Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Childless and Cheerio-less: San Antonio Single Ward Edition

Well Transfers came! Here is the new address.

Elder lil' dawg Funk
6298 Lockhill
San Antonio, Tx

I got the nickname lil dawg before I left from our neighbors in Seguin. It was a whole bunch of Black guys so I figure it's legit or something like that. 
Hmm... Well I guess to sum up everything that transpired. I am in the Alamo 2nd ward, which  covers the college UTSA with Elder Steggell who was my MTC companion. It has been pretty crazy. I had never ever been to a single's ward before so this was kinda weird. I don't know if I will every go to a single's ward when I get home. I think I like having cheerios and random kids crying in the middle of sacrament it seriously makes it somehow better. Plus my favorite line in Preach My Gospel says, "there are many honorable ways to find people to teach." Clearly that must also have reference to "There are many honorable ways to find people to date." Don't worry about my future!
I can't say I was really sad to leave Seguin, I think it may just be more of a burn out of missionary work in total as compared to a hatred of Seguin. Every once in a while I just get so totally burned out of doing this mission that it's crazy. It usually goes away in a few weeks or something. Ya just have to grit your teeth and bare it til that point comes. 
Elder Van Oene is doing good, I am still convinced I am going to talk and his wedding and sing at his funeral, he didn't seem so sure, but I know I will. I miss that kid. It was nice to be able to have a normal conversation with him. Loved it. 
I think more and more I realize how nice it is going to be when I get home and just have some alone time, because I get pretty annoyed sometimes and I always feel bad when I get on my companion for something or other. I think the last 7 and half months have really been a bunch of turning points in my life. I am pretty sarcastic and like to joke alot. I really think in missionary work it is SO essential to be yourself along with teaching the gospel. I think that a church built robot would teach the gospel a hecka lot better then I would so.. There has to be some validity to that. 
Also another thing. I decided this week that when I get home, I am going on a religious Sabbatical. That means no Mo tab for at least the next 3 years. I mean it. If I hear mo tab in the car ride home I am jumping head long from the car into the first snow bank I see. Just one of those things. Just ranting I guess. 
Hmm... I also got to go to the temple this week with Jonesy! Elder Jones had a convert go through the temple an I volunteered to drive so we hit up Rudy's BBQ for some tacos and then went on down through to the temple. It was like High School all over agian. 6 Dudin' it in the truck with Elder Jones in the girlfriend seat. It was such a glorious sight. 
I was also pretty bummed, Elder Swonson went home this week. He was my DL and finished his mission on Wednesday. Probably one of the 10 most influential people of my mission. I really had soo so so so much fun with him. I loved it all. He is great. He is now in the promised land. God bless him.
We don't really have a ton of investigators that are progressing right now. Actually that number is more like 0. Alot of kids went home for the summer and stuff, so we will see what happens with all of that. I went on Exchanges with another Elder the 2nd day here and covered our area, good golly talk about epic failure. Just not a good day. I have no idea who is who and we cover the entire stake of single's. Sometimes I wonder if I get set up for failure in my life... Pretty sure I am. On a more sarcastic note, I get to try it again 3 more times next week. Gotta love havin' a Zl and a DL together. 
I can't really think of a ton of positive stuff from this week. It really wasn't all to great. We did play one game of pros ball after I convinced Steggell to play. I totally went street ball on one of the guys and went in between his legs. So sweet. Steggell doesn't think we should wager lessons for games, I think it's great because I know we will win! 
It really is weird to talk to people about the gospel that are our same age, I find myself slipping in the language a bit and wanting to be like "Dude Man Bro, wanna come chill out and here some talks about Jesus?" but I refrain and usually just do what I am doing. Most people just think we are weird or they respect what we do. 
Another thing, Idk if other missionaries in the world have this happen, but when you go on a mission it isn't like girls just become unattractive all the sudden (actually it kinda goes the opposite way) but when a really attractive girl opens the door I think I flip into totally Funk Flop mode and fail miserable. I am going to work on that, I feel like I have a few modes, Funny Funk, Dorky Funk, Elder Funk and Flirty Funk. That's pretty much the 4 stages of Funk. I really don't have control over when they come on either. Maybe it's multi personality disorder, or it might just be that God made me that way. Either way, it is what it is. But if you ever hear someone say "I just feel like I'm in a Funk" that really could me a whole assortment of things. 
I did finish the Book of Mormon for the 5th time this morning. It is really great. I'm fixin to start it again tomorrow so we will see how that one goes. Well. I love yall and hope you had a great week! If after reading this you feel spiritual un nourished, there is a great link called LDS.org that can help yall out. I'll do better next week! 
Remember who you are and what He stands for! 
Elder Funk

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