Monday, November 18, 2013

Hanging with the Funks

This week in the UC....
What a week it was. Let me start kinda from the back end of the week and I will work my way forward. So this morning I got a call from Elder Hughes and he told me that Elder Dayton had to go home, because he got in a terrible bike wreck. I hope that he is doing alright, he is in a better place now.. Well not really but hey that's what they say.

Yesterday (sunday) was a dud. So we were supposed to have Nathan come and get interviewed for baptism during church. Well the problem with that was that he didn't come to church. Now I have gotten alot of excuses on my mission. What was it this time? His member fellowshippers decided that that they wanted to take the day off and go to the riverwalk. What the Heck. So that was super frustrating. Then we are trying to pull off this big joint baptism with the other Elders, and when we presented the plan in Ward council we looked like Idiots because the Zl's didn't schedule the building for us and there was a different baptism for a member. Ugh. So I called them up and told them to come over to church and we had a two hour Pow wow instead of going to the rest of church. It was good though.

I went to my First Funk Family Sealing this week! It was great! The Funks invited us I will send you a picture. I have never been to a sealing before, so it was kinda weird. The Kids SCREAMED the entire time, so bad that we couldn't even hear the sealer. Hopefully they are sealed... At least God has better hearing than I do.

I also went to a Quinciera this week. What in the world. So I started eating my food, and then thought I would be nice and went to grab some drinks for everyone at the table, when I got back I set down all the drinks and Elder Le Sueur went to town eating. I looked down and saw that the Elder Quorum President's wife was also eating.. Who's food? My food. I missed my chance to say anything and just had to sit there. Plus they did some flippin weird dances. Like with a doll. Oh another thing, they told us that there was going to be non members there! There were.. Guess what language they spoke. That's right, spanish. Way to think that one through Funk. Finding at a Mexican Birthday Party is up there right next to finding at a Funeral for the President of the school of the Deaf. Fail.

Lets see. We had exchanges this week. The Elder was from Mendon. He didn't say a word the entire exchange. I felt bad, he is a little socially awkward and so I wanted him to loosen up a bit and have some fun. So I took him down to the creek and we chucked some rocks for like 10 minutes. It's one of my favorite hobbies these days, relieves the stress... It was good til we got home and he rebuked me for wasting time and joking too much. What...? Whatever.

Bishop called us one day and told us about a referral. No joke her name is Cherry Pie. Yep. She is pretty cool we went and talked to her, hopefully going to baptize her. Not going to lie. Baptized Cherry Pie on my mission would be one of coolest stories ever.

Yeah. Let's see. I bashed a bit this week. It gets so frustrating. We are teaching this guy named Ed that is so intellectual, he knows alot, but God knows more.. He wants to prove Joseph Smith wrong. Heh, good luck!

Somedays.. life is terrible. I just get sick of it. We got transfer calls coming up and I don't know if I'm leaving. I'm pretty drained of this area, not going to lie. Ready for a new start and everything. I wonder sometimes what the Lord wants to teach me...

I'm so tired right now. Haha I think that every missionary in the world is tired all the time. I guess the Assistant to the ZL's was talking to President the other day and said that we aren't going to get facebook, Ipads, or Iphones for a really long time, because we turned it down and didn't want to be the pilot mission. So I don't think that I will see that on my mission. Kinda disappointing, but who knows that really is set doctrine right now.

We have Elder Golden coming this week from the 70. Pretty sure that we are getting rebuked. He is staying for a few days. I have no idea, just kinda has that vibe about it. Hopefully I'm wrong. I'll keep ya posted.

Nothin else really happened this week. Like I said we got some transfer calls coming up. I wanna get out, but we will see! I'm getting kinda burned out. Oh speaking of Burn out. It was freezing!! in the beginning of the week and I was so cold. I couldn't take it anymore and told the EQ president to take us to Ross, yeah went and spent a bit of money on gloves and a beanie. I don't think that my card is quite figured out yet, because it failed, but I had cash. What was the temperature the next day though? Like 90. Ridiculous. Texas weather nothing like it.

Well I guess that I have to go risk my life again pretty soon, getting in the car with the concussion sister.. what the heck... It may sound like I'm complaining alot, or that I hate my life. Reality is, I love it, just I relish in drama, or maybe there is alot of drama.. either way. That's my week!
Remember who you are and what He stands for!!!
Elder Funk

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