Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Meatballs and Softball

(This is a portion of what I wrote to Elder Funk.  I included it to help his letter make a little more sense )
'I know you mentioned missing my cooking well I really miss cooking for you!  I keep making things and I have just enough left over.  I've started calling it the "Paul portion". '

The Paul Portion. What a novel idea. I do eat an insane amount of food. Today we actually went to eat at 2 restaurants for lunch and another member is going to take us to get cheescake. The members really do love us and want us to stay here forever! By the way I am staying in Fredericksberg for at least another Transfer. I get the opportunity to be Senior Companion and I am training a new missionary! Pretty crazy! Going to be interesting and a humbling experience for sure. I will get the new missionary on Thursday morning so I don't know anything about him yet.

I hope that everything else has been semi under control. Life just gets so busy sometimes. Here it feels like sometimes we just get the day rolling and it's over already! It's insane. We work really hard, the weather has been hot also which doesn't really add to the whole enjoyable work thing! It's been like 80 degrees and humid. A very big contrast to that of Utah. It's fun though!

I got to serve meatballs at "Hell Week" this last week. Hell week is a week were bicyclists come from all over the country to ride their bike around for a while. I really have no idea why. Just what they do. I did get the chance to meet quite a few of them and so that was really fun. Most of them were incredible rude though! They just didn't get enough meatballs. I guess their is probably an analogy tucked somewhere in there... Elder Kertamus laughs at me sometimes because I enjoy pulling analogies out of everything and anything.

A and J are doing so well. They love the church and they came yesterday!! They cryed alot the spirit was so strong. They really want to get baptized and I don't see a whole lot stopping them from doing just that!! Really such a blessing that we are able to see such a great couple of people come unto Christ. J had a little problem with smoking but I believe that she will get over it. We really just love them so very much and are so fortunate to be apart of this marvelous event.

We had a St. Patrick's day party at the church on saturday. It was so fun! We got to play softball and to eat baked potatoes. Elder Kertamus and I were the captains. Somehow I ended up with all the young women on my team and he had alot of the young men. We got destroyed but it was so fun. My competitive side has really gone down over the last couple of years and now I just enjoy getting to play for the love of sports. Even though we lost I had fun and hopefully all of the kids on our team did too!

We also got the chance to play in sacrament meeting yesterday. The branch was blown away. It truely left not a dry eye in the house. Not because we were fantastic, but rather we had done our very best for them. They were so grateful, they don't have a ton of people that can play music so this was something that was so special to them. I really love to be able to help people out with my talents. It really is such a blessing that we have been given so much as missionarys that we can give back. I hope that whether I am one that has been given the 10 talents or the 5, or the 1, whatever it may be I will work hard enough to be able to give back more than I have been given. What a blessing music is.

Today is Elder Kertamus' last day and what a blessing it was to be with him. We worked hard. We played a little bit. We were diligent and always strove to do our best. I know that we were truely blessed because of obedience to the laws of the gospel and the covenants that we hold so dear that we made to the Lord. What a blessing it is to be apart of this gospel. I know it's true. He is the Christ. This is His Church, His way, Forever.

Elder Paul Robert Funk

Remember who you are and what He stands for.

I love y'all so very much. Thank you for the letters of support. I pray that you will be blessed for the efforts that you put in, in my behalf. I am grateful to be on the path to become a Disciple of Jesus Christ.

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