Monday, May 26, 2014

Doing Exchanges

Well another week.
I just pounded down a whole ton of bacon and eggs. Gall I love to eat sometimes. I don't have forever to email today but we should be able to make it work.
Well with being with the ZL and me being the DL do you know what that translates too? Well we havent actually been translated yet, but we are doing well and going on a TON of exchanges. I only had to go on one the last few days, but I have already been on three and we are only into the transfer a week and a half. Crazyiness. I think I have like 9 more planned this transfer or something crazy like that. They are so much fun but they are so draining.

I went with Elder Savas on Tuesday a brand new elder straight from the MTC and then me who has never been to the West Side of San Antonio. Safe to say we got lost quite a few times trying to find our way around his area. But we made it to all the 5 lessons that we had planned. I did find some time to take him out to ice cream. I think that is the single most important part of an exchange anyway.
Friday we had a zone meeting. I tried to be supportive but they had us role play about 2 or 3 hours of the same thing over and over again. I'm not going to lie if it had gone on any longer I probably would have incited a rebellion or something. So long. We are teaching with the pamphlets now and showing people the pictures and asking them what they see in them. Sort of like the blot images that people use to sort out child serial killers and rapists. Luckily we are using it to sort out the elect or something of the sort now. Chalk one up for the righteous people.

However I met a sister that is from Mink Creek up by Preston! Remember where I almost drowned in the cow manure? People actually do live up there. Great stuff. She is seriously the I think that she is going to come and play some basketball. She is really great. Probably the one thing that made Zone meeting bareable this time around. Oh and I made faces at Staker which was pretty funny. Random inappropriate laughter is the best medicine to a meeting that has gone on for too long.
I got to have my interview with Pres. Basically this sums it up. I asked him how I get over being so burned out and being sick of missionary work all the time. (I think that is exactly how I said it to him) and he told me that I have to find my pace and that I work a little bit too hard sometimes and it causes people to burn out, so it is all about finding the right constant speed. Seriously since I have been doing that, it has been a way better week then last week was. He also told me that he put me with the ZL so that I could see what a ZL does because all the leadership in the mission goes home within the next two transfers. Great!

Steggell and I have been working really hard to find people to teach, we found a lady that has gone to church 40 some odd times and is all ready to get baptized, we just taught her the word of wisdom and for the first time ever she is completely ready to drop it all. Miracle. It was so great for reals.
I forgot to tell you I live with other missionaries and it is the best thing ever. I love, love, love it. One of them is Elder Snow and he was in my last District before he got transferred to a new area for one transfer then here. We have so much fun. The apartment is great we have two stories and a garage. nobody uses the garage for a car in Texas so we just happen to have a ping pong table in there. Works great! Love it lots. I am livin the high life right now. I wonder what is next though sometimes, just gotta enjoy it for now!

I studied Elder Eyring's talk again today and wrote down all of my priesthood heroes that I had growing up. There was so many. I wrote down all the qualities that I liked in them and noticed that the two qualities that they had in common was that they gave me time and they taught me to serve. I realize more and more they way that I act and the way that I want to be. I am just so grateful for all the examples that I had when I grew up to shape me the way that I am.
Oh. I shaved my armpits and legs. Just FYI.

Hmm... Well I guess about the only other thing that I have is that I am getting really good at basketball. I can grab the back iron piece now. Mostly just when the sisters show up. I do play infinetly better when they show up, I think it is really just human nature, I am not trying to impress them at all, it just happens. Just watch next time a bunch of dudes are doing something it's all cool until girls show up, then everyone goes all ham on everything. (Ham means all out).
OH! best thing ever. I met a Recent Convert that plays and conducts a youth orchestra, who is playing a musical number on June 8th? That is right, Elder Funk is playing in a quartet. Bo yeah. He is hooking me up with a viola too. I am soooooooooo pumped for it. I am living the dream.
Other then that, I can't really think of to much that is going on. Hope yall have a good week! Happy Birthday Becca!

Remember who you are and what He stands for!
Elder Funk

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