Monday, May 12, 2014

The Call to District Leader

 We were able to Skype with Elder Funk on Mother's Day.  It was so fun to see him all grown up!

It was so great to talk to yall! I loved it. Seriously like the best thing ever. Yeah, I guess I kinda look like a man, working on acting like one still.
Well I suppose pretty much most of this email is going to be a repeat of everything I told you but since my journal writing failed this week it is quite essential that I fill the entirety of this email block. How was that for flowery language?

While we were talking with him the Mission President called to tell him that he is being transferred and called as a District Leader.
I'm pretty sure that the new District that I am going to has no idea what is going to hit them. It's all going to be crazy. I figure I am just going to shoot for working hard and having fun. that is pretty much all that really matters anyway.
I am sort of sad to leave Seguin. Nah that was a lie. I really am not sad at all. I am pretty pumped to leave actually. It was all just drama and crazyiness.
Well I guess this week was just pretty terrible. Some less active lady that we have been working since we got here, really hit on me this week. I ran like the dickens. Literally. She is crazy. I am super over being in Seguin so I'm glad to get transferred! Love the members though, they are the bomb.
Betty got baptized this week. Which was super great, always love to see that. She texted us and told us all about it. That makes 2 people that Elder Van Oene and I passed off to get baptized while we were here in Seguin and 0 that we actually baptized here. It all works though.
I really don't have to much else to say. I literally feel like I am just repeating all that I said yesterday.
Tuesday night we had another sleepover at the DL's house and drove to San Marcos, we just 6 dude it in the truck. It's tight but at least it isn't a stick shift. So that was a solid hour or something of a drive then we had to drive home an hour after zone meeting. Gall. so long. New Braunfel's car blew a tire and then they had me drive them to Yorktown about an hour and a half away to do a baptismal interview. When we got there it was already 6 or so and we went over there. The dad is not a member of the 30 year old guy getting baptized and has 0 intrest in the church. I tried really hard to talk to him and everything, but he wasn't having it because he was watching NCIS so during a commercial I said, "Ya got TNT on this thing?" We flipped it over to the Pacer game and got to watch pretty much the entire first half, The other Elder's told me that I was going to Hell, but actually the guy talked way more to me after that and we had some really good conversations about the gospel because it opened him up. I have people tell me all the time that I am going to Hell for doing something or saying something. My response is always just that "That is for sure not the thing that is going to send me to hell." However, I think sometimes if there was a Ryan Funk dedicated score keeper keeping Track of my life, I am in outer darkness.
After the baptismal interview which was 2 hours it was already 9pm and I didn't want to drive 2 hours home. However since Yorktown lives in a trailer and had no room for us, we did the only logical thing that we could think of which was to sleep on the roof. God Bless Texas, but man when it gets windy, it gets windy. Totally destroyed the awning on the trailer and none of us could sleep. Yorktown opted to sleep in the trailer and leave us completely destitute on top of a shaken not stirred trailer. We got off the roof about 1 am and tried to sleep in the cars. That was about as fun as finding a rattlesnake in your boot. 1:30 we decided to peace out and go home. That was probably the longest night of my life. We got home about 3 am and started off the day we some breakfast Tacos. Oh and wherever we go has Sportscenter. so I got to see the highlights. Utahns really don't understand what the playoffs are like, or to have a good basketball team, but man people love the spurs, that is about all that they talk about. 1. Jesus is number one, followed closely by Spurs basketball, then in third place, "How much Obama is ruining the country" not my words, they are theirs. Just to give you an accurate description.
Well I suppose that was the best adventure of the week. The church is true! Love ya!
Remember who you are and what He stands for!
Elder Funk

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