Friday, February 28, 2014

Weed Week

Hey y'all. 
Alright well I can't believe that it is the end of Feb! Crazy! I am going to be 20 years old next month, which basically means nothing other than that is the age that I am going home at! Can't believe how fast the mission is going, the harder you work, the faster the days go. 

The highlight of the week was definetly getting Felecity baptized for sure! She finally got it done, we went to Converse which was right next to my old area and she did it. She was SOO happy and it was awesome to see the light that she had, I almost wished that I could get baptized again. Her BF did the baptism and it was just an overall spiritually powerful moment and a neat one for their relationship. Now we have to teach them about the temple and get them through there!! 

I loved the letters I got from everyone. Alex and Alyssa's were such a sweet surprise and I love the ones from yall. Thank you! They are like rain on a summer's day. Or a Mt. Dew during a weekly planning session. (Rm's will totally understand...)

Yes, I actually take alot of time to play the piano, I am trying to really get to where I can play now, I can do some of the hymns and things so that has been pretty fun. Last week when we were in choir there was a lady that was supposed to be playing the Violin on this song and she was kinda struggling with it so I offered to play and switch her out because it would also improve the Tenor section if I shut my mouth, anyway I don't think that her mom took that super well. Her mom is the lady that talked about Pancho Villa in her testimony... So I get to play in sac. meeting in a few weeks again! I am excited!

Well as you know I think my ideas of finding people to teach are not exactly success stories most of the time... So here ya go.  now it came to pass that the Young Men's President did also back up the elders and make a basketball game. What I am trying to get at is that we play some basketball and invite non members to come play on Thursday night. We had one come. Total though we had a couple of less actives come so it was a productive night. We were playing and the other team got stacked but since they were all old, we ran circles around them. Until the one non member went up to take the game winning shot and I stuffed him so bad! Literally so bad that I dislocated his shoulder. Gosh. Dang. It. Everytime.... So we put his shoulder back into it's proper place and kept on going. I don't know how it happened but I ended up hurting his shoulder again. It was just bad news.  
Everyone of our investigators smokes weed! Seriously remember how I was talking about weeks taking on a theme? This week was weed. It's so bad. I just hate that they all smoke! Terrible.. The other bad side is that everytime that you leave you smell like it too. When we turned in the Progress Record to the bishop to tell him about all the people that we met he just laughed and laughed. PEC was a good meeting, I'm glad we can make it exciting. Problem is, ALL of Seguin is pretty much like that!  Love every single one of the though. 

We went back over to the food place again. We got to listen to a couple of sermons. I think Paster Don read some serious 1 Nephi 13 before he did his talk because he got up and RAILED on the Catholic church. Seriously laid down on all of the people that pray to the virgin mary and think they can pay their way out of sins. He laid down on it! Soooo awesome, not something that I would do or that I would teach like but it was cool. Alot of the people took offense because most of the population that comes to the place is Catholic Mexican. When we were walking into the back of the room to go start the food deal, he grabbed me and said "Brother Funk! Do you believe what I taught?" I said, "Yes, yes I do! Sounds like the Book of Mormon! Do you have one?" He laughed and said that he did. I'm pretty sure that one of these days he is going to become a Mormon. We are going to have to re paint his Heaven or Hell van to have the three kingdoms on it though. YOU CHOOSE!

We had a do or die lesson with Ron and Christine, we have been teaching them since we both got here and they are just not doing the things that we ask them to do. Not reading or coming to church so this was kinda the last step. We talked to them for a while and she started bragging about how she read this 400 page book in like 6 hours or something I don't remember, but I said well.. Why can't you do that with the Book of Mormon? She said she could. Then the member that was with us bet her a dinner and a movie that she couldn't do it in a week. She took it, so we will find out what happened tomorrow. 

I love doing this work, I honestly do. I get sick of some of the people and frustrated with the simple mundane things that comes along with being a missionary and stuff, but I do know the things that I know and live worthy of them! I do know the Book of Mormon is true, I am going to finish it for the fourth time this week and start it for the fifth. I have read it everyday for nearly a year now, and love it more than anything else. I have the utmost testimony that it can heal the broken heart and do amazing things that are beyond our capacity to understand. Every single time that I have read it, I have learned something profoundly different and cannot wait to see how it reads this time. If you aren't reading, just start! You don't need to prepare or make a big glamorous study of it, just read it. Seriously. I'll race ya to the end. Then we can re start. I love you! 

Remember who you are and what He stands for! All the time!

Elder Funk

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