Tuesday, November 4, 2014

#5weeks left

What a week what a week.
So the beginning of the week was like a blur. I think I was in Round Rock with Elder Eubanks. We packed and cleaned for days. It was pretty good. So yeah.
We had to ride our bikes to go help with a move, it was like 6 miles away and then we had to ride it back... Yeah that was the last time that I'll have to ride a bike on my mission. Happy day, all is well.

Transfer day I went to Round Rock and got some donuts so that was sweet. I got the big one. I could only eat like half of it. I went for the record in the mission. Elder Hurst apparently did it in like 5 minutes or something. I wasn't good enough. Sad day.
My new comp is Elder Kohlhase, he has been out like 5 months or so. Super cool. We get along great. He graduated this year. So yeah, he is pretty sarcastic and we are already like best friends. Haha we get along super great. Doing work!
We actually have a ton investigators. The exact opposite of Round rock. We just haven't been able to meet all of them yet.

Yeah. So I don't own a GPS honestly there isn't really any point because I have.... 5 weeks. Neither Does Kohlhase.. So we both got to a city were we had no idea where were going so we took the giant map off the wall and went for it. By the Grace of God we got to all of our appointments. Honestly we cover most of Austin it feels like and there is no way that we shoulda found all of our lessons but we found them. It was neat.

Yesterday we got a Gps though so that was good. oh wait that's right.... It doesn't work.
We ended up driving 45 minutes in the wrong direction to get to an appt last night. Yeah. So mad. So after driving around for way to long, we finally ended up in the right place after about 10 phone calls. It was great. It was a family of 3 that has decided they want to join the church. They may move back down to San Antonio so that was kinda a bummer. But it's ok. :) It's all the same church. And the same work.

I got a drunk call last night... The dude told us that he was going to be a bounty hunter in Mexico. Because he has to catch the american's are all coming over the border. Oh but who told him this? That's right. That would be his dead Grandpa that he prays to every night. Oh. That's right. He was a pastor, so it makes it ok.
Long Pause.....
I asked him why he decided to do that...
Next thing... "Yeah... I'm laying here on my gross bed and all these fruit flies are flying around me and cockroaches are crawling all over me. They are my best friends."
Pause.... Me: "Hmm... that's good. at least in Mexico you will have lots of friends."
Him:"There is one going up the wall!!! He's crawling up the wall right now."
Me. "I'd invite you to kill him."
HIm "I can't..."
Me. "Oh man.... That's pretty scary man. Watch out."
Him "I can't wait to be a bounty hunter."
I was trying sooooo hard not to laugh. hahaha
He is our investigator who was smoking in church with his E cigerette... Nice.
We also have a couple other people that are pretty close to baptism. Honestly it would be great if I actually knew anybody here. We aren't really getting fed to be honest. Yeah. We haven't had any dinners yet which is weird. And this week we don't have any. but that is my only problem with the area. Other than that it is fantastic. Love it.
I am going to miss San Antonio in a couple weeks when I come home. But I guess it's time right? I love it. That's a rap for this week! have a good one! Love you!

Remember who you are and what He stands for!

Elder Funk

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