Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Hey Family!
Well it has been quite a week. I almost feel like nothing really happened. I just don't even know anymore. I went to the grocery store this morning and basically it just ticked me off. Nothing is worse then standing in line behind people buying hundreds of dollars of groceries so that I can buy frozen pizzas and pop tarts. Yep.

Nothing is really happening. We did get to have a great child of record baptism this week. It was great because we got 14 non members there. A new record. Yep it was awesome. We got to go have dinner there after and it was just really uplifting.
So anyway! Monday we didn't really do anything crazy. I think that we went and played basketball. Oh yeah! We went fishing. I caught a fish, then it swam under a rock and broke the line. It made me soo mad. Haha. Then we were with the sisters and Sister Staker decided to scream once one of the fishies bit her line. Yep. and Thus ended the 38th P-day of the mission of Paul.

We had a giant training meeting with President, he basically did away with everything that I seemed to know how to do. Haha. He told us more effective ways to find, I mean I had been doing it before but it was weird. So we are now more focusing on getting referrals and working that way. So we will have to see how everything adjusts now. Just alot of change. We went to dinner that night and there was a family that grew up in Logan so we talked alot about home and everything. It was funny because we could talk about events and we both knew exactly where we were talking. I even mentioned our man-cave. Yep. He even knew where that was. Saweet.

Wednesday we started to work with this RM that served in the Philippines It was great! He worked with us solidly for like 2 weeks. Great stuff. He just got married and lived in Oregon so he was basically sick of spending all the time in the world with his wife, so he decided it was better to work with us. Great. Even better, sometimes we get in the car and he makes us listen to apostate music. I am totally going to do that to the missionaries when I get home. Besides the point. We went to this guys house and knocked on the door, he let us right in and we taught him the Restoration. He accepted it all, we set him with a date and left. He wants the gospel but when we went back he was working so we will have to see what is going on there..

We also taught that family that we found last week. They had a date but they fell through again. Yep.

Nothing else really happened this week. Haha just plugging along trying to get something to work.

I don't really know what else is going on. Umm... Haha it really was a pretty enjoyable week. Just nothing happened. I am like livid right now. So sorry that this email sucks. Just one of those mornings haha.

I have discovered that the work goes better when you just plug along and keep trying. Just gotta keep plugging along and one day something goes better. haha. Elder Dayton we were walking along the lawns and there was this one flower in the lawn that had been mowed around and trimmed to make real nice. So I don't know what he was thinking but he walked up and picked it. Destroying all this people's work. It was hilarious because he didn't even realize what he was doing. So funny. Then Karma got him and another dog came booking it out of a house down the street and chased him. Again. He's gotta learn. Maybe one day.

Oh! we got Transfer info. We are both staying another go around. So that will be fun. I am excited. Another 6 weeks here in UC!

Well have a great week. Sorry it's a bad email.. I will be more spiritual in the future. BUT. I found out we can wear cowboy boots if they match our slacks... Gray and black look great together to me! So that was  a bright spot. haha. Well God Bless Y'all.

Remember who you are and what He stands for!

Elder Funk.

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