Tuesday, August 26, 2014

15 more letters!

Well Family here we go again.
I can't believe that is Ry's first area, apparently he was alot more righteous then me because I had to work for 18 months before I started living the dream.... Just sayin. Glad he is doing well though. Just gotta watch out for those college girls. They really are kinda crazy sometimes. For real though.
Everything is going really great here. I think Elder McCombs and Snow are my favorite companions. We seriously laugh all day. The only down side is that we have so many inside jokes running right now is that at dinner sometimes we just make ourselves laugh and can't stop and no one else understands... I love it.
If I had to describe Elder McCombs it would be Kyle Mohlman and Elder Snow is alot like Taylor Thomas. Pretty cool combo. Just need a J walk and it would be the perfect companionship. Oh and Eric Jones lives down the street. What more can I ask for?
As far as investigators go, we had a bunch come to church this week.
The Alamo 1st sisters gave us a baptism for Saturday. Literally all we have to do is pick the guy up for church and we are in the clear. He is great. He is a music teacher and so we talked and talked throughout church. He is so sweet. Doing great.
Joseph also is doing really well. He came to church again, he is all set to get baptized on Saturday too. Double Baptism!
Bethany is also rock solid. She sent us a text the other day talking about how grateful she was to find the truth and it was really, really great to get. She is super cool. Super out going and boy am I saying super alot in this email... Super annoying.
We are also teaching this guy named Monty who has date for the 13th of August. He is fantastic, he worked all night and stayed up all day til 1pm so that he could come to church with us. We are going to teach him again tomorrow. He is from North Carolina, so that is pretty cool.
Hmm... Best thing that happened this week. I think probably the coolest thing is that we have this thing going right now where one of us will say something and then all 3 of us will randomly break out into the same random song. Everytime on the same part. Our favorite is Since you've been gone. That probably happened two or 3 times this week.
Also we have been eating like Junk. When we combined the two areas we have seriously been running ragged trying to get everything figured out. I pretty much don't even have time to do personal study anymore because we are going around so much.. Ridiculous. Kinda like it though for some parts of it. We just eat out alot and I am gaining a bit of weight, so this week I am going to go on a diet. Not even kidding we have 5 different pizza boxes in our fridge right now because members have dropped food off because we didn't have time to take a dinner break.
We got new district adjustments and I have sisters in my district now. Kinda weird. Basically switched up my game plan for what I want to see happen. I think I'm going to base my tranings more on finding success and happiness or something. I have no idea what girls are thinking, truth is though... I never will...
Oh! I went to a Catholic church on splits this week. We are supposed to be covering two wards, but I haven't had time to actually make it to the other one because of ward council and this Catholic thing. It was an indoctrination class for people trying to become Catholic. Mike invited us because he wanted to come. I went on splits with Sebastian, and we went. It was pretty different. Overall it makes me more and more grateful for the things that we have and we know. It was pretty sad to see doctrines trying to be twisted to make it seem right. I really do love the catholic people, they are great. But. I really do know beyond anything else that what we have is the truth, the whole truth. I read once that "Things of the spirit can be known with more surety then thing of the physical world." I believe that I am beginning to understand that a bit more each and everyday.
I am glad everything is going well!
Remember who you are and what he stands for!
Elder Funk

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