Monday, October 21, 2013

A Week in the Life of a Funk

What a week in the life of a Funk. Actually nothing to big happened but I will try and over dramitize it so that you can get a laugh or something like that.

So basically the sister driver that we drive with everywhere depises me. (This is also the sister that was driving when he head was slammed in the car door a couple of weeks ago) So we drove down town last week and went to the Mexican Flee Market again. Man that is a cheap man's paradise. Just full of crap that you really don't need ever, but everything is super cool. She kinda just got mad at me, but ya know I really believe that Heavenly Father opened my eyes and I just can bear it now and realize it's probably something else and she is taking out on me. Yep I guess I'm sorry mom. I now understand what you felt with me.

That's basically what a mission is, just realizing how much you miss your mom and regretting every single bad thing that you ever did to her. That is what we talked about when I was over at member's house for dinner. He met his wife on his mission and basically is like my favorite person ever. Well besides the other 100 people that I say that about. We hung out with Nathan and taught him a couple of lessons that day too. He is just eating it all up! He wanted to call you mom and so I was sitting in the back seat when called and boy, he made me bawl! Like a sister after a baptism. Bad. That's basically what I did this week. Cry a whole lot.

Wednesday was good! We had breakfast with Bro Tiemann again, man is that guy awesome. Love him to death. He is on a cruise now so I won't see him for a bit. Just has the biggest heart out of everyone that I have ever met.

I left my old planner at home so I am trying to figure out what I did this week. Whoops. Oh Nathan is moving!!! Found that out last night. But he wants me to teach him so he is going to drive 45 minutes every week to come to church and then to have us teach him. I love that kid to death. He announced during Gospel Principles that I had to give him his next lesson about Chastity with Sock puppets. Honest to goodness he said that. I have no idea how to make that an appropriate visual aid. At all. Pray for me.

My new comp: Everything that Elder Dayton wasn't. Not in the best ways sometimes. He is pretty messy, but that's ok. One thing is he has gas like a petroleum plant. That. Is. My worst pet peave. We got into the car last night with one of my favorite members and he just let them rip. Not SBD but like leg lifters and just laughed. I apologized to the member and boy he got a good chewin out when we got into the apartment. He just has a too cool for everything attitude. But he is a good teacher. Just pray for him.

We had a guy the other day when we were walking home at 8:45 come zooming up in an electric wheel chair. Imagine Lt. Dan from forest gump, k got the picture? So he comes up and said "Hey yall J Ws?" so I said "Nah we are the Mormon Missionaries my friend!" He wanted to know the finer points of our doctrine but not then so he flys off his motorscooter wheelchair and does a flippin sweet 360 spin going up on two wheels and takes off again! He stops up ahead about a block so we ran up to him real quick and start talking to him again. He told us about how he was going to see his Girlfriend. She was working at Texas roadhouse. Now.. I have been there enough that I know that the waitresses there aren't in this guys league. So Elder Le Suere asked him "How old is she?" She was 25 and he was 63.. That was his dilemma, or that's what he told us. Love the guy to death. I think we are planning to go and teach him later this week. But the best part was, he put on his gloves and drove right off into the moonlight. Did another 360, and was gone. Romantic as they come. Cool guy though.

So I tried to impliment a new idea this week. I call it "Funeral Finding." We had a member pass away. But I'm gonna make ya wait for the idea and it's exectution while I tell ya this other story.

So we went to this nursing home with a member who is at least as old as the the Book of Mormon to see a member that was passing away soon. His name was Wally Bruce, So we showed up at the perfect time. 8:30 PM. Right when all the lights were off and everyone was asleep. However nothing deters the Elders and Bro Cooley so in we went! We found his room. But to our dismay and surprise, there was not one, but three men in the room! I had never seen Brother Bruce, Elder Hughes had never seen this guy and so we went off of faith, and Brother Cooleys vision. We went up the Brother Bruce and Brother Cooley started to softly say "Wally, Wally. We are here! We wanted to come see ya!" The guy didn't wake up so Brother Cooley starts to shake him. The man wakes up and looks us and is stunned, absolutely stunned. We sit there for a moment just staring at each other and Brother Cooley goes "Wait.. Your not wally." Yep. I would be shocked to if three guys in white shirts and ties were standing over me in my hospital bed. Whoops. Bet he thought he was dead. Hilarious though.

Sooo Brother Bruce passed away. A magnificent man. Tons of non member friends! So thus "Funeral Finding" was born. We showed up to the funeral and the member was the President of the San Antonio school of the deaf. SOO everyone there that was a non member was deaf basically. Fail. Epic fail. I gave alot of thumbs up to people and shook alot of hands. So hopefully we made a good impression. But going to a funeral full of deaf people is not the best way to find people to teach.

The spirit was so strong. I love the doctrine of the plan. That is the happiest thing that we have to hold on too. I know we can see family members again. I felt like a fool because I started bawling, again, I looked down the row and it was all the older women that were crying and then a little missionary. But It is so great to know this isn't the end. I love it. I know it's so true.

Sunday was the primary program and I sat next to the member that I watched conference with Andreas. Love the guy to death. The spirit was so strong. I love the sweet spirit that children have! I wish I were that cute again. They have such a sweet spirit about them.

I don't feel like this was a super uplifting email, but that was my week. I did a great study this week were I went and I wrote down all the names that Christ holds the standard works. It is Marvelous to do! He fills every single role of the salvation of my soul. I love him. He truly is Wonderful. I know with all my heart He lives.  I have been on a poetry kick as of late and just love how the general authoritys use it in there talks here is one that I liked from President Monson.
“‘Father, where shall I work today?’
And my love flowed warm and free.
Then he pointed out a tiny spot
And said, ‘Tend that for me.’
I answered quickly, ‘Oh no, not that!
Why, no one would ever see,
No matter how well my work was done.
Not that little place for me.’
And the word he spoke, it was not stern;
He answered me tenderly:
‘Ah, little one, search that heart of thine;
Art thou working for them or for me?
‘Nazareth was a little place,
And so was Galilee.’”
—Meade MacGuire
Whatever our skills are, whatever place we may need to be I know that the Lord will and has put me and us there. He loves us to much to let us not have every opportunity to live up to our greatest potential. In another talk I read this week Elder Hales said, speaking of the Saviors prayer to his Father concerning His will. "It is one thing to teach 'Thy will be done'. It is another to live it." I love you, and pray for you.

Remember who you are and what He stands for!
Elder Funk

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