Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Conference Week

Well Hey. 
So this week was the biggest blur of my mission. Our numbers that we turned in were terrible though and we hardly got anything done because it was one of those weeks... Ya know?

Monday was so sweet. We went over to Yorktown like I mentioned last week, it was all pretty cool, we got to go fishing but we had to buy our own fishing poles and stuff, which was sorta a bummer, but it worked out pretty good for us anyway. I caught a bass and so did the guy we were fishing with. His name is John Wayne. That name probably rings a bell, because he was on American Idol a couple of seasons ago. Look him up! John Wayne Schultz. He is a super cool dude. Lives down in the middle of the boonies, he is super chill, we just sat by the river and talked and stuff. He is so cool. I guess that is my bragging for the week. The one perk of being in the boonies. Honestly Yorktown is like an hour and half away. I kinda had the attitude that P day ended at 6 and that was when we were going to drive home. By the time that we actually got home it was like 8:30 and so we didn't really get nothing done. 

Tuesday and Wednesday were kinda a blur, we didn't really find anyone to teach we just knocked a lot of doors and taught a couple of people that don't go to church as much as they should. We call them less actives down here. Because they still tend not to come as much as they dog gone should. Love them to death though. They love us, mostly it's just that they despise someone in the ward, or they have "better things to do". It is what it is. 
Thursday was great. We had to go down to transfer meeting because we had to haul all of our District Leader's comps stuff down with us and another set of elders was getting doubled out so we had all of their stuff too. Anyway I was in front going like 80 down the freeway and they were a few cars back and all the sudden they were gone. Then we got a text from them. "Hello! Our Bike rack just flew off of our car and smashed into the car behind us! Lots of Love!" Yep. Totally destroyed, desecrated and demolished the 3 bikes that were on the bike rack. Along with the Dude's radiator and hood that hit it. Best part was we could do nothing about it and were still like an hour away from the meeting and when we showed up we found out it was the new car guys first day! Lovely day. He looked a little overwhelmed. So then after the meeting, Sister Staker got transferred, so we drove all of her stuff over to her new apartment and dropped it off, on the West side of San Anto then flew back and went to the East side in New Braunfels got the bikes back up off the freeway, and had to drive them back into Universal City to Howard at Action Bikes. He just looked them, and was told us this was the third time that Elder's have forgotten to put the safety pin in the past 2 years and this happens every time. Needless to say. We didn't do any work that day. We did drive like 200 miles, and have some good Hamburgers for dinner. Sometimes life gives you lemons, sometimes it destroys your bike. (one of the elders did get transferred to a full bike area by the way.)

Conference was pretty great! Loved it. Did it seem like President Monson was tired to anyone else? I think he really misses his wife. That would be really hard. He loved her more than anything else in the world. I want to be like him someday, probably after I'm resurrected or something. I really loved Elder Oaks talk, it was mind boggling to me. Not something that they teach everyday. I also really loved Elder Scott's talk. I don't remember much from it, but one day I'll be "The only true and living returned missionary" for some girl too. Elder Ballard set the bar pretty high though. 3 days after getting home is a tough one to reach! I did learn alot spiritually. Conference is one of the greatest times of the year. I just want to read them all and actually see what the speakers were trying to say. 

During Saturday we basically were body guards for the church The Ward Mission Leader wanted us to be there all day in case people showed up. One lady did and Brother Tanner too. Apparently the lady is crazy. Literally. She broke into the church and hide there until 2 am and made phone calls. The Stake President has banned her from bearing her testimony unless it is approved first. It's pretty sad, she has a sweet spirit, just not all there I think. So Brother Tanner had to leave and then it was us and her, you better believe l got the heck out of there, we ran over to Wendy's and got some wholesome food saturated in grease and went back, when we got there, Brother Winters had came and the Crazy sister was sitting outside. We went in the other way and Brother Winter's told us to hide out in the Family History center to eat. Apparently he had waited for her to go outside then locked the door behind her. It wasn't hot and it was a nice day so it was cruel or anything but yeah. We played army for awhile hiding underneath all the windows and openings of the door. Gotta love Seguin! 
I found out on Saturday that Alane's Husband stephen is getting baptized in a couple of weeks! Wow. It is really powerful and incredible to watch the things that you sow come to fruition when you just wait on the Lord. He is an amazing man and is going to get baptized 1 year from the day that Alane got baptized. A Family is going to be sealed in the temple in the upcoming year! The Magana's are all set to be baptized saturday, and I may get to see that one. I remember when President Pettit set me apart he said "You will witness families enter into the waters baptism." I will get to see that promise come to pass this month. Even when everything in the world probably said that it would never happen in Fredericksberg or Universal City. All from Hard work and knocking on a million doors. I would really knock a million more if one person was going to get baptized from it. 

Oh how I love the Savior! Some weeks just don't seem to bounce your way, it was the worst numerical week that I have had in a couple of years of doing the work, but it teaches some lessons that are powerful!
I loved what Elder Boyd K. Packer taught, there are some lessons that can't be taught, they have to be learned. That is the lessons that you learn on a mission. They can't be taught any way other then to be learned by experience. I am so grateful I chose to serve. I don't regret it at all. Talking with members, they talk about companions that don't want to get up or out of bed, because they got dear johned or they had something happen at home.. It's like so what? Yeah it hurts, yeah it is terrible, yeah, you wish it didn't happen. However, when you choose to lay and cry about it it never gets better. I learned that more and more about general conference. I am so grateful I have pushed through, I am grateful for all that push through! It makes you happy in the long run. I know and believe that endurance with faith is the joy that Adam fell for. Otherwise we would have all been stuck forever!

I pray that ya'll will have a great week! When life get's crazy or hard, when it seems to be going to fast, don't forget to put in the safety pin. It makes all the difference.
Remember who you are and what He stands for!

Elder Funk 

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