Monday, May 20, 2013

Hailstones and Clam Chowder

Howdy ya'll.
Alright so this week has been crazy! So i don't remember if I mentioned but last friday we spent the whole day doing a roof and fixing it for the storm. There was a TON of damage. The hailstones in some areas were like baseball size. It was crazy. We walked through some of the rich part of town and it is horrible what happened but I don't think anyone got hurt at all. We have like 3 people that have roofs that have to be replaced so on Sunday the Elder's Quorum President stood up and said that we have to get on that to fix them all because "Elder Funk used to work construction and we can use him!" Basically like 5 people stood up and talked about service that I had done for them. Elder Low laughs everytime, he says the members have a competition to who can compliment me more. I hate it. I guess that is a good thing though.

So we taught a crazy lesson last Monday. I made Elder Low bike and we flew around town. It has been in the 90's and pretty dang humid the last few days but I worked harder this week then I ever have before.  Anyway we taught this guy after he invited us into his garage. He started telling us about how we were going to a "lickifier" I was like " What the heck is a lickifier? He said no. "Lake of Fire!" so he cursed us for like 45 minutes telling us to drop this mormon thing for one day. I just told him no. After we taught him for a bit I felt like he needed to be baptized. So I did. He looked at me said "yeah" then he stood up and I was " Oh shoot, this guy thinks he is going to get baptized right now." and then he said " I have to go to the bathroom." He came back out 10 minutes later with a beer. Yeah... He was drunk... He grabbed our heads and started yelling "Fire!" and then had like a freak out moment. Safe to say... We got out of there.

So then the next day we had a miracle. We walked up to this lady smoking and she was sitting there and we started to tell us about her life, and asked were we were from I said Utah! She then told us that we were her guardian angels because it was the first day that she was going to be in town and that it was a miracle. It was so neat. Then we went back a couple days later and she told us to get the heck out of dodge.... Then we looked over and her friend was smoking a doobie. It was uncool.

We also had an exchange with my DL this week. That was pretty cool he came with me and we tore it up. It was crazy to be able to teach so smoothly because he has been out for 22 months. It was just a bit different. We also got to have clam chowder with the B's because the week before I started telling the about the clam chowder in oregon and they were like "Moe's??" I was like heck to the yes! They lived up there and so they made me a giant pot of it. It was fantastic so that's what I ate all week... I didn't share any of it... Probably kinda rude... but hey. When do you get decent Clam Chowder in Texas??

So along with this working hard I basically run from door to door. So we ran across this guy and I just said "Hey what are you doin' Sunday man? He was like.. IDK. I said "Well looks like you can come to church!" And that he did!! It was so cool! But then during Sacrament they started to talk about the temple and baptizing the dead... I was like.. Great here it comes! So he took me out in the hall and asked me about it, So I taught him and he was like Oh my gosh. That is so cool. I am coming back. I'll be here on Wednesday night! It was neat. He is a cool man!

So Sunday.. I have a rough time going to Church. When I show up to Ward Council it drives me nuts. So this week they gave us 5 minutes to talk. I was mad. So there was a YW activity this week and a couple of Investigators showed up, but No one took the chance to talk to them. And we didn't get there until late. So the first thing I said "Who fellowshipped the K's?" I was met with 12 blank stares. I said " So no one took the chance to talk to them..?" and then they started in with all these excuses and I just said "No. That doesn't cut it." Then they started telling me that it was my job to do that, Man that flipped my switch. I told them that it was all their jobs that it was the Savior's call to all of us! I went on to say "I am no idiot. You know that. I know that yall have full time jobs, yall have a familly. I have nothing. I come here and 24/7 I spend trying to help these people. It's different. I don't expect you to do missionary work all the time. It's not what the Lord expects! But guess what... It takes 5 minutes to be a missionary. 5 Minutes. Can we give that to the Lord?" Yeah... Silence. Then they went in to "Elder Funk you have done so much, so and so have come back and look at all the seed that you planted!" and "I know President Jones and your DL put alot of pressure on you for numbers" I turned and said "I do not care. The numbers don't matter. The people do. There is more work to do. I have more work to do." They had no idea what to say... So yeah.... Man so next week should be fun! It was actually a really neat experience. I just wish that people would do things the Lord's way. That's what he asks. Is "Preach My Gospel, by the spirit." It truly should be His Word, His Way, Forever. How great a call.

The gospel is so true. It burns within my soul. I finished the Book of Mormon this week and I found 5,032 references to My Jesus Christ in it. It is another testament of Jesus Christ. That cannot be refuted. It is the truth. It is Jesus Christ and this is my life. God bless. Thank you for the prayers, the thoughts, and may you be provided missionary opportunites this week. That is my hope. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Remember who you are and what He stands for!
Elder Paul Robert Funk

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