Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March 11 Home Haircuts

Hey Family!!
Hey yeah it has been an awesome week! I hope that i'm able to answer some of your questions. For Elder Kertamus' P Day we are trying to fit in as much stuff as possible! Dad I think you asked me about how many hours we tract a week. I would guess upwards of 40 to 50. It's alot.. I wish we were able to teach more lessons but we are definetly working hard! We actually got to teach 8 lessons this week. 7 with Members. Which is a mighty miracle in itself. It's so much fun to able to help these people here.

Yes the thunderstorm came. We were actually out of town teaching a family and had to drive home in the rain and through a muddy road. We actually have to cross a stream, like through the middle of it to get there which was an adventure. We did alright though. Mostly it just rained throughout the night. We can actually start to take our suitcoats of when it hits 70 degrees and I swear everyday has been about 69 or 68. Heavenly Father has the best sense of humor. We are strictly obedient though. So we have worn our suits for everyday except for the space of about 3 hours when it was 71.

I got another hair cut. I cut it myself... So i started off and cut off some of the the sides off and it was looking good and so i had to drain the head of all the hair. But when I took it off again I accidently set it two lower then it was before. Which was sorta a bummer but it looked alright. I fixed it up and then asked elder Kertamus to help me finish up the back. He said so you want it on the lowest setting? I thought he was kidding so sarcastically I said "Yeah I want it on the lowest setting!" and off it went. It was reallly, really short. Luckily it has grown back a little bit. Anyway that leads me into the next part pretty well. President Jones came up to interview one of the canidates that we have for baptism. The first thing that he said to me was.. Elder Funk! Looks like you got a hair cut! I was like Dang it!! He just laughed at me though. The interview took over an hour with Tonja. President Jones is going to send in a letter to the first Presidency so that they can maybe approve her to be baptized since she is on probation. Elder Kertamus also had his interview for the final time with President for another hour. When President got out of the interview he looked at me and said "Elder Funk have you gained some weight? Looks like they are feeding you well up here!" Man... Fat and Bald. I'm a missionary for sure! Man I love President Jones, he is so funny!!

The family that we are working with is so neat. They are going to get baptized on Easter like I think that I have mentioned before. We went on exchanges this week and I stayed up here. We taught them about the Plan and they just love it. They keep saying this is what I believed all along! I just didn't think anyone believed like I did! It's so neat. They just get it. <The mom> is 50 or so and has had alot of health problems and she actually missed church yesterday because of it. Which was really sad but hopefully she gets feeling better! Joni is 26 and is a single mom that lives with them. She is working at a pizza place and trys to do her best. They really are so rock solid. Joni the other day googled Mormonism. We were sorta crushed. She said she went on read some stuff and went No way! That's not true! We were appalled! It was really so neat!

Exchanges went really well with this kid named Elder Rogers. He is from Colorado and is really just so full of energy and happiness. It was fun to be around him but I think that if I was around him for too long I might lose it! Just a great kid though. Fantastic Missionary.

Really a hard week. There is so times where it just is hard to kinda find the drive to push on. Door after door seems like it gets slammed in our face. Right before we came here to Email we were at HEB (like walmart) and a random stranger came up to us and said "What you Mormon boys doin?" I talked to him and told him about how we shop and stuff and he turned and said "Yeah I know my friend is Mormon too, he said y'all don't get alot of money, so here take this and buy y'all something to eat." and so he gave us 20 bucks. God definetly has some tender mercies on us. It really did just make my day that someone would take the time to give us that.

Well I don't have much else. It was fun and yes! I am so excited to be able to get those packages from y'all and my Patriarchal Blessing too! Thanks so much! Next week on Sunday night I'll get the transfer call. My guess is that I will stay here for at least one more transfer but I'll keep y'all posted on that! Oh and also Church Policy changed and now friends can email me or whoever. However... I really do enjoy getting the mail. It's so much more personal. I'll try and write back whenever I can. The only day we get to write though is P day. Elder Kertamus says that I might kill my next companion. I have made it a goal to be 100% obedient. It's real hard sometimes. But one day I'll get there.

Well the church is true and is led by a Prophet of God. How grateful I am for it. It is here forever. It is His way.

Elder Paul Robert Funk
Remember who you are and what He stands for!

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