Monday, October 6, 2014

Conference Weekend

Well.. Hey. 
So I guess this week really wasn't all that exciting to be honest. We had quite a few recent convert lessons and spent most of the week trying to explain what General Conference was to all of them. It's crazy how much of the mormon lingo we have in the church. For real. 

I had to go to the doctor this week which was a pretty big bummer. I hate the dr. more than just about anything else. So I didn't do anything on Wednesday really.. McCombs also had to get an ingrown toenail taken care of...
We had district meeting this week. In honor of Derek Jeter, I talked about Hero's and made plenty of Derek Jeter references. I wonder at what point I am going to get fired from the District Leader thing, but for now it seems to be working out pretty well I guess. It was a really good meeting I think, though.

I though conference was pretty good. I was really tired to be honest and almost fell asleep... I thought that Elder Holland's talk was good, as always, and so was Elder Bednar's. He was pretty funny. He asked us what we thought about hearing a talk to non members in general conference when he came earlier in the year. So we all saw it coming. It was cool. 

Well Sorry this is a really lame email. Nothing honestly really happened. 
Sue got a new mercedes benz. It's pretty cool.... Rich kids;) and No one wants to play me in ping pong anymore... Sad day.

P day should be fun though:)
Remember who you are what He stands for!

Elder Funk

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