Thursday, February 20, 2014

Holding Down the Fort at the Single Guy Table

This week went by super slow... It was in one of those weeks where if something had a chance to choose whether it was going to go right or wrong it went wrong everytime. Yep.

Well last Monday I had some money left over from Christmas and I decided that I should actually use it to buy myself a present and I really didn't like my camera so I bought a new camera and it was super nice! I love to use that thing. I have taken quite a few pictures the last couple of days and I'll throw some on this email for yall.

Weeks seem to take on a theme in the mission sometimes it's Tithing like last week, this one was Pizza. I think that like 4 nights out of the week someone wanted to feed us Pizza Hut pizza. We had like 3 extra boxes in our fridge at one point. Also we helped a family move this week, they were less active but they really liked us and thought we were pretty funny, I think that in this area people either really like me or don't get my sarcasm at all and think that I am a terrible person. Well the bible does say to be hot or cold so it works right? Anyway, back to the story, the literally gave us all of their food. They were just going to chuck it but decided it would be good for us and we would enjoy some green beans that had been sitting in the back of their fridge for who knows how long, and a half pack of "White Castle Burgers". Well they were right about the White Castle burgers, those things are pretty good. I love em. That's why I am getting fat, oh and the fact that we sit in a truck like all day long.

Ricardo, the guy that paid Tithing last week, we got in contact with him again because we saw him walking down the street, he was homeless... That was a bummer because there really isn't anything that we can do to help that other then tell him God loves him. Which should be enough, but still, it was tough for the guy. Love him to death. It's been hard to try and find him though because we have no way to contact him.

Karma got me back so many times though. Felecity had to get passed off to the sister missionaries... It is the worst working with the sisters, the just never call us and anyway, I'll save the rant, but I just don't like it. Felecity didn't get baptized this week because of some complications with the sisters, so she should be getting baptized in the Converse ward next week. It'll all work out though.
I got to talk to President like 3 times this week on the phone trying to figure out this whole situation, and I brought up her member bf and how he is going to go on a mission and how it would be good to get her a sure foundation besides just him, even though she has a testimony of the gospel, and President started talking about Dear John letters and how he thinks "Every missionary should be able to get a dear John on his mission" I was like... Well... I got one! He didn't even pause and said, "and you're a better missionary because of it!" I'll take that as a compliment, I laughed for a few days about that one.

Well speaking of the love and Valentines day, we had a ward activity at the church this week for valentines. They wanted us to come and be apart of it. We got to hold down the fort at the Single Guy table, luckily Brother Tanner came and sat by us and so did another older man. So we did some good work. They decided it would be a good idea to play a whole bunch of love tunes and play name that tune. I was very fortunate that they played one of my "future wife's" songs. Yep "Love Story" I think Elder Van Oene and I were the only ones that knew it and could sing every single word of it. I hope missionariess find and baptize Taylor Swift, she could do some good covers of some hymns. The ward gave us a special gift basket full of dr pepper, queso, chips, and a what a burger gift card so that we could have a date night with each other or something because we are undateable people. Literally.
Well lets see... We really only taught like 5 lessons this week... Rough week. We taught one yesterday and the member kinda implied to the investogator that he didn't know Jesus, by the end of the lesson you could feel the tension in the air. It was not that great at all. The investigator, said the closing prayer which he hadn't done before,he prayed that "we would find the real Jesus and stop having our minds and all of our hearts blocked and be swayed" or something like that... We are going to try and patch over that relationship this week.

We had one of those weeks where you learn alot, but it doesn't seem like anything gets done... I learned something cool the other day though that maybe i'll share. I have heard it sooo many times when someone is going through a hard time someone says to them, "God won't give you anything you can't handle." Has anyone else heard that? I can't count how many times I have, even how many times I have said that to people without even thinking about it. I realized this week that of course God allows us many,many times things that are completely impossible for us to do. If God only gave us the things that we could handle we would really have no need at all for Jesus Christ. What's the point of Him? When we messed up we could just fix it ourselves because it would be something that we could handle or figure out ourselves. We would have no need for a Redeemer because we could in essence figure out all of the things ourselves. That is why he gives us situations that are beyond our capability to handle, we have to rely on the Savior to help lift our hope to new heights. There is things that we can't handle. The Savior can though, he knows the way and is the Way! I am so grateful to be apart of tough things, a mission is supposed to be hard and something that I can't do. It would be impossible for me, I am so grateful for the Savior that He already felt what I do, as he does for all of us. He loves us. I love Him! I hope yall have a great week! God Bless!

Remember who you are and what He stands for!
Elder Funk

That is called "Bacon Explosion". It's bacon wrapped in sausage then wrapped again in bacon and wrapped again. It is exactly as unheathy as it looks. That was our dinner saturday. Texas, yep.

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