Monday, November 4, 2013

Wranglin' in Wranglers

Howdy Yall.

Well first and foremost I have to tell ya. I am truely becoming a Texas missionary. A member dropped off some sweet 70's wranglers that are 100% polyester. They are pretty dang tight. Both in the cool way and in the Nacho Libre way. I took some flack from the Zl's and the told me that I shouldn't be wearing them.. well. I needed something to match my cowboy boots. So long story short I gotta check on for some info to make sure that I am not breaking rules...

This week was a doozy! Went by super quick. Maybe I can start from the beginning and that will help you keep up.

I had an awesome P day. It was great. I stole the book "Miracle of Forgiveness" from the shelf at home and so I decided that it would be a good time to read it! Holy cow. I have never understood the importance of Repentance before. He opened my eyes to things that I never understood. It really inspired me to do better. However I am extremely grateful that I was clean before I came out and continue to work at staying that way! Holy cow. Seriously that is the single most bold book that I have ever read in my life.

Elder Le Sueur has been doing a bit better. He studied a little bit more this week! Well sorta for the first time! I am grateful to be his companion. I am learning alot about kinda trying to lift him up and he has some good things to teach me. It's a different situation. But everyone is placed in a certain spot in a certain time for a reason. We just choose to love each other, even if that means that we don't always agree. He does like to rap every single thing that I say to him...

I had a lot of neat experiences with being prepared to "be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you".

The first was on Tuesday when I came across a neat scripture in Alma.

 44 For behold, it is as easy to give heed to the aword of Christ, which will point to you a straight course to eternal bliss, as it was for our fathers to give heed to this compass, which would point unto them a straight course to the promised land.

I thought about how trusting the followers of Lehi and his family must have been when the first journeyed into the wilderness. They had never before been where they were destined to go. Surely they must have had a ton of fears and doubts. Well at least a couple of them did!

So I wrote that down in my study journal and kinda forgot about it. We went to teach Jacob Fisher, an RM but he wanted an active member lesson and so we began to teach him the restoration of the gospel. The I stopped in the middle and said "Ya know Jacob.. I want to share this with you." So I did. His reaction was different than what I thought. He teared up and the spirit was so strong. He was overwhelmed because he told us that his plans to go to BYU had fallen through and that he wasn't having any luck with life in general. He had been praying to know what he needed to do. He recieved his answer from that scripture. Yes. It is that easy. It is one of my favorite scriptures.

Next we went over to the Magana's with Brother Brashears. He had such a sweet testimony again. He is the best. I love him to death. We did our best to help them feel the spirit and to come closer to baptism... They aren't progressing super great but they are doing ok I guess.

Halloween! So we actually didn't do anything for Halloween! Well nothing different at least, we taught lessons. It was so great. We went over to the Beer's house and taught them we had a super powerful experience with Lita when she read Psalms 23. She is going to get baptized. I think that might be part of the reason that I am still here.

Nathan is gone.. He moved over to Helotis Ward. It was kinda funny because I called to pass off his info to the other Elder's and come to find out that it was an Elder I came into the field with. Love the kid to death. He has been having Neurological problems and has spasms. It has been really hard on him and they haven't been able to have alot of success over there with baptisms it sounded like. His companion was a kid I went to High School with! Elder Anthon. He was a punk back then. Well at least I though he was. I didn't believe my eyes when he was there! Such an awesome guy though. So I am grateful I got to know Nathan. He is a cool kid.

Well... Elder Le Sueur took a tumble on his bike. We were flying down a hill probably going like 20 or 25. I just like to keep up with the cars if I can.. Then I can measure it. And he tried to jump a curb. Yeah.. He ate it pretty dang hard. Not gonna lie. I turned around and saw it. I laughed a little. He was just fine, he is tough kid haha he just got up, was super embarrassed and we went off to the appointment. When we got there, we had to do some medical procedures. His pants were in shreds, and had some bad road rash, but other than that it was pretty good.

Glady's Knight concert was super sweet. I partied like it was 2014. Yep... It was really inspiring and dang that girl got some soul power! I think I may have a crush on her. Not gonna lie. One of the greatest things that I have ever seen! There was one guy that sung "Villa de la Rosa." It was the most B E A Utiful things that I have ever heard in my entire life. Hopefully we are going to get alot of refferals from it and start to pick up some new investigators.

So the best moment of the week I had to kinda babysit all day.. The ZL's dropped off their comp that they are with. He is a little disobedient but is a sweet kid. So it was just a tiring day. Not gonna lie, spend a couple hours in the apartment while they tried to fix up my bike with some sweet pedals. Didn't work. Still had go buy some but The bike guy is my BFF. So I was tired. Had no dinner appointment, but I had my lucky wranglers on. So nothing could happen. We walked by the golden Corral and lone and behold. Members "wrangled" us in. Super sweet.

So we went in and started to eat. I sat next to there 7 year old son, Austin, he and I started to get along great. We talked and talked, he wanted me to try basically everything. Everywhere that I went, he came along. So we sat down and he was eating a giant piece of friend chicken and I asked him "Austin, what do you want to be when you grow up?" Without even so much as a hesitation, he turned and replied, "A dad!" It was the single cutest thing that I had ever heard. I teared up in the middle of flippin' golden corral and said "Me too, Austin, me too." He gets it better than I do. He's 7.

So everything that I have learned, and am learning is really preparing me for that moment. To become a Dad. My kids are gonna read this and be like... Wow. So we cry all the time because of Dad!! yep. I love it all so much. The hard times, the fun times, the rewarding times. I don't ever want to look back and regret. I can't wait to be able to say this is done, because I am tired quite frankly. I know that I can make it though. I am doing the job that I am meant to do. Fulfilling my foredination. I love you and I am so grateful for all that yall do for me. I hope that you receive your blessings for being my support.

Remember who you are and what he stands for!

Elder Paul Funk

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