Monday, August 4, 2014

Lessons I've learned as a Missionary

Well this week was pretty much as crazy as they get. 

Elder Low and I had a ton of little things to do this week, he had a ton of Dr. appts and stuff trying to figure out what was wrong with some of the stuff that he had going on. It was pretty nerve racking. But it all turned out well and he should be able to stay and finish out the mission. 

The Mission President's wife gave us some addresses to go to the Dr. Apparently she sent another one that I didn't see, so we drove out to the boonies to the closest address that I thought she gave us and it turned out it was like 50 miles away. Forever away! and then when we got there, it didn't even exist at all. Ridiculous. So we turned around and came back. Good golly. The other address I didn't see was literally right next to our apartment... I felt real dumb. 

After going to the Dr. there he told us that we had to go to get an ultrasound. Seriously? We went and got one. Goodness gracious it was awkward watching "The Young and Reckless" with 5 pregnant women in the waiting room while he was getting an ultrasound, so I went out and called people. Then in order to try and get over the whole dramatic scene we had to go to Chili's and get some food. It was really good.

Our Investigators are doing pretty well. We have a bunch of appointments and stuff set up for this week and even went back and caught Meg at home. We are trying really hard to help her get baptized. She came to church on Sunday and even brought a friend. She'll get there one day. 
We should also be picking up another Investigator from another area who committed to be baptized pretty soon. I'm super excited for the day when that happens. 
Wednesday we were supposed to have District Meeting but Elder Jones car died in the garage that they have and so me and him spent the entire day taking the battery out and trying to fix it. It took soooo long. We wasted pretty much that entire day doing that stuff. It was super long. 

Thursday we had District Meeting and I trained on the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how he views you. It was a fantastic District Meeting where we were able to share feeling and insights about the Savior Jesus Christ. It was interesting that you brought up the Bishop talking about sleeping through the Atonement, because that was also something that I talked about. It is a hard thing to comprehend how one man could change mankind. 
I think of Judas and the different path that he took. Jesus Christ knew the entire time that he was going to be betrayed and that must have hurt him so much to have been betrayed by his closest friend. He knows perfectly what it's like to have the ultimate loneliness and deal with the most bitter depression. 
Another insight that I had was with the Vinegar and Gall that was going to be given to him. I didn't understand this week that it was actually being given to him to relieve some of the pain and agony that he was going through in that moment. Incomprehensible to me was that he denied even a little bit of relief to understand what we are going through. I feel like sometimes when I am trying to overcome something that I am struggling with, I resort back to going to something that brings temporary relief. Kinda going back to the old self. Or using a crutch to get through something that is important for us to understand. Jesus Christ truly knew what it was like to go through the most excruciating change with no help and no relief. 

I love my savior Jesus Christ so much. He is my Lord and my King. I know at times that I fall short of what He expects, but it's ok, because he wants us to just get up and try again. He loves every single one of us so much. 
Remember who you are and what He stands for!
Elder Funk

Also. I am getting Elder McCombs as my new companion this week. I love that kid so, so, so much. It's going to be a sweet transfer. Just 3 more and I will be home!

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