Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Good Week to be Elder Funk

Hey Family!
Another week has already gone and past. I can't believe it! So fast. So basically here is my week!
We taught Nathan, again, but he really wanted to be taught the Law of Chastity for some reason. Whateve's it all has to get done so whatever works. So he told us we had to teach it with sock puppets but I said no way to that one. We pretty much laughed through the whole thing. Here is how elect he is. Before the lesson he told us a story about how he told his girlfriend a couple of days before that they couldn't do it anymore, because he was going to get baptized and change his life around. Awesome right! She punched him in the face, but he didn't give up! So he accepted that and he is probably going to have his date moved up to sooner rather than the 23rd of next month. So pumped!

Oh we also had a giant meeting about Gladys Knight. Basically to talk about why the church sucks at singing and why we don't have any soul in our services. Oh and how to talk to black people. It has been a little bit different finding like that.. Anyway that concert is this weekend and we get to go so I will have to give you an update about it next Monday! Gonna be sweet!

So we moved alot of people this week. We helped someone on Wednesday night that was moving to OKC. He gave us an Austin Powers card board cut out. Sweet right? So we put a badge on it and I gotta figure out how to send a picture and then yall can have it. He's like our third comp. Does about as much as Elder Le Sueur does sometimes haha. His words, not mine.

Another move that we did was helping the Brashears. Love those guys to death, they are so awesome. We went over and helped em move and so naturally I wore my cowboy boots. I was carrying this dang couch and it was pretty heavy. Elder Le Sueur was kinda annoying me in the moment and flicked my butt so I reacted and kicked him right in the shin. I totally forgot that I had my boots on so it killed him. I didn't even kick hard but it was pretty dang funny. He got over it. And he stopped annoying me.

Oh so last week we got in the car to go home with the sisters. The sister is a terrible driver. I tell yall that every week. But seriously. She is so bad. Worse than Ryan at Rainbow Road. (Boom Roasted) Jk. So I was talking to Staker and she told me that the other sister was the Senior comp. GOLD. So technically she is supposed to be driving. Now I just had to figure out a way to tell her that without causing a big problem. So when we got in the car, I super awkwardly said "Hey Sister Regen.. How long have you been out?" "Nine Months!" Sweet right? Because the other sister has only been out six! "Shouldn't you be driving?" Then all Hell broke loose. Whoops. I got my butt chewed out, because I don't even know why. Well ok I do, but still... So she ripped me a new one and then it was just like silence, man she made so many mean remarks. We don't get along. At all. So we rode our bike to the Library this week. Better part of that story. So I am ranting to the ZL's about this whole thing and they are with another comp and he says about Sister Regen  "I think she is red-dotted" meaning... She is such a terrible driver that they didn't even want to giver her a chance because she had gotten to many wrecks and she can't drive anyway. So I looked like a moron again. Wait. It gets better, then my comp says "Oh yeah! I remember that! She was in my last district!!" Thanks Elder Le Sueur. Thanks alot.

We had some other pretty good lessons. We went over to the Huff's to teach her cousin and they started talking about this crazy investigator that makes all this missionaries cut the bamboo at her house. I know that investigator, I am teaching her. So I tell her that, she gets a little freaked out and tells us the bishop told the Elder's never to go back there because she is mentally crazy and cracks and she could accuse us of stuff. Nice work writing that one down missionaries in the past... Yeah. I'm not going back there again. Last time we went, she told us about how she had her extension cord stolen from her. Freakin nuts.

We played some sweet football at the Stake Center last week. My comp was on the other team and it was like us matched up against each other. I owned. So hopefully that helped out his pride a bit. It was pretty hilarious.

Nathan is still moving which is a bummer, but all is good. He is gonna get baptized here and we are still going to the Glady's Knight concert together so that will be fun. He decided that he was going to make us listen to his favorite song and music video.. Whatever I guess. It's called "Royal" By Lorde. I might have fallen in love. Whoops. It's like the best song ever, but I only heard it once and now I have to wait to listen to it for another year. Alma was right. Wickedness never was Happiness. But totally check it out. Awesome song.

Elder Le Sueur is different than my other companions for sure. We get along great. I just have to give up alot of what I want to do. I really have learned that Companionship Unity is super important. I really wish that we had the same desires for a mission, that would make the work alot more effective and everything more fulfilling. He said though that last week was the hardest working week that he has had on his mission. So I suppose that is a good thing. He slept in til like 8 or something this morning. He sleeps alot so I make calls and try to motivate him to get out the door. Kinda a trick sometimes. Monster Energy drinks help...

Really that was about it. I love to do personal study. If you don't have a great experience everytime that you read the Book of Mormon there is something not right. I'm studying it for the third time on my mission and I'm now in Alma, I just finished 34 today. I love how Amulek talks about the Atonement, and the importance of it. He lays it all out there.

I am grateful to be were I am at. I was talking to sister Huff again, and she was expressing that she could see a mission really change missionaries, and could see it in me. She pretty much knows everything that has happened, she just like to hear it all and helps me out. Love her to death. I don't know what it is, but Widows, and grandma's are the best people on the planet. I told her that If I had to give up even more I would do it all again. Every single hard day, the hot weather and just everything. I would do it all again. I may complain a bit, but I would be so grateful to have time to do it again. But I'm glad that I was diligent and don't have regrets in the work I have done.

Overall a good week to be a Funk. Especially Elder Funk! I learned alot, I am gratful for patience and hope to be able to endure the next week. If there is anything praiseworthy I will seek after that thing. Terrible. I just butchered the 13th article of faith...

God bless.

Remember who you are and what He stands for!
Elder Funk 

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