Monday, May 13, 2013

First Tornado and a call home

It was so rough going to church after the phone call. We showed up to PEC and I started talking about some less actives that I wanted to work with and started handing out assignments to the group in there so we can make it all happen and they were not down with that. They basically told me we have done it all before and blah blah blah... It was frustrating. Really frustrating. I just finally stopped and said well I guess that's that. Then they said that before we came in they had already said the closing prayer. That was nice of them... Not.

After that in sacrament meeting I just cried the whole entire time. I hate having feelings sometimes. I was sitting next to A and she leaned over and grabbed my shoulder and said "You Home sick?" I said Yes ma'am and she grabbed my shoulder and told me it would be ok. She really has become like another mom to me or something. I love it. She is going to the temple on Saturday too!! That is another great thing!

Like I said in the phone call a tornado hit. It hit the rich part of town and destroyed a ton of stuff with hail and everything. Which.. hopefully opens some more doors for us or something. Luckily I don't think anyone was hurt but alot of damage has been done to all the cars and stuff in the area. We spent all of Friday helping a member fix up his house. Throwing tarps on a damaged roof and sheeting all the windows with some ply wood. Man I cannot thank Ryan Hoth enough for giving me that job. It has made the world of difference in the 5 months that I have been here. It was one of the best blessings that I could ever ask for. Anyway.. So I was holding one of the tarps on the ground and up on the roof there were tiles holding down the tarps and one of them like a 2 ft square piece flew off and smacked me. I guess it hit my back and broke part of it. Sister M was freaking out, but I didn't even feel it!.. That day... I guess the Lord knew I needed to work that day but it has been sore for the last couple of days.

Once again we had dinner with L, and once again he came to bash. It was horrible. Although I know that I am right and I always pull up points in the bible to confound what he is saying it never makes me feel good.. It just doesn't have the spirit as strongly with it. So that is not really great. We talked alot about Baptizing the dead and we brought up Corinthians 15 29 which proved my point.. He didn't have a response to that.  But I don't think he is going to come back to dinner which makes me really sad.

We also went and gave a blessing to a Sister in the Hospital this week and stayed with her for like an hour to comfort her. It was really great, except I hate hospitals. I just don't feel good when I go there. Which is not really all that fun. It was alright though. Turns out she only had a hernia and not cancer like we had thought.

Oh something else funny that happened. We went to wash the car last P DAy and Elder Low stood on the other side while I was rinsing the soap off the car and completlely soaked him. It was HILARIOUS. Then later in the week we accidently mistimed DM so we went to Boerne an Hour early and so we decided to go to a donut shop and eat a bit. Well we challenged Elder Low to eat a dozen. And he did!!

This whole week and probably for like the last month I have started to notice how much I feel like I don't like being here.. It has been really hard and there are so few moments that seem to make it worth it.. But it will be. It was great I was reading Grandma Steels Email and she said something about Joseph Smith in Carthage Jail. I thought the same thing this week Grandma.. "If thou wilt but bear thine afflictions well.. Then thou shalt be exalted on High." I am starting to think about the end result more. Even though I know I have to focus on the results right now. We need some baptisms but I don't think it is my fault. I am doing what I can.

Last P Day Elder Kertamus called me and talked to me for a bit. Man I miss him... I actually grew to love him more then I ever knew before. It was so great to talk to my "Pops" He really encouraged me to be able to get through this week. It was a week for sure of Tender Mercies. I did the study of the Book of Mormon for the first bit of my mission where I would mark all the references to Christ and got all the way to the beginning of Mormon. and stopped for some reason. I know why now. In Chapter three he talks about how his army is unrighteous and even though he led them into battle so many times, he prayed for them constantly they still didn't make it. It was so comforting to know that even he couldn't save people that wanted to be saved. He says that he "Prayed without Faith" for there could be no hope for the people if they did not have the faith in God themselves. Although I will always strive to pray for the people I just have to accept failure sometimes and Trust that everything will be done as He will. As long as I do my best.

I do know the Church is true. It stands as a beacon of light to me in a world that is so messed up. It's crazy to see people that are choosing to follow the way of the world and devastating to know that they don't want to have what I choose to follow. I pray that we may all have an opportunity this week to have someone come up to us, an opportunity to serve another, and an opportunity to let go of the past. To love one so unseen. This is my pray, my hope, and His work. In the sacred name of Jesus Christ Amen.
Elder Paul Robert Funk

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