Monday, April 29, 2013

Staying in Freddy's berg!

What a week it has been! It is finally starting to get consistently above 70 degress which is nice because that means that I am finally starting to be able to take off my suit coat that I have been having to wear for the last 4 months! It is really, really nice. Just a quick note on transfers, we are both staying Elder Low and I and it will be at least another 6 weeks here! I told one of the members I might be leaving and she started to cry yesterday, I have really come to love every single one of the members here so very, very much.. I don't really want to leave them. I wish that I could just pack them up and take them with me.

Last Monday we were out knocking some doors around the Fry's house and they live next to a member's house named the D's. So we stopped by and talked to them, they fed us dinner unexpectedly and just absolutely love us.. I Love Brother D. So we started talking and we stayed for 2 hours... I had to repent, but I learned so much from him. He told me all about life and just was so full of so much wisdom! He told me "Every Follower has a hero." That has stuck with me all week long! Who is my hero? Am I allowing myself to follow after Christ? What a neat night that it was. I will always remember it!

Tuesday it was another long day! We went and taught a lesson to an Investigator and he loves visiting with us. He told us he would come to church with us if it rained when we were on the phone with him and in the call you could hear the clap of thunder as he said it and then he was like... Well I guess I will be at church on Sunday! Yeah.. He didn't come, but it was real neat to see it happen! Also when we went to dinner with the B family, I really have been so blessed to have won over the branch's trust, It was so hard and I know that it comes through hard work and obedience, which are so essential to overcoming anything!

Wednesday we got to go to Kerrville for our DM. I love Elder Killpack and Steggell to death, they really have taught me so much and I love hearing them speak. It was a really neat DM and I learned alot. After we went to Harper to shovel some more feed for the B family. MAN. was that gross. We shoveled feed for two hours. It wasn't the good feed, it had been sitting in the rain for about 6 months and was just vile... We did that and then got into the truck and had to drive 30 minutes home. The smell stuck with the car for days.... Like until Saturday night. It was the singleworst smell I have ever smelled in my entire life.

As for the rest of the week Scripture Study went really well. The members love it to death. They love when I get to teach. For some reason they thing I am like a genius, they keep asking what my parents do, and I tell them my dad is a computer genius, which I didn't get any of.. and my mom is the best mom in the world! They always laugh.

We knocked alot of doors, and planted a lot of seeds. It's fun somedays but other days it seems like alot of it goes unnoticed but I do know that one day it will all come back around to bless the people here.

We went to another girl's house to have her Farewell party with the branch. It was so neat. One of her Co-workers came and we ended up talking for about an hour. He wasn't LDS but I don't really care that much.. I love making friends with all different religions and it makes me so happy to see how much they love and cherish what they do. It is so important to them just as it is to me. I asked him where he lived and he told me and I said "Dang! we just knocked that door last night!!" He said.. "Yeah I know.. My wife wasn't real nice to y'all.. Sorry about that." We kept talking and became fantastic friends. A door that was once so very closed is now open to missionaries. A seed has been planted! That's sometimes the hardest work to do but the most rewarding!!

Yesterday before Church I felt inspired to grab my study journal. I have 50 pages of notes in there from a half transfer of studing the parables. It has completely changed the way that I look at the bible. I have been studying Matthew 13 for what seems has been 3 weeks and am still not done with it!! It is so deep, but regardless I brought it and lone behold I got called on to go up and give a talk in sacrament meeting during the announcements. I pulled open my notes and gave a talk on the parable of the fisher and his net. I talked about the preparation before the net. Where do we feed? If we are bottom feeding on the things of the world we won't be able to be caught up in the net at the last day! It was really a great opportunity to share. I love talking in front of people. The next guy got up and said.. Elder You should write a book! The whole congregation laughed. All because I listened to the Spirit that said, Take the book! It built further trust and I know the area will boom in the next transfer! Well Freddy's berg! Here comes another 6 weeks!

Love yall!
Remember who you are and what He stands for!!
Elder Paul Robert Funk

Oh another part of my week. I almost forgot. We had a dinner with Bubbe and my friend L, who is the Bible basher. Once again he came with all guns firing. His use of his lifetime of Bible Study along with the help of Google, makes for an interesting conversation. This time he brought up the scripture in Moroni 8 and we talked about how Children Sin, I of course knew the truth. For they cannot! I testified and poured my heart out to him of the truthfulness that God would cease to be God if a little child was subject to Hell because they cannot repent for a sin they did not commit. It is not in the plan nor could it be. The real changing point in the lesson came when I said to him. "L my friend, you are different than any other man I have ever met. You don't come seeking to prove us wrong. You come with Love, you are concerned about us and want us to be saved from something. L, I know that you love me." His countenance changed.. He completely melted down and told me of his son who is going through a rough time and is living with a girl that is 16 and he is 18 and as his dad he has no idea what to do. He asked me to pray for his son. I did so. The spirit of love was stronger then anything I had felt with him in along time. For the first time we both realized what was really binding us together was not from the source of finding the truth but that we both had a sincere Love and Care for each other. I will always love my Friend L.

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