Monday, April 1, 2013

Carabie and Shark Skin Boots

Well it was a hard week but an amazing one in some senses of it. I never have had such a hard day as Monday was. We basically just layed around all of P day and did nothing because I didn't to move. I have always know the Plan to be true but never had to believe it. I know that Jake was out there helping us tract this week. I could truely feel his prescence. It seemed like everywhere that we went we spoke to someone about the plan. What a coincidence. Oh wait. There is no such thing. What an amazing plan that we have been given to share with the world.

The lighthouse song (Brightly Beams Our Father's Mercy) is so amazing. He truly does give the keeping from the lights among the shore. We are the lights that have to guide these ships to the enterance into the keeping of our God. If a ship simply tried to shoot straight for the lighthouse there is often times rocks or other objects that can come into the way. Destroying the ship. We are the lights along the shore. We have been called of God, all of us, to show others the way. To help avoid the rocks and the perils of life! How great is our calling. We are called truly to further the work of God by helping others avoid and make easier the path that is set before them. What an amazing thing that it is. A lighthouse and we are allowed to be the "Light of the World."

We knocked a ton of doors this week. I am beginning to knock all of Fredericksberg for the 2nd time! Which is kinda frustrating but really necessary. There will be some hearts that are softened with every pass that we go through. We are having a hard time finding people to teach so that has been a little frustrating and we havent gotten any referrals for the last 7 weeks but I guess that means that we just need to work harder.

I forgot to mention alot in my last letter so I will try and kinda do double duty for this week!

We knocked into a guy that I have talked to before. He gave me some Carabie which is some wierd vegetable that tastes like buttered popcorn or something. It was sorta weird but it was real nice of him. We also got to teach him about the restoration of the church. The spirit was so incredible strong. Elder Low didn't talk much but P really enjoyed what was being said. At the end He could not deny it. He doesn't want to join the church but all he could say was.. Well it's possible. He was stunned at the power that the spirit brings. I love to see the light that comes into people's eyes as they truely come to understand the power of the message that we carry. It's just hard when people will not let us in to share this light with them.

I had a member give me some cowboy boots because I didn't have any. It was so nice! They are actually Shark Skin! They are a little worn but they work just as well for me! It was so so nice of them. I have gotten to wear them out to work once and that was really nice! It's a little interesting to walk around in them but we are going fishing in Kerrville today so I will use the day to get used to walking aroun in them!

Elder Low my new companion is from Murray. He is actually turning 20 in September and likes to remind me of the fact that he is older then me. I just laugh, he's a goofy fellow but he's loveable. We are working on his confidence alot being that he has never done this before. I truely have been blessed to have the ability to speak my mind boldly and clearly.. Most of the time...

I miss Elder Kertamus he was such a solid missionary. Although somedays we didn't always get along when it came to the gospel we were so compatable and we could bounce just about any idea back and forth. I took that a little for granted I think. He is home safe and sound though. He hasn't emailed me or anything but I saw a picture of him at home in the airport on J's phone.

As for the family <we are working with> they are doing well. After hearing about Jake we were going to have a lesson with them that night but A called and said that she was to tired and that we would have to reschedule.. That made the day a little worse but it was ok. She told us on Wednesday that she was going to have some tests done because she believes that her cancer is back. I couldn't believe it. It was one of those weeks where God was testing my faith for sure. They still really want to get baptized. They love to listen to Mormon radio or something and adore the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. We had to reset the baptisimal date for the 21st of April. We are going to get it done though! It's really exciting and maybe S might also decide to take in the blessings of baptism!

For Easter yesterday night we went to Bubbe's house. She always makes us the best food and if you don't eat it, you don't love her. So we always go away completely stuffed to the brim. She is fantastic. She invited her daughter  and she invited one of her friends from church named L. Now something about Fredericksberg.. I am basically becoming a regular here in town and know quite a few of the people here. I had met L before a couple of times. The first time we saw him on a bench and talked to him about God and he was really not nice to us at all. Not at all. So we left it and kept on our way. Later we were driving and Elder Kertamus and I stopped and went to go and talk to this guy sitting on his porch. It was L again. Again when we talked we started to argue about religion and do kinda the "Bible Bashing" that we try at all costs to avoid. He does not like the idea that God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost are not one. So we left but I remember that I did everything that I could to try and leave a good taste in his mouth of the missionaries just in case. So anyway.. We went to dinner and there he was! Talk about a bit awkward at the beginning and when we would make eye contact we would always never know what to say. Finally I told him that I had talked to him before and he said.. I know and I was not nice to y'all. I'm sorry. I get fired up about religion. A couple of times over dinner we talked about religion and we got to bear testimony and witness of the truth. It was pleasent. We then went and shared an easter message. I don't know if you know the story of the "Push up's for doughnuts" but I would look it up if you haven't. It's a story of a seminary teacher that makes a student to pushups so that all the classmates can have a doughnut. Amazing analogy for the Savior's Atonement. I told that story and then Elder Low bore his testimony. I believe that I saw all of our hearts soften as we all bore witness of Jesus Christ and His magnificent Resurrection. What a magnificent time of year that it is. This Easter Season.
Well the Church is true. That's the testimony that is in me. That this is the work of God. How grateful I am to be apart of it and how grateful I am to be a child of God.

Love y'all
Remember Who you are and what He stands for!
Elder Paul Robert Funk

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