Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Learning Lessons

Well.. Another week in the life of a Funk...
So not going to even pretend it was a good week. I think I may have finally cracked Elder Le Sueur. It was just bad.
First and the greatest lesson that I learned this week. Walking is good for the Sole.
So after his accident with the bike, Sister Slaughter told him that he has to stay off the bike for a bit. That makes working even more impractical than it already is. Still... We press on.. Dramatic music here.... So we walked and we walked. As a matter of fact we walked 7 miles each way on three separate occasions to try and go to appointments. Yep that's a solid two hour walk each way. Bummer.

I got so frustrated with him. He raps all the time. So I told him that if he would shut up I would turn on some country. I freakin cracked. We listened to country for like 3 days straight. I just couldn't take it anymore. During that time, we went over to a members house and she gave us this one drink, it's called something Ice. I have got it knocking doors before and it's soooo good. Like my favorite ever. So drank like half of it. Why is it so good? Oh that's because it's tea.  I can't win sometimes. I found out that I love tea on my mission and can't ever have it again. Sometimes I wonder.

So Saturday was a bad day. But learned alot. I learned the hard way that if the phone is not on when you plug it into charge then guess what? The alarm doesn't go off. Yep found that out at 8 oclock. So I jumped outta bed turned on the phone and everyone and their dog was trying to call us. I was on the phone most of the morning trying to figure stuff out with the ZL's and some members. Our appointment canceled at 10 and basically everything else fell through. Crazy day.

K so I am emailing on a laptop and it really sucks so this is gonna be a shorter email.

Cool experience.

Elder Le Sueur had his cuz call him, she wanted to come see him. Which is like the biggest no no in history of missionary work. So I was like ummm no. (Side note: I don't know why I am tempted to swear all the time. I think it's something in the water.) So it simmered down for a few days and we were at the Zl's apartment on Sunday and she called him. He took the call and they were all over him about it. Finally I got some help.. That's when Elder Chipman and I went into the back room and I just told him how hard it had been and everything. Basically bawled for like an hour. He's awesome though. I forgave him and he forgave me too I think. Back to the story. We left and the cuz was planning on meeting us at this fireside that the candy bomber from world war 2 was going to be talking in. I have been looking forward to this for forever. But I knew the only way to stay obedient was to not go. So I prayed. I finally got up the strength to tell Elder Le Sueur that we weren't going to go, he wasn't happy and was planning to go anyway, but then... He got super sick and puked his guts out an hour before we were going to go. God works in mysterious ways, but hey. I'm not complaining.

I love this gospel with all my heart. I honestly do. I love doing it, even when it sucks. So Sorry this is a short email. But know that I am praying and learning alot out here and love yall so much! Hopefully Jared does alright. This is were I have to say to all the moms.... We were totally right to take Bachelor Camps. If it hadn't been for those camps, Jared would be probably pretty miserable not knowing what to do. I'm sure he is wearing his wife beater tank top, eating some ramen noodles and whittling a stick to write in his journal with. Shoot maybe not. Maybe he's digging someone's truck outta the mud. But. I'm still going to pray for him.
(Jared is one of Paul's best friends who is serving in the Philippines at the time of Typhoon Yolanda. )
Love yall. Remember who you are and what He stands for!

Elder Funk

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