Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February 11, 2013

Yes I am in Fredericksberg for a least another 5 weeks. My guess is that I will be here til maybe May or June. Elder Kertamus thinks that I will be training once he leaves in March. I kinda hope so. It would be a neat opportunity especially so early on in the mission. I think that I may get to drive this next transfer and we have a truck which makes it all the more sweet! I got your packages today! That was sooo sweet! Thanks I'm super excited to get to play it eventually. **Elder Funk received permission to have his viola sent to him.  That is one of the packages he is referring to.** I will probably write back next week, we are going to go to Kerrville today and probably hang out with them because one of the Elders is getting transferred to somewhere else. If anyone is wondering what to send me.. I think ties would probably be fine:) I don't really have a need for too much. I budget really well and I don't think I will ever overspend my budget. You know me! I think that should about answer all of the questons but if not ask me more on next Monday! I love them!

As for my week.. It was a hard one. We had alot of people not like us. Like at all. We had one lady cuss us out for being there and told us that we weren't christians we told her that we were and she responded by like telling us that she was going to pray against us. Interesting.... Elder Kertamus and I joke sometimes at the judgement, they are going to be asked "You said what to the missionaries??" It always makes the doors a little funner and easier to get though!

The first time that I almost broke the Word of Wisdom was on my mission! Crazy! Our branch Mission leader called us up and invited us over to dinner at his house. We had some incredible Chili and after he asked us if we wanted some Ice Cream. Of course we said yes! He told us that it was his wife's favorite and that they only make it in January. It was "Almond Fudge Mocha" being sheltered in Utah I thought that the Mocha was just like a flavoring. Elder Kertamus took a bit and asked does this have coffee in it? We went through the Ingredients and sure enough second to last.. Coffee!! I didn't even swallow but it was pretty good. The mission leader was like.. Well it's near the bottom and so that doesn't really count but we didn't eat anymore. Kinda a funny story I guess!

We held our scripture study class this week and did it on Mosiah 18 Living that Baptisimal Covenant. It was a super powerful lesson. We invited some of the members to bear their testimonies about it which made it all the more better. There is one member in there that has a hard time getting along with alot of people. He is a little different and just kinda calls everyone out when he teaches Elders Quorum. He and his wife kinda exclude themselves because they are a little different, but we let him share what his thoughts are and I could just tell that it meant the world to him to have someone ask him to do something. It was really a neat experience. 

There is another young man in the branch. He is getting ready to go on his mission like I have probably said before. The problem is though that he has to lose like 50 pounds before he can go out there. We are actually going to start working out with him tomorrow morning which is a whole different story... Anyway we had a lesson with him which was super powerful. It's interesting because sometimes it's like I just step aside out of my body and watch the spirit take over and fill my mouth with words that are not mine. I remember that I said "Somebody needs you. There are your brothers and sisters that have been waiting since the premortal existence to have their best friend come and tell them the wonderful message of the restored gospel. Somebody needs you." I watched his face light up what an amazing experience to have. 

Other then that the work is progressing slowely but surely! I am having a good time here and can't wait to get to see someone get baptized and change thier lives around! 

Remember who y'all are and what He stands for!

Elder Paul R Funk 

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