Monday, March 3, 2014

Blow Dart Gun Balloon Clean-Up

Well here we are once again, I'm not really falling to pieces, but I might be frozen into one. It's ridiculous. I think it was like 31 degrees when we got into the truck. Absolutely miserable. I hate it so much! I paid the price of the summer to not be cold and it is certainly not working out that great for me right now!

Well... I think that my absolute favorite thing this week was a baby shower. So we showed up to the church and the ward mission leader's entire family was cleaning up, well... Sorta, basically all the balloons had floated to the cieling in the gym, which happens at every single church event ever right? Well here in Seguin we don't let them just fall down, instead all the guys go out to the trucks and get their blow dart guns. Seriously. Baby shower balloon busting with blow dart guns. Gotta love it. Or something like that. The problem came getting the blow darts out of the cieling... Yep so out came the table then a ladder and the extendable duster, together. That was interesting.

Well... All good things come to an end right? Love doesn't last, whatever yadda yadda yadda. The saddest thing of all happened though this week. The last time that I threw up was February in the year of our Lord 2011. That was until this week. 3 Years and 12 days.... That is like a record or something. I pushed my limit though when I woke up feeling sick and decided to ignore it and had a good breakfast of Snickers and Nutella. OH and a banana to balance it out. It it was sad.. I crashed for a good couple of hours and then woke up and we went out to work again. It works I guess.

Megan is still doing good, She invited a few of her friends to come join us at bible study at TLU this week. So we had a nice little meeting. Megan can teach pretty much everything that we do. BUT she doesn't come to church. Gosh dang it. Frustrating.

Really this week was a bunch of less active visits. The nice thing is that you either get guns pulled or that you find the nicest people on the face of the earth! we had a ton of miles because of a short month so we went to the boonies. Sometimes we would drive for like forever and then nothing because the gosh darn gate. Whatever we got into a couple of sweet ranchs this week! loved it to death. I am totally on this Horse kick since I have been in Texas and want to buy a horse, now I know that takes some work and commitment and stuff but dang I can see myself riding one of those everyday. We went to visit one guy and he let us and talked our ear off for like 2 hours. He even fed us some Chicken Gizzards, which aren't bad, but he got offeneded 9 years ago and hasn't been back since. Ya know I think I get it, like it really is real life and real things happen, Idk if getting over being offended is as easy sometimes as we say it should be. It is really worth it though. It's neat to hear the testimonies of the people that had the reason to be offended but chose not to, and came back anyway. It is worth it, but it for sure is tough.

We got to go to 5 hours of church yesterday. I say get to because I want to work on gratitude, but 5 hours of church is alot for anyone. For real. I was pretty churched out by the end of the day. We went to like the first half our ours and then went over to the 3 hours of converse. I told the ward that we were going to replace the sisters and a few of them freaked out, although I think I saw some of them excited... (Maybe that was my heart imagining things, but.... probably not) and it was hilarious, then I explained to them I was joking and that we were their for Felecity's confirmation. Gotta love it. The Confirmation went well. Van Oene got to confirm her and it was a real special event for him I think.

Well I love being here! We are trying to find some people to teach! It is tough, It seems like we are always busy doing something, but the end of the day, sometimes it's like what did we get done to report? I love these people though.

Next week I get to play in sacrament meeting on the viola, AND give a talk. The Elder Funk show... We will see how it goes. Probably like a 25 minute talk... It'll be good.

Well, keep on keepin on. I finished the Book of Mormon this week and started it again for the 5th time. I have learned more in the first 50 pages this time then I have ever before! I am studying the change that takes place, every event that occurs I am looking at who is changing at what the source is. Pretty interesting. Well I love the Book of Mormon with my whole heart! It's true. IT really is.
Remember who you are and what He stands for!
Elder Funk
P.S. Played basketball this week and totally owned! Loved it. No dislocations though! Which is good.

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