Monday, November 25, 2013

Fourth of July and New Year's in the same area

This week in the UC...
So I found out that I am staying for my 5th transfer here! I'm not gonna lie.. I was looking forward to moving and maybe seeing something new, but I guess not yet. I get to celebrate 4th of July and New Year's in the same area! Whatever I guess. It's kinda one of those things where it is my will vs. His will and so I just gotta learn one way or another. Elder Le Sueur is also going to stay here. I think next week in Ward Council they are going to assign me a calling. haha jk...

So we got Elder Golden that came to our mission this week! It was pretty awesome! We got rebuked pretty good. Well not the whole time, I don't quite understand, since President Slaughter came in all of our numbers in the mission have gone up and overall we have improved, so I didn't really get it, but whatever I guess. He drilled us on not knowing the key indicators and stuff, like how many baptisms our mission had last year and stuff. How in the world.. Whatever. Other than that it was really good, I think he knew the doctrine and scripture references on everything. He lectured for like 3 hours in the morning and then we went to stand up and everyone talked and he rebuked us all for talking in the chapel. So of course what did everyone do after we finished the afternoon lecture? Talked in the chapel. Man did he make everyone feel worthless haha. He told us that we were supposed to be the future leaders of the church and that he was scared for the future if we acted like that.  Nothing against the guy. It really was good.

A serious side note. So we have our weekly Sunday-funday at the Zone leaders and last night we were all hanging out and one of them put in a bag of popcorn in the microwave. For how long? Yep. Toooo Long. We heard an explosion he yelled and jumped up and flipped it open only to have a mushroom cloud of smoke engulf him. Oh and the entire apartment. So it was about 35 degrees and raining outside but we had all of the windows and doors open trying to get all of the smoke out at 10pm last night. It still smells. Our clothes reek.

So early on in the week I nearly ate it for my first time. We were going down pat booker, like main street in logan and we were flying to our appoinment I cut across all the lanes of traffic and went to grab my brakes and they were like gone! Luckily they locked up at the last minute and I burned some serious rubber. It smelled awful. But It was pretty epic. Right in front of the Bike shop too man! Howard the bike guy just laughed at me pretty hard. I love that guy!

Alright.. We were going to have a big group baptism with our District this week. It was basically going to be super boss. We planned and planned this thing. As a matter of fact we skipped most of church last week to plan this thing. We were going to have 5 baptisms. Then the gates of Hell broke out. One got cold feet, one wanted to wait for another day. awesome. Finally on Wednesday night we went on splits, what happened? Elder Le Sueur went with a member and they had an incredible lesson. Me? I went with the nicest man in the world and we got chewed out! Bad. So I got to the church and took another chewing out by a the fellowshipper member for Nathan. For not doing everything her way. Now out of all the control freaks in the world i am in the top 10 percent. Fast forward 12 hours. I get an awesome phone call that morning telling me that she has called a bunch of people in the ward and rescheduled our baptism for 2 hours later so that it will be her way.. If there is anything that I could tell yall to not do this week, it would be don't schedule the missionaries baptisms for them. We really do have it taken care of. That may be the only thing we know how to do.. but we know how to do it.
In the long run we went to both baptisms and both were good. The one that we planned was way better, had some investigators there and was super inspirational. The other was scatterbrained and the talks were geared to an 8 year old girl that was getting baptized. Baptism Crashers. Nothing like it.
Nathan has been super neat to watch turn around. Life's do get changed out here! It took him 5 years to finally get baptized. Don't give up on anyone!
I do love this gospel with my whole heart. I am grateful for what I have. Happy to Thanksgiving yall. And to all A good day. Or something. That sounded so much better in my head.

Remember who you are and what He stands for!
Elder Funk

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