Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Baptizing 50+ people

Sorry It's late. I just had a guy start talking to me about the gospel so I set up a lesson and time so that we could go by on Wednesday! haha setting up appointments everywhere we go. Perfect, gotta love the Lord!!

It has been another long hard week. We got to do exchanges this week so I went with the District Leader Elder Morrin, and I told him my goal on this exchange was to find a family to teach. When we sat down and planned we talked about it and we decided to pick out on street to knock. We both felt like picking a street called Hunting Path and so we planned it. We taught alot of lessons that day and did alot of things but I always had that street in the back of my mind. So when we had an opportunity we went there. As soon as we drove up on the street I felt exactly which house it was. I told him it was the one with the White Mustang. We started down the street aways but I kept telling him 4 houses.. 3 houses... haha and the countdown began. We finally got to the house and the door flung open and they said "It's the Mormons! We haven't seen you in ages! We just moved here from California!" So we had a wonderful conversation with them and found out that she was a member along time ago and that they let us set up an appointment to come back because we had another appointment to get to. It was a neat experience. It doesn't seem like very often the spirit guides you that directly.

When we got back from exchanges Elder Hughes and I had kinda a falling out... He started to argue just basically for no reason we were just talking about how the Father has the patariachal responsibilty to the family, which point I was backing up and for some reason he goes off about how I have this attitude about "I am always right." I said.. "Well why would I ever assume I was wrong?" Man that did not go over well. So we got in this giant argument about just everything and he goes off... Anyway.. Long story short I was like What they heck....? and he didn't talk to me for a couple of days, we still aren't talking very much but I don't know. I think the heat got to him.

I got to baptize 51 people on Saturday! It was great. I came out of the font after a couple of hours just completely wrinkled. That is the best wrinkly feeling in the world. To be fair I was in the temple. Alane Fry decided that she wanted to go so she called me and I went with her! It was even better then the baptism day! I loved it. I walked in and the temple and the temple President walked up to me and we chatted for a while. I asked him if he was the president and he laughed and said yes. But then he grabbed me and whispered and said, but if you watch the Preach My Gospel Dvd's I am the Ward Mission leader! I said "No way! That makes you a Mormon Celebrity!" He laughed and now we are really good friends. He came into the font and we talked for a couple of hours while he had me do the baptising for all the people that came in. It was so fun! He kept telling me that he was going to talk to President Slaughter and get me transferred to the temple permanately. The recorder fired back and told them that he wanted me in his ward because he was the Ward Mission Leader. It was probably the best 3 or 4 hours of my entire mission! I loved it. The spirit was so strong, Alane loved it. While I was standing in the font I had this thought that I was baptizing for the people that Jake was teaching. He had to go and prepare all these people so that we can go and get the work done. It has never been so real to me before. I can't even fathom what the joy and feelings the people on the other side must be feeling. I would invite everyone who reads this to go to the temple before the end of the month. Someone up there really is waiting. They teaching has been done. They have been found. If we had somebody out in the mission field like that. Taught, found, we wouldn't sit around and wait til it was convenient. We would be sizing them up for a suit! That is precisely the situation that these family members are in! It is so real now. They are waiting.

We also got transfer calls on Sunday night. I am staying in the Universal City Ward and will be training a new Elder! It will be fun. I think Elder Hughes will be missed here, but the work goes on. On a side note, I got to spend some time with the Fredericksberg Branch President, President Smith on Saturday too. He baptized me, for one of Alane's Grandfather. It was neat to see it come full circle.

The work is progressing! I have a burning testimony of the work and that we are here to help establish the Kingdom. Invite, Invite, invite! Then the Lord will provide the people that need to be taught. I know that is so true. "Work as though all of the work depended upon you, and pray like all of the work depended upon the Lord." I found the balance! It is all up to us, and it is all up to the Lord.

Remember who you are and what He stands for!
Elder Funk!

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