Monday, December 9, 2013

Member Referrals are great!

Another week as Elder Funk.
Before I forget. This one is mostly for Spencer but I guess that the rest of yall might think that it is kinda cool too. Brady Jardine served in the TSAM! Not only that but he was one of the zone leaders that lived by us! Crazy. I saw his name written on the table which was pretty cool. So yeah. He is one of my favorites, I sat in the same seat he did! 

This week was super fast, but at the same time.. Not really. We started off and it was 85 degrees last P day! Awesome weather especially when I found out that it was freezing cold in Logan. haha. Sorry to hear that, but it went so cold the last part of the week. It was actually below freezing. It was hilarious to watch as people all drove past with the same look, just thinking "wow.. That has to be terrible." Trying to clean up some language because...... So Brother Viens wanted me to call the missionaries in Maryland and vouch for him that he was a good guy and yada yada yada, so I was like whatever sounds good to me. So I call them up on Tuesday morning and start telling them the usual stuff, "He's a great member, I think he might be the 4th Nephite.. If Moroni needed someone to help him balance on the ball that would be Brother Viens." Whatever right? So I decided that I needed to tell them that he had alot of crap that needed to be moved and that they shouldn't just show up the two of them. Well I guess Crap in Maryland is like the F bomb or something because he started to tell me to read the white handbook and that I needed to change my language. I responded with a "I am living in Texas." and Hung up the phone... Jerk.

One more pretty funny thing then I will go spirtual or something.. Yeah so we have this investigator named Micheal. He is awesome. He twirls the sign for the cash for gold place, super humble guy. So we went over to go see him and like a block away we could hear this mexican music just poundin. As we got closer it got louder then bam guess who it was. Our now completely drunk investigator chillin with his windows open in 32 degree weather. Nice. 

We actually were pretty busy teaching this week! we had alot of things fall through but we seemed to recover pretty well. My Favorite day was when we went out with Kyle again and he drove us around for a couple of hours. It was cold and like the first three people that we tried didn't really work out but it was cool anyway. We got a referral from the church for some less active members and decided to just drop by, right as we did, she pulled into her drive way at the same time and she said she has always pushed the missionaries away, but she would listen for 15 minutes. It was incredible! She told us that she had a bad experience just a few days earlier and took this as a sign that she needs to go back to church. 

Gloooooooorrrriiiaaaa. (Just say that singing it..) So cool stuff. Gloria called her cousin who is member and said she wants to get baptized. Sweet. The member told her that she had to read the Book of Mormon and come to church first. Gloria said that she already knew that the Book of Mormon was true because Sister Huff told her it was, she told her that she had to pray about it. Good work Sister Huff!! So I will keep yall posted. 

We had another member text us last night and set us up with a baptism. Yep. Sounds like it. It is an 11 year old kid who is had his sister get baptized a while ago and his grandparents think that it is time! So that is awesome. We are going to call them today and hopefully go over tomorrow!! I'm excited. 

Then... yesterday we had 7 Investigators at church!!!!! That is a mission record for me! I was so so so so happy. I felt like a kid in a candy store. Just running from place to place trying to get everyone fellowshipped but the ward did so good at helping them out. Kiana's family came I think that I told you here story. She backed into Brother Viens car and then he told them to take the missionary lessons. If I didn’t, tell me and I will tell you the whole story later. But anyway. They came! It was super awesome! The all did super great. Another guy named Nick and his daughter Raylan came to church with us, we were like 10 minutes late because we were picking them up and yeah.. So we went and sat on the front row of the church! Prime seating so that they don't have the whole bad experience of the back with all the kids.. That's what Elder Golden told us to do. It worked. Then another guy named Lawrence came! He ate it up! He had been to a bunch of churches before and hadn't been accepted very well and now he found it. Cool stuff. 

So I can't believe that I have been out a year already.. so much has really changed and been made better, and I can't believe that I made it sometimes! I love the Lord now with all my heart. On a note though. Sunday school teachers make a difference. My Favorite all time lesson was from Brother Sorenson when I was a teacher. He brought in a Tv and we watched the Jimmy V speech. That Speech has brought me so much peace.. I almost feel like he wrote it for me. The other one that made a difference was Brother Downs. I am a poetry addict since I have been on the mission. I love it, love it, love it. So I started to write a little bit. Brother Downs might have to revise this one but I call it "My First Year".

At the finish of My First Year,
Life's tough, taught lessons I hold dear. 
Trials, heartbreak, a bit of fun, 
In many ways, His Will was done.

The Lord's MTC prepared me and took,
Much patient study of Mormon's Book.
Then, His work I desired do, 
On a plane to Texas I flew!

There, the Lord loaned me my first truck, 
With weight too, just my dang luck... 
Some many things He gave to my gain, 
All together outweigh the aches and pain. 

I miss my buddy Jake, serving in Paradise; 
Teaching all, giving life's golden advice. 
Jake meets and greets, those passing on, 
That is His plan, none to be gone. 

My Testimony grew stronger over time:
"God's plan is free, it doesn't cost a dime.
He asks instead to be sin-free, 
A Perfect son, one I wish to be."

See Y'all, I'm not quite yet there, 
I sure work hard, my cross I bare.
I teach the Book or Mormon all day, 
It's Holy Laws, strive to obey. 

I've thrice read it, through and through,
Again I'm reading, more truth pursue.
Abinidi's story became my favorite, 
He gave his life for treasure infinite.

Now Mother, don't you worry, I'm far from fire,
But, if I bike next summer, the heat may be dire.
I feel the Lord's "real fire" I now know,
That from where His sacred instructions flow. 

See, I learned to listen every day, 
Because seat belt tickets are pricey to pay!
He always comforted me when distraught, 
Confirmed the many messages I have taught.

So with His help, my final year I go,
Hopefully to make more friends than foe. 
To teach His way, with His spirit, 
With luck, I may even stay fit!

Who knows, I may meet my cowgirl one day,
Maybe I've seen her along the way. 
In year's time, she'll look back, and we'll be proud,
For I will proclaim to all real loud:

"This is God's plan, His Marvelous truth,
A Prophet's word, my precious proof. 
One Simple Prayer from a young boy, 
Has out stood many Satan's ploy. 

Our Father and Brother appeared to that lad,
Established truth, for which I am glad.
His Peace to me in a sweet sentence gives:
'My Redeemer lives, He lives, He Lives!' "

Now I hold my head up proud and high, 
For not a moment ever passed me by;
I did not know, and love my best friend, 
My Savior, Jesus Christ, at my first year's end.

Remember who you are and what He stands for!

Elder Paul Funk

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