Monday, September 1, 2014

Mormon in Training

Well Hey Family...
This week was crazy hectic. 
We basically spent all week working on a baptism trying to get everything planned out for it and stuff. Not to bad, not to bad at all. 
Jonah and Joseph got baptized which was super sweet. They both gave really great testimonys at the end and just overall it was really spiritual. Nothing like a baptism or 2 to brighten up your week! 
Honest to goodness. Nothing to crazy this week, I'll try and stretch it to make it seem like more happened but really, nothing to much at all. 
Hmm... So Monday we had basketball and I destroyed my ankle way worse then before, I had trouble standing on it for a few days and still am limping around on it quite a bit. The mission President's wife said that I should just take it easy. I guess I am retiring from P day sports... Long live the Funk. I did have quite a bit of fun while it lasted I guess:)
Wednesday was really cool. We taught this girl that lives out of the zone and stuff but the some of the members came to us at FHE on monday and asked us to teach her. She is SO golden. Probably the most I have ever seen. No joke. We taught her the Restoration and it all clicked like she had heard it all before. We are probably going to teach her next week again. When she came to institute this week right after we had taught her, she introduced herself as a "Mormon in Training". Gonna get baptized!
Oh yeah. We had Zone Meeting this week. It was pretty cool, I gave a training on comments because I was getting frustrated with two people running the whole show in the meetings and saying stupid stuff. Yeah.. So it was kinda a call out, but overall I think that it helped everyone. Not to sure of what the assistants thought of it, but it was fun:) I feel like it went really well, I actually really enjoy getting up and training. I have trained in sooo many meetings. One time I might actually get it right.. 
Hmm... Bethany. She is doing well! She got really sick this week and ended up going to the hospital. Soo... We didn't teach her at all this week, but we should be getting to teach her tonight and having FHE with her at Peter's house. Gonna be sweet. 
Sorry this Email is pretty lame. Imma work on sending some pictures. We are going to have some breakfast pretty soon, so that'll be good I guess... 
The rest of P day I'll probably spend trying to convince Jones to go to school with me and McCombs. That should be good. :)
Well have a great week!
Remember who you are and what He stands for!

Elder Funk

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