to this couples house on Sunday and we sat down with them to eat dinner. We have been doing this thing where we teach them all a member lesson after we eat like we would an Investigator. It's really pretty neat the effect that it has on them. Yeah so we were talking and they have both been through 3 marriages so they were telling us kinda what marriage is like and what it's meant to them so have found the right person. The wife then turned to Elder Kertamus and I and said "Well yall might as well be married, you get to spend all the time together!" and Her Husband chimed in "Yeah married without the benefits!" It was so bad! I just went bright red and tried to not cry as we laughed.

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