Monday, November 17, 2014

23 Days

I can't believe it's only 3 weeks til I come home! Alright Trunky comment out of the way. Hmm... So lets see... 
This week was pretty good not to much going on.. We had a pretty good district p day on monday. I'll send yall some pictures and stuff. We went down to the capital and had a blast. That place is sooo cool. Just to kinda stick it to the country, Texas built their capital about 3 feet bigger than the one in DC so that they could have the tallest capital in the country. Sweet. I'll send some pictures. I think I ended up taking like 100 or something. 
So just sent em. 

Hmm... we have been working the espinoza's. They are super sweet. They have had 12 different missionarys teaching them. They wanted us to be the ones that baptize them on saturday. So my email if I had typed it about 2 hours ago I woulda been able to tell you all about how they came to church and they were amazing and everything was all set to work out for saturday. BUT. Elder Kohlhase and I just went and had a lesson with them about an hour ago and they are moving about 45 minutes away because of some stuff. It's pretty crazy. Idk. But we will figure it out. They are great. The mom asked me to baptize her and the son wants Elder Kohlhase the Daughter is going to have another missionary come to baptize her hopefully if we can get everything to work out how we want it too. 

Hmm... This week for District meeting we talked about Correction. Just the different types and how to do it. It's something that is so difficult. The time and the place, how to make sure not to offend, but be bold when you need to. I've definitely something I feel like I have learned alot about on the mission. How to both take and receive. It was a good meeting. I only have 2 more district meetings to give I think. It's getting realer and realer. 
Elder Kohlhase and I get along great. He is pretty funny. I think that we will probably be friends for sure after the mission too. I'm glad that he is my last companion. Super chill, and we work hard together. 
Oh! Another thing. It has been getting so cold here. Meaning like 32 degrees. It's so cold though. I'm pretty much banking on dying when I get home because I'll freeze to death. 

Hmm... Lets see. I got my trunky papers in the mail today. Yep  That's super sweet. I'll be home in time to catch some college football! Go Aggies! Yep. Not going to delete that but I just had the realization that there won't be any college football because it's getting to be bowl season. At least the Eagles game will be on on sunday. 
We had a super cool lesson in EQ on Sunday. This guy talked about his conversion story. It was really cool. He used to be a Zen Buddhist. I'll tell yall the story one day or something. #3weeks. I guess I'll just have to remember all the stuff to tell you.

That was super cool seeing Taylor getting home. Looks exactly the same as he did before. 

Well.. I guess that wraps up this letter. Have a great week yall! Love you!
Remember who you are and what He stands for!

Elder Funk

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