Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Border of My Sanity

Alright so this week was nuts.
Monday was pretty great I totally botched trying to dunk on a basketball hoop and broke a chair in the process. I guess it was pretty cool. Mostly just chilled and played some basketball. Nothing to crazy..
Tuesday was the start of the long week. We went to breakfast with Sister Haight and Sister Staker as kinda a last goodbye or whatever and then the craziness started. We had to go to U.C. to get some parts for some bikes and so naturally we ended up with the Elders over there and going to lunch. We went to this Mongolian grill where you get all the raw ingredients and make whatever you want. We wrecked that place. We got our plates, so so so high. I ate leftovers all week... Food storage.
Wednesday we did the border run. Here we go.
So we are supposed to leave at 9 so that we could get done at a reasonable time before we have to go to bed and stuff. but the AP's forgot to tell a sister that she was going down there so she had to go and pack. 2 hours late we finally got started on the road and stuff. Man oh man. Then after about 15 minutes down the highway we realized that we didn't have a gas card to fill up... So back to Stone Oak we went, only to have the AP's tell us that we can just use the other missionary's gas cards. Whatever. So we are already about 2 and half hours behind what we should be.. About an hour into the drive Elder Bay got pulled over going 16 over the speed limit and got a ticket. So... 3 hours behind schedule, plus we are going the exact speed limit now. We dropped off Elder Dayton and picked up an Elder and a Sister. Then drove another couple of hours to the next stop. Seriously the sister complained the entire time... We drove all the way until 7pm down to the border of Mexico. We were technically supposed to be in Stone Oak, (Middle of San Antonio) at 6pm. Psh. Yeah right. She kept complaining about being hungry and I snapped and told her if she didn't stop complaining I was going to give her something to complain about. Goodness.. So we stopped at Chili's to get some food. Worst service ever. 2 hours later we finally left.... so now it's 9pm. The Ap's have been calling us and telling us to get going. It was just pretty dumb. We got back to San Antonio at 1:30am to drop off some elders. Then Elder Bay and I had to go pick up the car at Sister Staker's old apartment and use it for transfers the next day. It was pretty cool to drive by myself. at 2am. 
By the time that all was said and done we got done at 3am. I didn't even change I just laid down in my clothes and fell asleep. Then I had to get up 2 hours later at 5:30 so that I could drive an Elder to the Spanish test in San Antonio. I ran on that sleep for like 2 whole days... My brain literally shut off I'm pretty sure at some points...
We knocked into an Investigator that came to church. She is sooo cool. We didn't teach her anything but she came anyway and had a super good time. We even got a shout out in Elder's Quorum. Pretty cool. They love me and Elder McCombs. The dinner calendar filled up 100% for the entire month! It was so sick. 
Elder McCombs is the bomb. I love the kid to death. I'm pretty sure that we were meant for each other. He totally shaved his legs a couple of days ago. Nuff said. 
Everything is great! I really don't have anything to complain about. Life is a bliss! 
Remember who you are and what He stands for! 

Elder Funk

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