Sunday, February 10, 2013

January 28, 2013

I am so glad about missing all of the snow, although the lessons that we had were we just went outside were the best ones! I love doing service. It's the best. I wish that more people around here would let us help them but being in this  town everyone is pretty hard headed and has to do things their own way.

Yeah so for my week! It was actually fairly normal compared to the other weeks I think! We are still working with this lady and she is starting to come around. She has to work on Sunday alot so she can't really come but hopefully this next week or two she will change that and by the end of the month or so she will probably be able to get baptized!

The other guy that we are working with  has some issues with some of things he is dealing with from the past. It's sad to see and he just needs to let the Atonement into his life and he will be able to let it all go. I can't even imagine how hard it is though for him. We are going to teach him tomorrow though and I'm totally excited!

We did while we were tracting run across a lady that told us that she was kinda a demon fighter. She talked about how she ran across this possessed clown in her friends house and she had to fight it off. She blesses the house I guess? I don't know, she is really a pretty good person she has had such a rough life. I guess she was abused and now runs a program to help battered women. It's crazy to hear the stuff people have had to go through in their lives to get where they are now.

Another story I guess is with the a family. They are less active but their son has his girlfriend living there who is a non member. We are hoping to be able to start to teach her soon! She has another daughter however that is 11 years old. She has epilepsy which is so sad. We had the prompting to go over there one day and when we showed up she had been having seizures every 5 minutes. We were able to give her a blessing and everything turned out alright for now. I don't know exactly how she is dealing with it or to what extent the damage is so far but all we can do is pray for her and her family.

I think I told you about another man we are working with. We ran into him and he snatched the Book of Mormon right out of our hands. He came up to us again this week and told us that he believed that more then 145,000 people were going to be saved. We responded well... So do we! He was like what?... I guess that he has been having the Jehovah's Witnesses or someone else come over and he just doesn't want to deal with it. He said that he read the Book of Mormon and that the stories are true, he just wants the bible for now. We talked to him but he seemed very nervous and jumpy for some reason. I think that the seed has been planted it may just take time to grow.

Overall this has been a great week and a wonderful week to grow! I can't believe that January has alreadly almost come and gone! It's nuts! Days are starting to to turn into weeks and weeks into days! Everything is going so fast.

Anyway y'all have a good week and know that I am praying hard for y'all and working even harder out here in the field. I know that He lives and I Know that I will see him again.

Elder Paul Funk

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