Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Getting Sick

Well hey. 
This week pretty much sucked, pretty bad. I'm pretty much over it. haha
P day was pretty good as usual. Nothing to crazy. I think that we just played basketball and stuff I don't really remember. 

Probably the best part was zone meeting. So hargraves and I booked it out to valero (gas station) 5 minutes before the meeting and went to get a gallon of soda to try and survive the meeting. Then we saw a member that bought us super good tacos and the soda. So we rolled into the meeting late with tacos and a giant soda. It was hilarious. And super good. I honestly didn't get much outta the meeting. I'm kinda over hearing "Talk with Everyone" repeated a million times over. 

Thursday Ebola struck. Ok that was really overdramatic, but we all got real sick. Hargraves went down first, then McCombs with a flailing entrance to his porcelain kingdom and followed quickly by a swan dive into the land of pillows by myself. #TrunkyTrioDown.

We spent Thursday friday and saturday and sunday in bed. I tried to go out on saturday with savon but felt terrible after. Luckily we know some members in Parkwood that hooked us up with some meds that possible saved our pday. Not that much fun haha
Sunday we had lesson about how our home teaching sucks. That was good... 
Oh! Rasan is going to get baptized on Saturday. He is so dope. Has a good simple testimony and everything just makes sense to him.
Also Mike S came back to church. Boom. That was cool. He hadn't come back since his confirmation. So that was really great. I hope one day he gains his testimony back. He was doing so great. 

We have another 70 coming to visit with the mission. I'm praying that he brings Ipads with him. Probably not but we can hope right?
Anyway. Sorry it's a downer of a letter. But have fun, be safe! Love you!
Remember who you are and what He stands for!
Elder Funk


But seriously. Thanks to all those who wrote me:) Letters are gold to missionary's. You never know how much they can help someone. 

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