Tuesday, June 18, 2013

San Antonio!

June 17, 2013

So this week was fun to say the least! I left FBG. That was pretty sad but I guess that I will have the chance to visit again someday. I got transferred to San Antonio on a bike. Yep all bike. It is SO different. All the weight that I may have put on I think that I will lose really fast. We had to walk my first day so we walked 7 miles and then the next day we bike 26 more. Then Sunday we biked 10 and walked 5. That makes for a long day or so but it's nice because at least you are always in a Sauna.. haha. As soon as you step out of the apartment it is like a wall of heat and humidity hit you in the face. It is crazy. But I love my new companion. His name is Elder Hughes. We are getting along so great. He has been out a whole 3 months so I am still Senior which means I have to still be responsible! But I love it. We are going to work really really well together I can just feel it.

My new Address is

12900 E. Loop 1604 N. #513
Universal City, Tx.

So you can send any letters/cash donations to me via my mailbox. Nah just kiddin' :) So it has been really neat probably one of the greatest blessings has been having a washer and a dryer. It is such a nice thing to have that everyone takes for granted.

When I left Fredericksburg they put another Elder in there that had been there before and they have like 3 people set up to get baptized real soon so I felt really great about how I left the area.

I miss Fredericksburg just because I had everything so down and it wasn't hard to figure out what to do so now I kinda feel like I am starting over from square one again. So whatever I guess. We are right next to an air force base and so we have alot of people that work over there and everything so people move in and out alot so we may be doing some service. Which is cool with me.

Elder Hughes is from Spanish Fork and is a few monthes younger than I am. He is pretty bright he likes alot of the same stuff that I do minus he doesn't know a ton about sports but that is ok. He just got out of the training program so now it feels like we are both real missionaries! It's awesome. We don't live with any other missionaries but the Zone leaders live in the same apartment complex as us so in the mornings we go over there and work out. Although when you are biking 25 miles a day... It's hard to motivate yourself to work out in the mornings. It's all good though.

We also have some Funk's in our ward! That was pretty nuts. They have a kid just younger than ryan and dang it is crazy he acts just like him. He is a really good kid and they are related to some Sterling Utah Funks so maybe we have some connections somewhere down the line? They are really awesome and it is bizarre to be a ward with alot of people, you don't really have to constantly worry about whether we are going to give a talk at the last second or not. The bishop didn't really talk to me or introduce himself to me and I couldn't find him so I don't know how that is going to go. However the Ward Mission Leader is awesome! It was Brother Funk until last week when he go released but his name is Brother Davis. He is a younger guy and is just willing to help us out with anything. I really, really love all the support that we get from him.

I am still adjusting but it is really fun to get to know so many new people. We don't really have anybody that is ready to get baptized right now but I know that we will find some here in the near future. It is getting to be such a joy to do all the missionary work. I love it so very much.

In my new area we went to dinner last night we had dinner with some members and they loaded us up with food. They gave us a 12 pack of family sized spaghetti sauce a 24 pack of pork and beans and then like 40 frozen pizzas. So we won't starve to death. However we may die in some other way. They were really neat though there names are the Mooers. He told us about his mission he served int he Military and has alot of ptsd stuff goin on so he is alittle on edge all the time.  I was safe though. Love y'all

The church really is true.

Remember who you are and what He stands for.

Elder Paul Robert Funk

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