Monday, February 25, 2013

February 25, 2013

Hey Family!
So to answer some of your questions yes I am getting all of the letters that Dad is sending they are awesome! I am trying to write people back but we don't have alot of time to do everything we want on Pday so sometimes I can't get around to it. So tell everyone that I'm not trying to pick favorites I'm just trying to do my best!

(Have you been shot at yet?)

I haven't really been shot at yet. Well not even threatened. I was kinda hoping that we would be more but I guess we will just have to see over time!

(Are there any restaurants that give missionaries free food?)

We were starting to teach this guy named at Subway so we could go in their occasionally and get a free sub. He kinda got busy though so he dropped us off of his schedule. Frustrating. Another member has a tab at this gas station so we can go there and occasionally get a sausage or something which is really nice!

<The young man getting ready to go on a mission> is starting to lose some weight I believe. He went and did some of the Scottish games this last weekend, which was really neat. I guess that he did well. We are probably going to go and work out with him tommorrow, which is exciting. He does have a ways to go but he is making baby steps!

(Do you like cheesecake?)

Yes I do love cheescake. I would peobably say that I love just the plain kind or rasberry. Blueberry would also be acceptable. Man someone should make a huckleberry one in August that would be sweet!

(Does your companion like the viola?) 

Yes Elder Kertamus and I are actually going to be performing a musical number in a few weeks for sacrament meeting! I am pretty excited. I may try and get a video of us practicing it so then I will send that home eventually when I get some more pictures and things.

<One of the ladies we are working with> is doing alright. She is getting frustrated that she hasn't been baptized yet and is kinda taking it out on us. She stopped talking to us this week. Her friend  is this giant german man and has been on us about getting her baptized and all of that. She has to be interviewed by President Jones so we called and made an appointment with him but now she just doesn't want to talk with us so I guess we will see what happens.

I hope that answered all of your questions!

So as for my week. It was a really good one! We were knocking doors and found this family. It is a mother, father, and daughter. They are so sweet! When we knocked the first thing they said was "yeah we heard about the trial..." we were like "Oh no..." but then she said "no that actually made me more interested! So we starting teaching them and invited them to be baptized and they said yes! They have a date set for the 17th of March! The mother actually came to church yesterday and absolutely loved it! It was so exciting. The branch president was astonished at us. He didn't really believe that we had someone that was excited to know about the gospel! It's been awhile since anyone has been able to be baptized here and it kinda has dropped the faith of the branch but yesterday was like an awakening for all of them. There was such a different spirit there.

<A young man in the branch> was also given the Aaronic Priesthood yesterday and he was sooo excited to be able to be apart of it! I got to stand in on the circle with the President Smith and his uncle that gave him the Priesthood. It was a really neat experience and probably the highlight of my mission so far. He really did progress such a long way and really has the desire to share this gospel with everyone that he meets which is something that we all need to do!

It was really an amazing day. The work here in Fredericksberg is starting to move forward.  It is alot harder to do I believe then to just knock doors everyday but it is really starting to show results. The work is hastening. I believe that soon the Savior will come again. I wish that it was sooner rather than later but I know the time will come. He will come. I love the work. I love my savior. He is my rock.
Elder Paul Robert Funk
 Remember who you are and what He stands for!

Love y'all and have a great week!!

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