Monday, July 28, 2014

End of July

Well Howdy family.
It was a pretty good week I guess in the life of a Funk. Not to Shabby.
We had a pretty good monday I pretty much owned at basketball again. It is Me vs Steggell vs Savon pretty much every game. everyone else is pretty terrible. It's pretty funny and entertaining. I love it. Because  I get to take all the shots... I try not to boast to much, but my basketball skills have increased exponentially.

We had an exchange on Friday with the Elders in leon valley. It was pretty cool and all I liked it alot. We had a car and literally no one was home at all. We knocked all afternoon and nothin. So we went back to the apartment to give Elder Steggell something and then went and had dinner. Yep the member bbq'ed so much for us it was fantastic.

After we got down with the night and stuff, the other missionary in the area called us and told us we were supposed to do a move in the morning. That would be great if I had taken more then pajama's and church clothes. I totally helped the guy move in Shorts a t shirt and my church shoes. I did my best but yeah it was ridiculous. I will send some pictures. The Sisters gave us a ride over there so it was super fun. I love most of the sisters in the mission haha.

I'll have to get them from them and then shoot you an email with the stuff in it.
That was for sure the best part of the week moving with the sisters. haha the guy made fun of me quite a bit. He told the sisters that they should be giving me a hard time. I told him my name was Paul and he should just call me Paul because I wasn't dressed at all for the calling I have haha. So then we basically all went by our first names. It was weird. I don't think he understood the whole missionary concept because he wasn't a member and I think he thought it was maybe some kind of weird double date. Whatever. He also gathered us at the end and told us how important it was for us to hold down the fort and stay conservative. Great... I almost wanted to go Liberal on him just for fun, but I just agreed with most of the stuff. Now I know what it feels like to be on the other side of truth. You can't say anything!

The Elder's we live had a baptism of a whole family. It was soooo sweet. The spirit was so strong. I got to interview the family and stuff and it was so amazing to see them come all the way around. Man I love baptisms, lots. They are fabulous.

Elder Steggell went AP yesterday so for about a week I have Elder Low back as my companion. It's pretty crazy. Basically we just butt heads so hard already but we love each other so it's all good. I think I just show my love by bashing with people sometimes. As long as someone knows that you love them I think that just about anything can go. :)

Church was interesting. We got asked to Teach Gospel Principles literally right as we were sitting down. The Gathering of Isreal! Great. This is the second time they have whipped out a crazy topic and asked us to teach them. The first time happened last year and I had to make up 45 minutes of stuff on the Abrahamic covenant. I really am going for not throwing the Elder's under the bus when I get home. It is pretty fun, but yeah. I don't know how much stuff they got out of it.

I got to go out with Savon this week. Side Note: He is ranked the number 15th best athlete in all of college sports right now. We talked about everything. Man it was a blast. I love, love, love going out with Savon. He is so cool. He told me that he thought I was going to get married within 6 months of getting home. I guess it's unavoidable mom.

Hmm... I really don't have to much else to tell yall about. We are all out of investigators right now. We are going to probably be doing a ton of finding this week. Actually who am I kidding? We do finding all week every week. So we are going to do the same thing we have been doing.
Well. Thanks for all the support and everything. I'm pretty pumped to get out and going and find someone else to baptize! Oh I found out Kurt got baptized in Seguin. Remember who you are and what He stands for!
Elder Funk

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