Monday, September 29, 2014


September 22, 2014

Well Hey.
So I guess this week was pretty eventfulish. 
Savon hooked me up with a really nice pair of basketball shoes so I am able to start to play again. It's pretty fun. He tapes me up and we go! He can't really run either because he has to wait to heal after falling off of that cliff, but other then that it's pretty cool. We just play on the same team. He gets rebounds and I shoot threes. We destroyed a couple of times last week.
Also we got the ping pong table downstairs finally. Had to tear it all apart once again. It was kinda sucky but at the same time.. I'll take playing in the AC for just about any price. 
We had some good lessons this week. All the Recent converts are doing well that we are working with. All 4 of them, Jonah, Joseph, Esmerelda, and George are doing well coming to church and tons of activities. It's neat to watch the testimonies grow over time. I really enjoy it. It's kinda cool to watch stuff click in their head for the first time and realize that the gospel is truer and truer.
We had another couple lessons with Rasan this week. He is doing really well. He retains about as good as I have ever seen anyone retain. We had a lesson about the Plan of Salvation and Eternal Marriage and how it all fits together. (What a lesson that was...) But he took out all the fluff about getting married in the Singles ward and was able to just put the whole doctrine of the Plan together. Way cool to watch. He wasn't able to come to church because he was in Housten, but still going to come and play basketball with us today. 
We went on the Border run again this week. Not nearly as eventful as last time. We drank a ton of Mt. Dew. and Redbull and yeah... Pretty cool I guess. I liked it. It was really hot down on the Border.. Really hot. I feel kinda bad for all the poor souls that have to serve down there. God bless em.
Thursday was transfers. We got Elder Hargraves. He goes home in 5 and a half weeks with McCombs and reminds me of that fact every single day. Everyday. #TrunkyTrio. He nicknamed us that the first day that he got here. He is probably the funniest person that I have ever met in my entire life. It's weird I feel like I used to be the funny guy in the group, but with him there it's no comparison at all. Seriously love the kid to death. He was comps with Elder Steggell for a bit and Steggell would tell me stories. Just so funny. 
We had a ward party this week. It was pretty cool too. They had me dress up in a toilet paper suit like I was getting married or something for some competition. I only took second which kinda sucked but whatever haha. 
Sunday was pretty good. I was stoked to hear that the Eagles won again... Chip Kelly has a really good system working out there sounds like. I was however disappointed to hear that the Yankee's got eliminated..... God Bless Derek Jeter. 
Oh. Probably the biggest miracle of the week. 
We went bowling this morning and I smoked everyone. I bowled a 148. That's no type-o. 148. It was the best game that I have ever had. I figured out the trick. Throw it really hard and hit alot of pins. It also helps that there is country music going on in the background to motivate me. Nothing like a guy singing about his big green tractor to bring out the best in you. I think they should approve it for our mission... But that's why I don't make the calls on that kinda stuff. 
The real biggest miracle that we saw this week was with Sue and is still in the process. She went home to visit her family and texted us and told us that she wasn't being allowed to be baptized. So that was a really terrible text to get... But we just kinda told her it would work out. Then she came to church and the Speakers were two recent converts. Crystal and also Savon. Both of which totally killed their talks. I don't think that it could have been better if Elder Holland and Rosa Parks had spoken. After Sue said that she still had a 50% chance of being baptized. It's great. God really does work in the most simple of ways. It's fantastic. He really is a God of so much common sense. Which in itself is weird, because we are created in his image, which would beg the question, why is there so many people without common sense? Idk. Working on it. God is great, the Gospel is true and everything is going well here!
Remember who you are and what He stands for!
Elder Funk


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