Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Baptism and BBQ

Hey Family!
Well the baptism went through!!!!!! She is the newest member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! I was able to baptize her on Saturday the 20th of April and she was confirmed the next day in Church the 21st. It was so neat! It was really neat to be apart of. We even had another investigator show up to the baptism which was really neat. His name is P and he has been looking for something other than what he is getting.

Well the week leading up to the baptism was stressful to say the least. A had to have a test on Wednesday with a Lumbar Puncture which was nerve racking and the tests have not come back yet. So we aren't sure exactly what the whole deal is with her cancer yet. Whatever happens though it will be alright I just know it.

On Saturday we were able to get up and do some service for Brother D before the Baptism. We went and helped him BBQ for a big benefit run to help a girl that was diagnosed with a rare form of blood diesease. Her name is M and so we went and helped pull pork and make sausage and things. Oh man was it good. It was the best meat that I have ever had in my entire life. The first thing that I do when I buy my own house is that I am going to build a big "Pit" in my backyard to BBQ for all the neighbors. It was really a neat experience to get to share with all the community that came out to support them.

After a couple hours of doing that we ran over to the church to get ready for the Baptism and what a beautiful service it was. A looked so clean in her white jumpsuit. It was a really simple service and just inspired. When we walked down into the font, I grabbed her arms and she looked up at me (as she is only about 5 feet tall) and said.. "Well where do I look?" and I said to her, "Anywhere that you would like!" She paused for a second... then said, "Can I look at you?" It was so humbling to get to be apart of that moment, the most important moment in her entire life. She was baptized and fellowshipped so well. They are going to be great members of the Church. Her Husband came up to me after the baptism and pulled me aside and asked... "So How do I start paying this tithing thing.. I want to support A in whatever she has decided to do." It was such a testimony builder! He is really a fantastic guy and one day I know that he will accept the gospel.

The rest of the week had it's ups and downs for sure. Elder Low and I get along pretty well.. He doesn't hardly talk on the Door steps or when we are in lessons so it puts alot of pressure on me to always have something to say. Which drains me of energy because by the end of the day I have talked to every single person that he have seen and the spirit takes such a physical toll on you. It's so hard, but rewarding nonetheless. Elder Low used to have this habit of putting his hands in his pockets whenever we were knocking on a door and I told him that probably wasn't the best thing to do so I decided to apply some of my Psychology on him... Everytime that he had his hands in his pockets I would tell him to take them out and accompany that with two snaps. This has gone on for about 3 weeks and I had gotten it to the point that I didn't have to ask anymore, I just snapped and he would do it! It was great! Til I laughed one time and told him that I trained him like a dog... That probably wasn't my best choice in judgement but, hey! You have to do something on doors to keep yourself entertained sometimes!

We also went on Exchanges with Elder Killpack this week. He is fantastic. Him and I came here and Elder Low went with Elder Steggell to Kerrville for the day. Elder Killpack and I spent most of the day up in Harper about a half hour away from here and when we got there we went to talk to a member that owns a feed store, The ones with all of the sports things.. Anyway when we showed up she told us that she had, had 12,000 pounds of feed break out of a holding tank and spill all over the floor and so for a couple of hours Elder Killpack and I shoveled about 6000 pounds of that to try and save it. It was fun! Then we went to go and contact a Former Investigator, the gate was locked and we couldn't see the house so Elder Killpack jumped the fence and I followed him and we wandered around this field for a good 20 minutes before we jumped back in the truck and went back to town. It was a great day!

We are also teaching this new investigator named P. We ran into him after we were driving home from DM one day and I decided to just stop and knock for a few minutes and he told us to come back. We brought Brother Garcia with us and P had some questions about suicide and also cremation. The way that we were able to answer them rung true to him and the spirit testified that they were. He was able to come to the baptism and watch A. He is also reading the Book of Mormon and finding it to be true! He is progressing really fast!

Well Transfers are this week and honestly I feel like I am ready to leave.. If I don't I will be ok with that, because I know that I am not out here to get what I want, but I feel like the I fulfilled what the Lord would have me do here. I could be wrong but we will find out next Sunday!

One last story about the week. Yesterday on Sunday night we were out working when I decided to stop by a Jehovah's Witness that we had met a couple of weeks ago and see if we could share a message with them. His name is J and his wife's name is E. When we stopped by they let us in and J and I hit it off really quick. He worked construction and we were able to go in and disect the Bible together and we were able to Respect each others religion while Finding the Truth. We seemed to agree on nearly everything and I just fell in Love with the guy! I could really see us becoming friends even after I leave. Elder Low really didn't say anything in the lesson and so mostly it was me and him talking for an hour and a half. What was interesting is that this week I felt like for some reason I needed to study Job, and so for 3 days or so that is what I dedicated my studies too. When we started talking that is who he brought up! It was neat to know that as I diligently tried to "Obtain the Word." Very literally in the same week I was able to "Declare the Word." I truely do Testify that this is the inspired work of a loving Father in Heaven. This is the truth. The completion of Salvation is once again on the earth. We are truely blessed to teach the Doctrine of Jesus Christ to all that will recieve us. I truely do know and believe that Thomas S. Monson is the living Prophet of God. That Authority has been restored and that Jesus is the Christ. The Son of God. I leave this testimony with you, In the name of My King, My Savior, Jesus Christ Amen.

Elder Paul Robert Funk
Remember who You are, and what He stands for!

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