Monday, July 7, 2014

No Sparklers for the Fourth

Well. I guess another week is already gone. It was a pretty crazy week and I left my planner at home again, so we will see what happens. 
P day was fantastic. We played some basketball again. I bought a new shirt and shorts and they look pretty sweet. The shirt has a bear on it that says Going back to Cali. Idk. Ross really is pretty fantastic. I love it lots. So we were playing basketball and there is a Sister that plays with us and is actually really good. I was on one and just stuffing the heck out of everyone and so she totally pump faked me right out of my shoes, so high that I basically sat on her face. Un real. I could have jumped her, but instead just wiped us both out so hard in the paint. She head butted me in the nuts, I'm not really sure which hurt more, my pride or man parts, but it was pretty awkward. 
Tuesday was nuts. Some of the other sisters called us and told us that one of their investigators is being really creepy with them and we should go and teach him. So that was about as awkward a lesson as you can get! We had to tell him that he was creeping them out and he did not take it well that they weren't going to be teaching him. But we committed him to come to church and to take the lessons with us. So it worked out. He caught me at Institute later that day and asked to go talk with me. Elder Steggell and I were on a split during that time so, I had like a half hour interview with him about explaining our reasoning. It was really not an enormous amount of fun. It was pretty cool though that eventually the spirit always works things out and it just manages to end up right in the end. He came to church and hopefully we should be able to set him with a firm baptismal date this week. 
The sisters had a baptism this week and at the last second called us in desperation to see if either one of us played the piano because they had no piano player and no one in their ward could come play for them. Yep. I did my very best, it wasn't the prettiest thing that I have ever done, but I realized that maybe I just have to put myself out there and do my best even when it's pretty poor. It turned out well in the end I guess. It was a good growing experience. 
So Sunday we got called out of Sacrament to go and see this guy that was waiting in the hall to talk to someone from the church. Eventually we sat down and he told us that he had undergone a sex change and had grown up in the church but had left and changed the way that he was. He went to a ton of different churches looking for the same feeling that he had in the Mormon church and couldn't find it anywhere. So he had come looking to get re baptized into the church. We explained to him a little bit and told him about how amazing it was to see his repentance then we caught the bishop and talked to him. Fortunately he couldn't stay for the next hour, because the lesson was the Law of Chastity. That was already awkward for the member that brought his non member girlfriend to church for the first time. Eternal Marriage and chastity. haha It's pretty funny how they take teaching to needs so literally I guess. 
There is a restaurant called Fudruckers down here. It sounds exactly about how it feels. Totally wrecks your whole day, but it tastes so good. We had it twice this week. I'm still weighing in at 165 this morning though if anyone wanted to know. 
4th of July was so lame. We had a breakfast that we went to and got to play one game of horse, It may be the first activity that I have gotten Elder Steggell to take part in, since we have been together, but he ended up winning by one lucky shot. We had a ton of food. So that part of the day was good. Then we had Weekly planning and had to go to the mission office. Not to much fun. I don't like weekly planning in the slightest. After we finished we went to go and get into our car and she had died on us. I thought something was up when the car smelled like rotten eggs for the last two days, but yeah. It was not good at all. So then we were late for the dinner and had to have other missionary s come and pick us up, but by then the food was cold. lame. At least when we got back I could touch the jumper cables together and make some sparks. That was the extent of our 4th. No one was home. Especially because the ward took everyone to the lake. I think missionary's should just get the holidays off... 
We had a really, really good district meeting. I think that one of the lessons I hope to share is that about listening. Sometimes people just need to be heard. I think it is so sad when someone feels like they can't speak out loud or that no one cares and no one listens. I think that a vast majority of people feel like that. Maybe I'm wrong. I don't think so. So Wednesday I just opened it up for 45 minutes and we talked. Just about "What made us the way we are". It was so great to watch some of the missionary's talk about things that maybe would be hard to bring up in a normal setting. As we really understand who someone is and why they are like that, not only is it easier to love them and to help them, but we gain a new friend most of the time too. I really do believe that. A listening ear is the best gift we can give alot of the time. 
Remember who you are and what He stands for.

Elder Funk

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