Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fish Fry--March 4

The lighthouse man gave his testimony yesterday. It was really cool he told us that the nearest body of water was the stockyard's watering trough but that he didn't care that his inspiration was in Matthew. "Let your light so shine..." It was really neat. He kinda told Elder Kertamus and I that we were training to become men during his testimony. All the people here in the branch totally love us. It's so much fun. He is totally the guy that would build a lighthouse though. He just looks like a sailor. He really is a pretty spiritual giant just likes to hold it in and is afraid a little to share what he knows.

We taught a scripture study class on Wednesday on 1 Nephi 8 and the tree of life. It went pretty well. Other then the fact that at the end, we had one Brother that can't hear or see get up and kinda rip us a new one for not writing big enough on the board and stuff. It was pretty rude and destroyed the spirit. It was a bit of rough day for us. We had another one of those weeks were alot of what we did just kinda fell apart. It was interesting. We went knocking doors on Saturday and we went an hour and a half not talking to anyone but one lady that just slammed the door in our face. It was a rough hour and half. It is all worth it though.

Yesterday we didn't have any of our investigators show up to church which basically is like worse then anything. lt is really a downer. It's like you prepare the team all week and then when it's game time they just decide that they don't want to play, even though we had so great a time during the week. It's so tough! So afterwords we went to go and see  the family that we are going baptize later this month. We taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ through 2 Nephi 31. They just absolutely love it all. We had to push the baptism date back to Easter Sunday because they weren't able to come to church yesterday which made <the mom> really sad because Elder Kertamus won't be here anymore. It's so crazy to think that in a little more then three weeks I am going to be with a different companion! But the baptism will be done on that day and we might even see if we can do a baby blessing for her child on that day.

The branch is starting to get behind us completely. It has been a real long time since people have been baptized here and I think that they have gotten their hopes up to many times before to really have a ton of faith in us, but that really is changing. It's so nice to see. I can't think of to many more things that happened this week.

One other thing I guess is that I went to my first ever Catholic Fish Fry! It was crazy! Elder Kertamus and I were a little skeptical walking into a catholic church for a celebration of lent but it was so good! It was funny to see all the different looks that people gave us. We even had one kid about 10 or so that got dared by his friends to come up and talk to us. It was so funny to see. We actually recognized alot of the people that were there through knocking doors. Most of the people were at least a little friendly towards us. But yeah fish down here is GOOD. They have this tartar sauce that is like out of this world! I think I will probably be a bigger missionary then when I left home.. So be prepared!

Overall it was a great week to be a missionary. The church is so true! I don't how many ways that it can really be said but I hope that people will come to the realization that this IS Christ's Church. This is the gospel. This is the way. This Is the truth. It really is all that matters when it boils down to it. So I pray that this may help someone that reads this but just remember when life gets to hard to handle He is there. He will help you, He will always help you. That is my testimony, this is my life. I love it so, so very much. I am proud to be a servant of him.

Remember who you are and what He stands for!!
Love y'all and have a great week!
Elder Paul Robert Funk

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