Sunday, July 20, 2014

Another Week In Paradise

Well Man. I really think the weeks come faster and faster. I can't believe I am sitting at this computer again. Really nothing is coming to mind right now of what I should say.
P day was pretty epic. I tried to rainbow a basketball and totally ate it hard on my face in front of everyone. I guess that is kinda my job as the "Zone President", to make everyone laugh, but it shouldn't have to come at my expense sometimes.. It was pretty fun. I also got elbowed in the nuts by the same sister. Just a series of unfortunate events.
Tuesday we had Zone conference, which was really fantastic! They talked a bunch about different aspects of success and they revamped the whole key indicator counting so now they can get a more accurate count of everything instead of us just trying to put up a crazy amount of numbers. I like it alot.
Meg is doing ok, from what we hear, she started smoking weed again so she doesn't want to be taught for awhile. She was really so, so, so close. I'm sure that one day she will get all the way there and get baptized but as for now, not so much.
Joseph our other investigator is doing really great, he came to church again and loved it. He is on the campaign committee for this lady, Wendy Davis that is running for Governor of Texas so he has been pretty busy but I love the guy to death. He is super cool. He doesn't think that he will be baptized for at least a year, but he just doesn't know that he knows it's all true.
Austin came to church for the second time since I have been here. We had a member who gave a talk so he invited him. I haven't heard a better talk since I have been in the mission, I don't know if I have ever heard a better talk since I have been a member! It was so great. He even threw in a Mickey Mantle reference to boot. Fantastic.
George is getting baptized on Saturday and we sorta had to pass him off to the Sister's again, except not really. I really don't even know what is going on half of the time. It seems like a ton of drama and so many problems, especially because we are crossing stake lines trying to work this whole thing out. We presented what we wanted to do for the baptism to the Ward Council yesterday and I'm pretty sure they think we are idiots sometimes haha but they love us alot. I have been really blessed to get along with Ward Council's for quite a while now. So I'll let you know how that turns out. Not really sure what is going to go down for sure. All I know is that I got my hands on a Viola and am doing a musical number for the baptism with Erik.
Speaking of Erik. He is a music teacher and has totally inspired me to a teacher when I get home. He got me all the audition requirements for USU, what private teacher I should get, he called his friend who went to USU a couple years ago to get the low down on the staff and really has been trying to encourage me to do it. I think it would be fantastic, I guess I just have to decide pretty soon. Life decisions... Good golly.
So I showed up to Institute on Wednesday and saw a couple of girls that I knew from the F Burg a year ago. Unreal. One of them went on her mission and came home, she had to come home early for medical stuff, but still. I watched her go and come back and I am still doing the same thing. Man, oh man. It was super fun to reminisce and talk about people that I used to know.
We also went to the temple this week and the lady told us the session was at 12:30pm, we showed up at 11:56 and yep, it totally started at 12. The temple presidency wasn't to happy about the whole thing. I felt pretty bad and then he pulled us aside after the session and told us that we should be encouraging all the missionary's to bring their own clothes to cut down on the laundry. Luckily you can't feel to bad in the temple, but goodness we messed that trip up.
We got to knock tons of doors this week. That's probably my favorite thing to do, just because you never know what you are going to get and talking to people is the best. It's a challenge to get them to like you and then get them to hear your message. I love it a bunch. We actually have a ton of return appointments and a couple of new investigators from it. Pretty cool.
So Elder Vega and I had a heart to heart last night just about life and especially about sacrifice in particular. We were talking about Girls, games, and good memories. Ya know, the most important things in the pre-mission life. As we talked I realized that we didn't get those things taken away from us but that we gave them away from us. It's pretty obvious, but the difference is incredible. I think alot of times I have questioned God and said, "Why in the world, when I am serving you, when We are serving you, do missionary's lose things we had already 'won'?" With anything the principle applies. But really it is only because we chose not to have it. It's not like we really lose anything when we go on a mission, it's all about that fact that you gave up what you had. I said in essence on December 12, 2012, "Well God, I have a pretty good life going for me, I got friends, family, a job I like, money, my momma's car, dates, food, music, sports, sportscenter, music, sleep, I get to read the newspaper, TV, Music. I have everything that I have ever put together for myself. Well I guess now is the time that I get to put it all away. I'm going to give it all to you."
Then when I came in the mission, I think when any missionary comes into the mission, we think. "Oh I have it made! I got this, and this, and this, waiting for me when I get home! I have it all!" Then the tough part comes when you realize that the things you had, were the things that you have chosen to give up to serve the Lord.
There really is nothing like serving a mission. It's so tough, but it's so rewarding. I'm looking at having about 20 weeks left to serve. That's nothin'. Nothin at all. I really am going to miss it. I hope that everyone takes the opportunity to give up what you have and go serve a mission. There will be days when you regret it for sure. Haha that is a weird promise, but a sure one.  I still want to go sit in the car with some skinny jeans, converse shoes and blast some beastie boys driving down the street with the windows down. But even when those days come when you don't want to do what you need to do, It is always worth it in the end. I understand now that what we choose to give up is equal to the person to who we become! I love the Lord. I love him so much.
Remember who you are and what He stands for!
Elder Funk

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