Monday, March 31, 2014

March Madness

March 24, 2014

Dang this week was just to fast, I'm not even really sure what happened to be honest. It's amazing how fast the weeks start to go. I wish I could just copy and paste this first paragraph to every email, because I feel like that is basically how I start them all. 

P day we went up to Kyle to play some basketball with Jonesy and some other Elders when we showed up there was like 8 elders that were there and no keys to the church. I called Jonesy to see where he was at, there were helping a family do a move. So I told Elder Dayton and his comp to load up and we headed off to the move. Yep that was a good 20 miles away. Apparently the ever-tardy Zone Leaders decided to swing by and pick up the keys about 3 minutes before we did without calling us and headed back down to the church. So we just went up and helped them unload for about an hour. Seriously there was so much junk that it was ridiculous. 
Tuesday we had exchanges and I went up to New Braunfels to do some work. One of the elders is super trunked out up there and they don't really do anything, not to put them down, but seriously... So we ended up walking for about 5 hours trying to see about 5 former investigators, none of which were home. I got sunburned, but it turned into a tan... "Count your blessings!"

We didn't teach megan this week because it was her spring break, she did call us and ask us about dating advice with her steady boyfriend and finding herself before she commits to a serious relationship. I was all in for that! Definitely should try and figure out the people that we are before we go and commit to spending eternity trying to convince another person to stay with us! 
We got to go over and do a whole bunch of service for Jose one of our investigators, mow his lawn and then he asked me to get up on the roof and take down his antenna that has been up there since the pioneers discovered cable tv. Crazy. 

We ended up teaching quite a few people this week. I like to knock doors because I think I have really developed at it, we even got in a few doors this week and taught the people. The problem with this are is that half of the people only speak spanish... that is really bad news for a kid from Logan that has trouble ordering at Taco Bell. It gets really frustrating at times to say the least. 
Transfers are coming up this week. We will find out on sunday if we are staying or if we are going to go. I kinda want to get out of here, but I will do whatever is asked of me!

Yesterday was kinda the pinnacle of the week. 
When we went to church we started by getting chewed out by a member of the bishopric because we invited someone back to church that he had personally chewed out and told not to come back. It was pretty messed up, I was ticked about it, I didn't say anything but it was frustrating. Granted the LA is involved in another religion and has a few messed up ideas, but that isn't a reason that he can't at least come to church. He doesn't have to be involved but he can at least come. Then in Elder's Quorum the EQP stood up and laid down the law because a few weeks ago we had a lesson about Expections we had for the presidency and someone said that they expected them to come to church and attend the temple. This is the first time that the EQP has been to church since I have been here. It was not pretty at all. 

We just had a guy come in and tell us about how his son is serving in Guatemala and showed us pictures for about 20 minutes. He loved his son, seriously was like the highlight of my day already. He told us how much he loved the people for taking care of his son, he is going to take us out to lunch today. Such a fantastic man. It just keeps on builiding my testimony that people are going to watch out for us and take care of us when we need it the very most. 

I have been studying the book of mormon more and more. I am already a third of the way down with it again. There will never be a day I don't read the book of mormon in my life again. I love it so much! It has so many things that are important to my salavation and I have truely grown closer to God by reading that book then I have in any other way. I wish that everyone would read everyday. If I had only one wish then that would be it. My Witness of Christ is so sure. I stand as his disciple bearing witness to the world that He did live. There is so much joy in his life. I love reading about it, every time something seemed impossible for the world he was able to overcome it in power. He is my hope and he is my salvation. I read so much everyday, there has not been one moment of personal study I have wasted on my mission. I mean that literally! I wish that I had more of it. I love the work, I love the Lord and I love all of you!
Remember who you are and what He stands for!

Elder Funk

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