Monday, July 21, 2014

74th Epistle of Paul....

It was a pretty chill week. Or not. So an event to start off this Email of the 74th Epistle of Paul, basically affected the rest of the week.
We had a crazy lightning storm on Thursday that totally wrecked our house. It was hitting so close it was just basically destroying our sleep and rattling all of the windows. It was nuts.
So we woke up the next day and our AC didn't work. We didn't really notice to much but man when we got back at the end of the night it was sooo hot. I think inside the apartment was something like 95 degrees. All of us stripped down and just sweated through that night. It was pretty rough. We have been at each other's nerves and throats for a couple of days now because none of us had slept for a couple of nights.
Then we finally decided to move in with other Elder's. Actually it's Eric Jones from Skyview so we went over there a couple of nights ago and slept it was so nice. We went back over there last night and guess what? Their AC had broken too... It was another long night. We took all the mattresses off and put them downstairs and sweated through the night again. Hopefully the apartment fixes them soon.
We did have a baptism this week. George got baptized! He is a bit of a different fellow but he is chill enough. I like him alot. He got into an argument with a member about the Chupacabra, the member said that he was going to punch him in the face if he didn't stop talking. George was totally right though, so eventually the member had to apologize and stuff. It all worked out ok, but it's always crazy the week before the baptism.
I got to play the viola at the baptism too with Eric Cavazos. He is soo good. We nailed it too. It went so, so well. The spirit was really strong and it was such a beautiful arrangement. It was nice to get to use my talents again after the ban of musical instruments.
We also sang in church on Sunday which went really well too. We did Brightly Beams our father's mercy. It was fantastic.
I really can't think of too many other crazy things or stuff that was out of the ordinary that happened this week... The other Elders in the apt have been working on trying to master controlling their dreams so that they can fly and stuff. I don't really know... People are pretty crazy, but then again I do take cold showers and stuff. I can't tell you how good the cold shower feels when you have no AC.
I had Taco Bell probably 5 times this week. It is so good. If any of y'all are having a bad day go get a Loaded Griller. It always makes it better.
I don't know if I have had any real interesting insights this week. We had Zone meeting which was really good I guess. Elder Steggell asked me to give a few insights about bringing friends not fellowshippers to lessons. Man it drives me nuts when people are only doing home teaching or something because they are 'assigned to be their friend' when in all actuality they are all our friends and we are given the chance to watch over them. That is the mentality that I want to take into my life after the mission. It really is true that no one cares how much  you know til they know how much you care. I really do love the mission. It's fantastic.
Remember who you are and what He stands for!
Elder Funk

Eric Cavazos and Elder Funk

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