Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Getting Spoiled

June 3, 2013

So tons of crazy stuff happened this week. So Monday was great we went up to the ranch that one of the members owns and spent all of PDay up there. It was so much fun! They just spoiled us with whatever they could possible buy. It was crazy. They bought us like 4 packs of oreos, a t shirt, lunch and dinner. Just whatever. I Love the Dursts! So that was the best Pday that I had ever had.

So then Tuesday came around and it was another work day. We went back over to that members house, I don't remember if I told you but it was the same one that I did some framing for and we also did sheetrocking, so we went back and painted the whole thing. I have been here from the start to the finish! It has been great. We really get along. Even though sometimes we have a disagreement on how things are to get done... I am always right... ;) So yeah then we went out and taught some lessons and everything which was pretty great! We knocked some doors and went out to the Behrends to eat dinner. So we got back to our apartment at 9:30 and I got a call from President Jones. He told me that Wednesday Morning he needed me to go and pick up another missionary from Kerrville because he was getting Emergency Transferring out our District Leader... Not in a good way either.. So now I am with Elder Scott and Elder Low. Covering two of the biggest areas in the mission. Elder Scott has been out 4 weeks and Elder Low 10.. Plus all the drama.. It's been a crazy week. Man I hate drama.

So we spent all week driving back and forth from the areas. They are like 30 miles apart so that makes it sorta difficult. I basically had to learn the area because the Elder that left didn't really teach Elder Scott about the people. It's just nuts.

We taught a crazy lesson this week. We knocked into a pastor again and he sat us down and preached to us about demons and stuff and wouldn't let us talk. So I kinda would cut him off and teach what I could. The other Elders didn't really say anything... So then he finally just told me "K now it's your turn you Mormon boy. Teach me about you have to say." It was neat, I taught him about the Book of Mormon and it was so neat to be able to see him change.

Scripture study class was good again, except Brother Garcia started arguing with me about what the Atonement was. That was detremental. But whatever happens I suppose. All the other people in their just laughed, Brother Garcia and I get along great just think a little bit differently I guess.

The week really was just a blur. I had a few moments were I was so fed up with disobedience of the Elder's that have been in Kerrville. I guess that's what Elder Scott has said.. Its harder to try and teach someone that has been taught the wrong way in alot of things. It's just different. I mean I'm not perfect, but I do stuff the Lord's way. So I know I'm not wrong.

Oh when we went to church in Kerrville I started talking to alot of the members in there and one of them was Brian Carlsen's Cousin! It was funny! Maybe like 2nd cousin or something but it was crazy. His name is Travis. We talked about the Richmond Ski Resort for a while. The Ward Mission Leader also knew a bunch of people there. He said he knew Dr. Duke. And I was like NO WAY! but I think it may have been a different Dr. It was sad... But maybe ask Dr. Duke. His last name is Gillmer.

I am so grateful to be apart of the work. Transfers are coming this weekend and so I will know next PDay. I don't really want to guess again. I think that I could stay or leave. It will be nice if I go, but I would be grateful to stay too!

Well God Bless! I don't have much else to say. Hope everyone is doing well!
Remember Who you are and what He stands for!
Elder Paul Robert Funk

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