Monday, August 18, 2014

The Mission is GREAT


Alright so this week was really great but boy did it go by fast.

We got to teach Bethany 3 times this week. She came to FHE last Monday and we also set her with a date on the 6th of September to get baptized which was really great. She came to dinner with us a couple of times and everything which was fantastic. She is so prepared. We sang in our Lovely Deseret and she told us that she thought caffeine was bad anyway. That was super cool.

We also picked up another investigator named Joseph. He is a valet for the nicest Hotel in town. He also has a date for the 30th. It's fantastic. We are going to go pick up another one tomorrow that has been going to a different ward for a few weeks and then the Sisters are going to pass off one to us later on this week. The work is exploding right now. Probably have 4 Baptisms this transfer, and Elder Jones is probably going to baptize a family too. Crazy!

Almost forgot. Elder Vega an Elder we live with got ET'ed and so we picked up Elder Snow and he is with us now. Covering both areas... Kinda crazy, because they were busy and we are getting super busy. I'm just super tired. We don't get home til probably 9:30 or sometimes a little later everyday. It's a fantastic problem to have.

However we had to go to family ward this week, it was SO loud compared to the Singles ward. It's just so different. I got so distracted and had the hardest time in the world staying focused on the sacrament and stuff.

Let's see... I can't really think of to much else that happened this week. We are basically over our miles already for the month because of all the craziness that has been going on. So that will be a fun miles report to turn in.... Not.

P day I rocked my ankle. It was pretty lame. One of the Elder's came down right on my knee and ankle and stuff. It hurt super bad. I think Savon is going to tape it up so that I can play again today, basketball is what is keeping me sane basically.
Goodness. I really got nothing this week.

I got to ordain Savon Kamakanamakemaeoklohapau'ole Moniz to the Priesthood yesterday. I even got the name right. Yep it surprised me too when I got it. He is such a fantastic guy. He really is going to change the world. He is going to be going on a mission pretty soon, but he will come back and probably go play basketball and football for a college. I am trying hard to recruit for USU. I tell him everyday that the Aggies will take him. I mean, he did sign to go Oregon so I figure he is good enough to play for anyone. I love Savon.

I also got to go on splits with Erik this week. He is one of my hero's too. We basically drove around for 2 or 3 hours and knocked on empty doors, we did get one guy to drop the F bomb at us... So that was good.

Hmm.... What else. For FHE we went and made commercials to sell stuff that wasn't really the object. So for example we turned a hat into a soup bowl and had to advertise it as that. It was pretty funny. Bethany even participated and gave us some background music on the piano. Pretty cool..
I can't even express how much I love Jesus Christ. It probably sounds like I say the same thing every week about how much he means to me. He can change everything.

I had kinda a cool experience this week thinking back. I was thinking about how in the beginning of my mission if I had taught the lessons I am teaching now I would have been SOO excited and thrilled about everything, but now I am like, "K, what's next. Man, I'm tired... I'm hungry... Is it 5 yet?" and I was wondering what the difference is and why maybe I feel different about it all... Then I looked up in the sky and saw just some clouds and thought about how neat it was that God created each one of those and puts together everything in our lives for us. He places everything in our path.I just took some time to think about all the small things that he does and realized how great everything really fits together. It's easy when life is easy, but shouldn't it be easier when life is hard? It was an interesting thought that I don't know if I can quite put into words, but just seeing the clouds and realizing how great God is and how magnificent his plan is for each one of is fantastic. I am pretty tired, but it's all worth it. Mission is great.

Remember who you are and what He stands for!
Elder Funk

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