Monday, October 21, 2013

Staying in the UC

 October 14

Paul didn't have much time to write, but here it is.

Hey! SO I literally have 15 minutes to email because of the dang government system. Like literally They have given me 12 minutes left... DA GUM.
This week was pretty good. I am staying here. I thought I was going to leave. Elder Dayton is leaving though so I will get a new comp. We get to pack and stuff with him today. Shoot.
So yeah Last night was funny. We had "Sunday Funday" at the Zls apartment that night. It was funny.

Service at the Tews was the bomb! Yeah so carpet was fun. I am going to learn how to do more so that I don't have to pay people. I think that transfers will be cool.

I am just like pushed for time I don't even know what to do! haha So we will see. If anything I will write a letter out this week to yall. Pres. Slaughter probably won't hear from me today...

Lets see. Nathan is doing good. He is going to get baptized next month. So yeah we are setting a date tonight. I love him!

Ummm.... WE also had a crazy investigator who bashed again. So sick of it. I am pretty good at bashing.. But I hate it so I don't do it.

This is basically my lamest email eva. Oh by the way played some Settlers of Catan in between sessions of conference with some members.

Life is good. Yep. Just chillin on a bike. It bike alot. Anyway guess I gotta go. So love ya lots.
Jk false alarm. This is like watching an episode of 24 trying to type and im sure read this email. 15 Minutes is not enough time to do that! hahaha

But for real now I do have no time.
So I love ya alot and send me letters because I am staying in the UC!

Remember who you are and what He stands for!
Elder Funk

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