Monday, April 14, 2014

What a week, what a week, what a week!

Well I suppose that Bro Munoz got the pictures from the Baptism to yall. I "trunked out of my mind" for Universal City when I went back. Probably more then I ever have for home. Unbelievable how much I love the people in Universal City. The harder you work, the more you grow to love someone. The Bishop was at the baptism along with nearly half of the ward. He said it was the most people that he had ever seen get baptized into the ward. It was neat to actually watch a whole family get baptized. I love it. They are really some of the neatest people that I have ever been able to meet out here, we went over there soooo much to try and help them. They started at nothing, they hadn't even said a prayer before and then after the baptism we went to What-a-Burger, the youngest girl stood up and we all held hands and said a prayer. I was really humbled when the oldest girl and the next to youngest asked me to baptize them. I totally messed up on the oldest. She didn't tie her hair back and so I had to try and Dunk her extra then her knee popped up. Oh and her last name is Longoria. That'ts right, like Eva Longoria, that was one of my goals to come and baptize Eva Longoria and Tony Parker, but the is probably the closest I am going to get assuming that I am still in Seguin. 

I am so happy that I got to see Ry's mission call. Brother Felix is my favorite. Love him to death. I think that he is going to take us out again this week because it is Van Oenes year mark. Crazy how fast time really seems to get going after a while. I say it ever week. Congrats Ryan again. I know that Florida is going to be awesome! To Humid for me, but hey maybe they have stricter gun laws out there and you won't get guns pulled on you. 

We also had a lady this week named Cheryl that asked us to come and help her move through one of her member friends. She loved me, like so so so much. I should add that we did get roped into moving an entire house of furniture by ourselves. It took like 5 hours or something like that. It was good though. I think that one day they might really look into getting into the church. They told me that after my mission I am welcome to go stay with them in Baytown, Texas anytime that I want. I might take them up on that one day. The also gave us a rack of ribs after we finished moving, That was on Saturday night, who didn't fast on sunday? That would be me, just spaced  on it, and as a consequence of that I ate an entire rack of ribs, a giant can of beans and like a whole tub of potato salad in 24 hours. Texas. Gotta love it! 
We knocked on quite a few doors this week. We are really trying hard to find people to teach, it just gets old, honestly I just don't quite enjoy this area as much as I did my old ones. Which is weird because basically you just heard me complaining about the people, but I think I had to complain about them sometimes because I loved them so much. Opposition in all things right? One day I may get struck by lightening for taking scriptures outta context... 

Most normal days in Seguin, we get a call from our Granny. She is pretty great, I may have mentioned her before to yall. We go over there like every day pretty much to just say Hi or do a bit of service. She is 85 or something like that but runs around like she is 60. Not really to fast, but still has a hop skip and a jump. Plus the Ward Mission Leader's wife had to correct me because when I used to teach Earth Life I would say "After 60 or so years we all pass on." Apparently she is approaching 60 and that isn't old. Idk... that's like 3 of my life times. So I repented and changed. I say like 80 or 90 now. Back to Granny, she wants us to catch a couple of stray cats that she has and drive them way out into the country and let them go. Apparently she assumes that we have miles to do that. I think it might make a great story, so I'll keep ya updated on that situation. We go and mow her lawn like every other week or something. I like to think that it keeps me young.  

Well much to the pleasure of i'm sure everyone back home. I stopped the cold showers after a couple of weeks. It makes you more grateful for what you do have, when you see what you don't for sure! I liked it alot, try it out! 

I have been reading the Book of Mormon still every single day, and I just learn so, so much. I finally got to the Chapters where Alma is conversing with his sons and it makes me so glad to be able to have a dad that was faithful and can tell me the same things. We were street contacting yesterday and a man came out and was telling us about family and asked about our families back home. He told us how lucky we are to have the families that we do have. I completely agree. I hope that y'all know how much I love you and care for you. I am so proud of each one of you! The doctrine of eternal families is the one of the most comforting in all of the things that Christ taught. I cannot imagine what Joy Peter must have felt when he recieved the keys to bind on earth and in heaven. I am sure that he thought of his wife first off, and his mother in law. He loved them all so much. I do too. I love you all and am so proud of each of you in a different way. 
Remember who you are and what He stands for! 

Elder Funk 

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